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The Color of the Grave is Green by Emily Dickinson
The Color of the Grave is Green --
The Outer Grave -- I mean --
You would not know it from the Field --
Except it own a Stone --

To help the fond -- to find it --
Too infinite asleep
To stop and tell them where it is --
But just a Daisy -- deep --

The Color of the Grave is white --
The outer Grave -- I mean --
You would not know it from the Drifts --
In Winter -- till the Sun --

Has furrowed out the Aisles --
Then -- higher than the Land
The little Dwelling Houses rise
Where each -- has left a friend --

The Color of the Grave within --
The Duplicate -- I mean --
Not all the Snows could make it white --
Not all the Summers -- Green --

You've seen the Color -- maybe --
Upon a Bonnet bound --
When that you met it with before --
The Ferret -- cannot find --
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