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John Berryman Poems
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1The Curse
2Dream Song 14: Life, friends, is boring
3The Ball Poem
4The Traveller
5Dream Song 1: Huffy Henry hid the day
6Dream Song 172: Your face broods
7Dream Song 128: A hemorrhage of his left ear of Good Friday
8Dream Song 117: Disturbed, when Henry's love returned with a hubby
9Dream Song 4: Filling her compact & delicious body
10Dream Song 20: The Secret of the Wisdom
11Dream Song 38: The Russian grin bellows his condolence
12Dream Song 55: Peter's not friendly. He gives me sideways looks
13Dream Song 43: 'Oyez, oyez!' The Man Who Did Not Deliver
14Dream Song 265: I don't know one damned butterfly from another
15Dream Song 104: Welcome, grinned Henry, welcome, fifty-one!
16Sonnet 104 - A spot of poontang on a five-foot piece
17Dream Song 36: The high ones die, die. They die
18Dream Song 112: My framework is broken, I am coming to an end
19Dream Song 24: Oh servant Henry lectured till
20Dream Song 22: Of 1826
21Dream Song 3: A Stimulant for an Old Beast
22Sonnet 115 - All we were going strong last night this time
23Winter Landscape
24Sonnet 117 - All we were going strong
25Dream Song 16: Henry's pelt was put on sundry walls
26Dream Song 89: Op. posth. no. 12
27Dream Song 39: Goodbye, sir, & fare well. You're in the clear
28Dream Song 71: Spellbound held subtle Henry all his four
29Dream Song 324: An Elegy for W.C.W., the lovely man
30Dream Song 70: Disengaged, bloody, Henry rose from the shell
31Dream Song 87: Op. posth. no. 10
32Dream Song 11: His mother goes. The mother comes & goes.
33Dream Song 100: How this woman came by the courage
34Dream Song 29: There sat down, once, a thing
35Dream Song 13: God bless Henry
36Dream Song 2: Big Buttons, Cornets: the advance
37Dream Song 40: I'm scared a lonely. Never see my son
38Dream Song 28: Snow Line
39Dream Song 76: Henry's Confession
40Sonnet 96
41Dream Song 132: A Small Dream
42Dream Song 127: Again, his friend's death made the man sit still
43Dream Song 101: A shallow lake, with many waterbirds
44Dream Song 47: April Fool's Day, or, St Mary of Egypt
45Dream Song 130: When I saw my friend covered with blood, I thought
46Dream Song 61: Full moon. Our Narragansett gales subside
47Dream Song 131: Come touch me baby in his waking dream
48Dream Song 8: The weather was fine. They took away his teeth
49Dream Song 49: Blind
50Dream Song 48: He yelled at me in Greek
51Dream Song 62: That dark brown rabbit, lightness in his ears
52Dream Song 46: I am, outside. Incredible
53Dream Song 5: Henry sats in de bar & was odd
54Dream Song 12: Sabbath
55Dream Song 77: Seedy Henry rose up shy
56Dream Song 176: All that hair flashing over
57Dream Song 26: The glories of the world struck me
58Dream Song 74: Henry hates the world. What the world to Henry
59Dream Song 105: As a kid I believed in democracy: I
60Dream Song 122: He published his girl's bottom in staid pages
61Dream Song 6: A Capital at Wells
62Dream Song 54: 'NO VISITORS' I thumb the roller to
63Dream Song 7: 'The Prisoner of Shark Island' with Paul Muni
64Dream Song 52: Silent Song
65Dream Song 79: Op. posth. no. 2
66Dream Song 98: I met a junior--not so junior--and
67Dream Song 111: I miss him. When I get back to camp
68Dream Song 44: Tell it to the forest fire, tell it to the moon
69Dream Song 21: Some good people, daring & subtle voices
70Dream Song 45: He stared at ruin. Ruin stared straight back
71Dream Song 75: Turning it over, considering
72Dream Song 69: Love her he doesn't but the thought he puts
73Dream Song 35: MLA
74Dream Song 10: There were strange gatherings. A vote would come
75Dream Song 78: Op. posth. no. 1
76Dream Song 134: Sick at 6 & sick again at 9
77Dream Song 224: Lonely in his great age
78Dream Song 106: 28 July
79Dream Song 171: Go, ill-sped book, and whisper to her or
80Dream Song 34: My mother has your shotgun. One man, wide
81Dream Song 53: He lay in the middle of the world, and twicht
82Dream Song 56: Hell is empty. O that has come to pass
83Dream Song 63: Bats have no bankers and they do not drink
84Dream Song 119: Fresh-shaven, past months & a picture in New York
85Dream Song 41: If we sang in the wood (and Death is a German expert)
86Dream Song 30: Collating bones: I would have liked to do
87Dream Song 135: I heard said 'Cats that walk by their wild lone'
88Dream Song 9: Deprived of his enemy, shrugged to a standstill
89Dream Song 113: or Amy Vladeck or Riva Freifeld
90Dream Song 19: Here, whence
91Dream Song 27: The greens of the Ganges delta foliate
92Dream Song 125: Bards freezing, naked, up to the neck in water
93Dream Song 18: A Strut for Roethke
94Dream Song 25: Henry, edged, decidedly, made up stories
95Dream Song 66: 'All virtues enter into this world:')
96Dream Song 15: Let us suppose, valleys & such ago
97Dream Song 124: Behold I bring you tidings of great joy
98Dream Song 107: Three 'coons come at his garbage. He be cross
99Dream Song 72: The Elder Presences
100Dream Song 37: Three around the Old Gentleman
101Dream Song 67: I don't operate often. When I do
102Dream Song 109: She mentioned 'worthless' & he took it in
103Dream Song 51: Our wounds to time, from all the other times
104Dream Song 99: Temples
105Dream Song 84: Op. posth. no. 7
106Dream Song 32: And where, friend Quo, lay you hiding
107Dream Song 94: Ill lay he long, upon this last return
108Dream Song 121: Grief is fatiguing. He is out of it
109Dream Song 58: Industrious, affable, having brain on fire
110Dream Song 133: As he grew famous—ah, but what is fame?
111Dream Song 23: The Lay of Ike
112Dream Song 60: Afters eight years, be less dan eight percent
113Dream Song 110: It was the blue & plain ones. I forget all that
114Dream Song 65: A freaking ankle crabbed his blissful trips
115Dream Song 88: Op. posth. no. 11
116Dream Song 90: Op. posth. no. 13
117Dream Song 42: O journeyer, deaf in the mould, insane
118Dream Song 64: Supreme my holdings, greater yet my need
119Dream Song 31: Henry Hankovitch, con guítar
120Dream Song 93: General Fatigue stalked in, & a Major-General
121Dream Song 50: In a motion of night they massed nearer my post
122Dream Song 73: Karensui, Ryoan-ji
123Dream Song 103: I consider a song will be as humming-bird
124Dream Song 59: Henry's Meditation in the Kremlin
125Dream Song 80: Op. posth. no. 3
126Dream Song 68: I heard, could be, a Hey there from the wing
127Dream Song 17: Muttered Henry:—Lord of matter, thus
128Dream Song 118: He wondered: Do I love? all this applause
129Dream Song 95: The surly cop looked out at me in sleep
130Dream Song 108: Sixteen below. Our care like stranded hulls
131Dream Song 116: Through the forest, followed, Henry made his silky way
132Dream Song 123: Daples my floor the eastern sun, my house faces north
133Dream Song 129: Thin as a sheet his mother came to him
134Dream Song 33: An apple arc'd toward Kleitos; whose great King
135Dream Song 136: While his wife earned the living, Rabbi Henry
136Dream Song 97: Henry of Donnybrook bred like a pig
137Dream Song 85: Op. posth. no. 8
138Dream Song 115: Her properties, like her of course & frisky & new
139Dream Song 91: Op. posth. no. 14
140Dream Song 92: Room 231: the fourth week
141Dream Song 57: In a state of chortle sin--once he reflected
142Dream Song 126: A Thurn
143Dream Song 81: Op. posth. no. 4
144Dream Song 86: Op. posth. no. 9
145Dream Song 102: The sunburnt terraces which swans make home
146Dream Song 96: Under the table, no. That last was stunning
147Dream Song 83: Op. posth. no. 6
148Dream Song 82: Op. posth. no. 5
149Dream Song 114: Henry in trouble whirped out lonely whines
150Dream Song 120: Foes I sniff, when I have less to shout
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