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Where Giant Mushrooms Grow! by John Matthew
In Nevada there is a field where giant mushrooms grow
One mile high and two miles wide, they say on the show
That’s where they test how to vaporize people and flesh
By splitting and fusing atoms and start the world afresh.

A new era, a new definition, with the nuclear shield
Dawned with huge mushrooms grown on Nevada fields
Can erase whole cities, no need for guns or battle tanks
Tomorrow’s wars, the voice says, will be fought without ranks.

They are making bullets and missiles with lasers
That can picture the enemy, see in the dark, and subdue angers
Future soldiers don’t have to die for their country’s glory
They use their global positioning bullet, that’s the story.

Agree with me, don’t dissent, fall in line futile windmill tilters
Your wars are lost before you even see victory, dissenters
No more carpet and saturation bombing and damnation alley
They have no time to negotiate it’s you or them, you have to die.

They say their soldiers are smart , they see in the dark
Their bullets can pierce armor; they can blast your mark
Where were you soldiers of the mind, I mourn
When from your toils such Frankensteins were born?

No more carpet and saturation bombing and damnation alley
They have no time to negotiate it’s you or them, you have to die.
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