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His Ways by Gary R. Ferris
When things go bad,

And you don’t know why;

You just keep on falling,

No matter how hard you try.
You meditate and analyze,

But just can’t figure out;

And it’s becoming quite clear,

You’ve lost another bout.
You looked up high,

And searched down low;

But away from trouble,

You’ve nowhere to go.
You’ve laid down rules,

And made good plans;

But still it keeps slipping,

Right through your hands.

It seems so right,

When you’re at the start;

And you’re almost there,

When it all falls apart.
You ask yourself,

“Where did I go wrong”;

I’m a misfit in life,

I just don’t belong.
But alone we go,

Because we know it all;

And easily forget,

Who made mountains so tall.
But who needs him,

When I got me?

We boast of ourselves,

And are too blind to see.

How dumb we are,

To continue to fail;

When He wrote the book,

On how to prevail.
He is the way,

The truth and the light;

But onward we march,

Blind in the night.
Why can’t we believe,

And quit planning our days,

And ask the Lord Jesus,

To show us His ways.

Written 9-17-90
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