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Raymond A. Foss Poems
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Eating the Word by Raymond A. Foss
He spoke metaphorically
so should we eat
knowing that the bread is his body
that the grape juice his blood
stopping and thinking about the deeper meaning
the connectedness in the act
in the murmured amen
on receiving the elements
the sustenance of God
eating his flesh, drinking his blood
feeling them within us
so clearly, so surely
responding to the call from within us
when we do this
feeling his love rising from within us
knowing our ability to sacrifice
as he did, because he is in us
feeling his spirit supporting us
hearing his whisper from our cells
from our sinew, feeling the dry bones
hearing his words, his calling
rising to do his work,
as his hands because his life is in our own
moving his hands within the skin of ours
giving blood because it contains his
lifting the load of others
because his muscle is knitted with our muscle
standing tall in the storms of temptation
challenges in adversity
because his resolve stiffens our spine
living because he lives on
in us, those who do more
more than going through the motions
who pause and eat of his body
and drink of his blood
not merely bread and wine
for true believers

August 21, 2006 22:31
John 6:51-58
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