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Sir Philip Sidney Poems
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1Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet CVIII
2Astrophel and Stella LXXXIV: HIGHWAY
3Astrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief Work
4Astrophel And Stella-Eleventh Song
5Astrophel And Stella-First Song
6Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIV
7Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXI
8Astrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXI
9Astrophel and Stella: I
10Astrophel and Stella: III
11Astrophel and Stella: LXIV
12Astrophel and Stella: LXXI
13Astrophel and Stella: XCII
14Astrophel and Stella: XLI
15Astrophel and Stella: XV
16Astrophel and Stella: XX
17Astrophel and Stella: XXXIII
18Astrophel and Stella: XXXIX
19Come Sleep, O Sleep! The Certain Knot Of Peace
20Leave Me, O Love Which Reachest But To Dust
21Leave Me, O Love, Which Reachest But to Dust
22Loving In Truth, And Fain In Verse My Love To Show
23My True Love Hath My Heart, And I Have His
25Psalm 19: Coeli Enarrant
26Ring Out Your Bells
27Sir Philip Sidney - Astrophel and Stella: XXIII
30Song from Arcadia
31Sonnet I: Loving In Truth
32Sonnet II: Not At First Sight
33Sonnet III: With how sad steps
34Sonnet IV: Virtue, Alas
35Sonnet IX: Queen Virtue's Court
36Sonnet LXIV: No More, My Dear
37Sonnet LXXI: Who Will in Fairest Book
38Sonnet LXXXIV: Highway
39Sonnet V: It Is Most True
40Sonnet VI: Some Lovers Speak
41Sonnet VII: When Nature
42Sonnet VIII: Love, Born In Greece
43Sonnet X: Reason
44Sonnet XCII: Be Your Words Made
45Sonnet XI: In Truth, Oh Love
46Sonnet XII: Cupid, Because Thou
47Sonnet XIII: Phoebus Was Judge
48Sonnet XIV: Alas, Have I Not
49Sonnet XIX: On Cupid's Bow
50Sonnet XLI: Having This Day My Horse
51Sonnet XV: You That Do Search
52Sonnet XVI: In Nature Apt
53Sonnet XVII: His Mother Dear Cupid
54Sonnet XVIII: With What Sharp Checks
55Sonnet XX: Fly, Fly, My Friends
56Sonnet XXI: Your Words, My Friend
57Sonnet XXII: In Highest Way of Heav'n
58Sonnet XXIII: The Curious Wits
59Sonnet XXIV: Rich Fools There Be
60Sonnet XXIX: Like Some Weak Lords
61Sonnet XXV: The Wisest Scholar
62Sonnet XXVI: Though Dusty Wits
63Sonnet XXVII: Because I Oft
64Sonnet XXVIII: You That With Allegory's Curious Frame
65Sonnet XXX: Whether the Turkish New Moon
66Sonnet XXXI: With How Sad Steps, O Moon
67Sonnet XXXIII: I Might
68Sonnet XXXIX: Come, Sleep!
69Splendidis longum valedico Nugis
70The Bargain
71The Highway
72This Lady's Cruelty
73Thou Blind Man's Mark
74To The Sad Moon
75Voices at the Window
76You Gote-heard Gods
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