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Gary R. Ferris Poems
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Sort by:  Views | Alphabetically Total Poems: 107
1Love Is
3What You Mean To Me
4The Girl
5Angel Love
6Special In My Heart
7Your Fears
8His Doll
9Boo Boo
11A Pleading Cry
12Just a Game
13Give Up
14Night Tremors
15We Both Can Win
16A Love Still Waiting
17The Morning
18The Day
19The Night
20I’ll Be Standing By
21I Almost Held Your Hand Today
22Lost Promise Land
23Where Did You Go
24There Is A Way
25Why Do We Labor
26The Road
28Thank You Lord
29Consider The Birds
30The Walk
31Evil’s Fate
32His Ways
33Get Up To The Sea
34To Cast The Stone
35The Four Horseman
36Guilty Of All
37Sorrows Interest
38When Can I Come Home
39Twenty Years Young
40At Least Not Yet Today
41Almost Gone
42It’s Dark, I Cannot See
43But Still
46Don’t You Understand
47Being Wrong
48Two Betrayals
50My Valentine
52Lights That Help Me See
53Baby Bird
54Your Love And Mercy
55I Trust in You
56Love The Lord
57Love Thy Neighbor
58The Farmers Seed
59Cast Those Tares Away
60Seven Seals
61Tell Them
62Peaceful Summer Day
63Seven Trumpets
64My Lord Cares For Me
65Gets Up Off His Thrown
66Life Now
68Security and Alone
69Lost Coyote
70A Woman Cold
71Let Your Feelings Show
72My Name
73Dark Shadow
74When All is Gone
75Approaching Storm
76Love? Twenty Years Later
77People You Made
78Someone Just Like Me
79When I Was With You
81The Sun Don’t Shine Today
83Make You Cry Or Sing
85Brighter Days
86No Place I’d Rather Be
88More Than Words Can Say
89What Makes A Man
91My Guiding Angel
93Things That Lie There In
94Let It Be
95Hidden Secret
96Things I Love
97A Wounded Soldier
99Let Me Be Me
100A Troubled Mind
101Hidden Heart
102Can I Trust You With My Heart
103Worthless Man
105Not A Single Word To Say
106Will This Question Ever Be Resolved
107Old House
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