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Joseph Mayo Wristen Poems
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my pledge to you by Joseph Mayo Wristen
the possibilities of our love
what you were going to do
what you thought i should do

we came to an understanding then
of what we would have to do
if we were to remain true to our convictions

the first time i heard the voice of your dreams
looked into the thoughts behind your eyes
i was able to see the world again in a new way
i knew then
for the first time in along time where i was going

waiting here on the hillside
outside the town where we grew up
the wind blowing across the fields of sage
crashing against the stone ledges
the night before our seance
the words from those who had been here before us
written into the rocks

the spirits who have visited us who have touched our hearts

the echoing tides seen between the lights that separate life's darkest times

whether they come again or not
that the Owl
will always want to hoot
before the Moon rises
the Blue bird
he will always look to leave his nest
to call out to the morning Sun
and there is nothing they can do to keep it from being that way

i am writing this poem to leave to you the message of my love
to share with you how i felt then - about how i feel now
to make my pledge to you
that there is nothing i wouldn't do to see your dreams come true

if they could only see what's happening here
feel the world changing around them
then maybe they too
could understand the love you have and why I adore you so much

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