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Henry Lawson Poems
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1If you fancy that your people came of better stock than mine,
2The Rhyme of the Three Greybeards
3Here Died
4The Roaring Days
5The Things We Dare Not Tell
6After All
7In the Street
8Andy's Gone With Cattle
9Faces In The Street
10Out Back
11The Teams
12The Tragedy
13The Ballad Of The Drover
14The Iron Wedding Rings
15From the Bush
16The Free-Selector's Daughter
17The Old Bark School
18To Hannah
19Flag of the Southern Cross
20On The Night Train
21Wide Lies Australia
22For Australia
23The Fire At Ross's Farm
24A Song of Brave Men
25At The Beating Of A Drum
26Uncle Harry
27Freedom on the Wallaby
28How the Land was Won
29Jack Dunn of Nevertire
30Up The Country
32Waratah and Wattle
33The Glass On The Bar
34The Shearers
35Wide Spaces
36The Blue Mountains
37The Heart of Australia
38When Your Pants Begin to Go
40The Shearers Dream
41The Bush Girl
42The Fight at Eureka Stockade
43The Ships that Won't Go Down
44Taking His Chance
45The Old Jimmy Woodser
46The Ghost
47My Land and I
48The Cockney Soul
49To An Old Mate
50Every Man Should have a Rifle
51The Shame of Going Back
52A Song of the Republic
53As far as your Rifles Cover
54Ben Duggan
55Past Carin'
56The Loveable Characters
57The Drover's Sweetheart
58When the Children Come Home
59Australia's Peril
60On the March
61In the Storm that is to come
62The City Bushman
63Republican Pioneers
64To Be Amused
65The Never-Never Country
66The Men We Might Have Been
67Middleton's Rouseabout
68Australian Engineers
69Australian Bards And Bush Reviewers
70The Wreck Of The `Derry Castle'
71Fall In, My Men, Fall In
72The Lights of Cobb & Co.
73The Christ of the 'Never'
74Shadows Before
75Knocked Up
76I'll tell you what you Wanderers
77On the Wallaby
78The Song of Australia
79The Sliprails And The Spur
80The Captain of the Push
81Black Bonnet
82Since Then
83The League of Nations
84The Song And The Sigh
85The Poets Of The Tomb
86Reedy River
87The Wattle
88Cherry- Tree Inn
89Send Round the Hat
90In The Days When The World Was Wide
91The Vagabond
93The Man Who Raised Charlestown
94The Professional Wanderer
95Corny Bill
96Queen Hilda of Virland
97The Wander-Light
98Cameron's Heart
99The Shanty On The Rise
100The Paroo
101Scots of the Riverina
102Dan, The Wreck
103Peter Anderson And Co.
104The Dons of Spain
105Said Grenfell to my Spirit
106The Flour Bin
107The Song of the Darling River
108Marshall's Mate
109The Song Of Old Joe Swallow
110Sez You
112The Cambaroora Star
113When The `Army' Prays For Watty
114Trooper Campbell
115The Great Grey Plain
117The Star of Australasia
118Above Eurunderee
119Mount Bukaroo
120The Grog-an'Grumble Steeplechase
122When the Children Come Home
123Sez You'
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