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Man in a Window by Ralph Angel
I don’t know man trust is a precious thing
a kind of humility Offer it to a snake and get repaid with humiliation
Luckily friends rally to my spiritual defense
I think they’re reminding me
I mean it’s important to me it’s
important to me so I leave my fate to fate and come back
I come back home We need so much less always always
and what’s important is always ours
I mean I want to dedicate my life to those who keep going just to see how it isn’t ending
I don’t know
Another average day
Got up putzed around ‘til noon
took a shower and second-guessed myself and
all those people all those people passing through my
my days and nights and all those people and
and you just can’t stay with it you know what I mean
You can’t can’t stay with it Things happen
Things happen Doubt sets in Doubt sets in and
I took a shower about noon you know and I shaved and
thought about not shaving but I
shaved I took a shower and had a lot of work to do but I
I didn’t want to do it I was second-guessing myself that’s when doubt got involved
I struck up a
rapport with doubt I didn’t do any work and so
and so I said to myself I said well
maybe I should talk about something but I didn’t learn anything
I couldn’t talk about anything there was
lots of distraction today
a beautiful day Lots of distraction It had to do with
all these people all these too-many people
passing through my days and nights But I
don’t get to hear about ideas anymore know what I mean
Just for the hell of it Talking about ideas
Takes the mind one step further
further than what it already knows Doesn’t
need to affirm itself It’s one step beyond affirming itself
Vulnerable in a way that doesn’t threaten
even weak people Those nice-guy routines
They come up to you
because they know how to be a nice guy
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