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Raymond A. Foss Poems
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1A Fourth Under Fire
2A Single Bird
3Pink Slides
4An Unholy World
5Evidentiary Equipoise
6Costs not Expenses
7First Day
8Hey Mountain
9The Beginning of Wisdom
10A Prayer for Wisdom
11A Solitary Sentry
12Yearning to Bloom
14A New Shepherd
15When the Evening Darkens
18Oh, She is Old
19A Carpet of Clover
20To the Park
21A Thorn in My Side
22God’s Grace
23Miss Wendy
24Popcorn Experiment
25Fruit Flies
26Backwash Worms
28Without Hindrance
29Handbell Notes
30Green Copper
31Boldness of the Spirit
32A Pillar of Fire
33In the Hushed Choir Loft
34An Angel, a Deacon, and a Eunuch
35Must Consider
39A Beat in Concord
40Butter Melting
41A Neoprene Monk
42Capturing the Sound of Rain
43A Lilac’s Breath
44Words of Power
45My Desire
46Frozen Image - version 3
47Frozen Image - version 2
49A Spring Rain
50Bringing Word
51A Violet Shawl
52A Taste of Yellow
53A Cup of Crimson
54A Bursting of Green
55a body of rice
56Aristophanes for You
57Specimen Moments
58Errant Planet
60A Different Anniversary
61Nature Walk
62Darks, Whites, and … Pinks
63A Certain Male Timbre
64The First Human Voice
65Valentine’s Day 2006
68Fan Brush
74Meeting Grounds
76A Mere Breath
79Jesus’ Eyes
80Carolina Summer
81With Authority
82Dipped Candles
83His Image
84The Rock (and stumbling block)
85Paradise Sunset
86Ten Maidens
88In His Presence
89A Ripeness of Winter
90Baptismal Waters
92Holy Water
93Little Victories
94God’s Eye
95The Island (in my mind)
96A Frozen Prayer
97New Snow
98A Journey of Treasure
99River Ice
100Barefoot on Holy Ground
102Masks of Necessity
103Spawned Salmon
104A Field of Scat
106Sky Mountains
107Four Walls
108Our Silent Night
109Frozen Fog
110Windward Dawn
111Memories in the Stillness
112The Holy Continuum Stare Decisis
113Daily Bread
115Miranda purred
116Warm Rain
117Stealth Deer
118A Cathedral of Pine
120Sunapee Street
121Laughing in the Rain
122Café du Monde
123Pumpkin Massacre
124Haddock Sky
125Framed Spaces
126Muses of Spain
127In His Time
128Before the Baling
129In Praise of Taciturn Yankees
130Walking with Paul
131She's an Artist
132A New School (a song for Erica)
133Shy Shy’s First Day
134A Mirage of Frozen Dew
135She is...
136Rolling Stone
137Planned Serendipity
138Out of the Clear Blue Sky
139Toxic Gumbo
140Fuzzy Swears
141Menacing Insects
143Saturated Believing
144Bad Boy Google
145May Pole
146Ancient Flyer
148Seductive Invader
150Sand Castles
153To Tag
154Thinking Cog
155The Narrow Gate
156In the Bramble
158The Final Word
159Running on the Razor’s Edge
160Missing You
161Simple Lessons
162Repeat Performances
163Joyful Tears
164Healing Hands
166Explained Parables - V2
167Pool Soup - V2
168Pool Soup
169Explained Parables
170Lady Bird's Legacy
171Jacob's Ladder
172Yard Salad
174Finger Shower
178I Will
181Paul's Mistaken
182End of Wall
184Little John
187Love at First Kiss
188Chasing La Luna
190Her Hands
191Frozen Splits
192Daddy Ray
193Pillows of snow
194Aerosol Archaeopteryx
196We Do
198Nekked Heinie
199First Snow
200God's Hand
201Smell of Snow
202Living in Lifetimes
203Frozen Marsh
205Stepping Through - edited
206Stepping Through
207Daily Anniversaries
210Morning Drive
211Our Daughters
212Barry in the Morning
213Arc of the Sky
214Red Sox in Four
215Waking Sky
216Her Name
217Hair Cut
218Written on My Heart
219Sports Bacchanalia
220Red Sox Win
222Half a V
225The Pumpkin is Calling
226Celestial Squid
228Water or Dust
229Living Emulsion
230Main Character
232Bar - relief
233Vernal Pool
234Gossamer Bags
235Tilling in the Field
236Talking Firmament
237Three Years
238Yeah, But How is the Ham?
241Sister Muses
243Eye Candy
244I’m not Stupid
245First Time
246In the Daylight
249Mrs. Oleksak
251The Poem
253Tide Pools
256Got a Match?
258Open Mic
259Second-Rate Song Lyrics
260New Year
261Sounds of Scribbles
262Two Fish
265Nice Tie
267Masked Bandits
268The Island
269Old Friends
270February Heat
273Front Page
275Beach Glass
278Blank Indorsement
279Nice Teeth
280Cicada Feet - Revised
281Congo Square
283Stepping Stones
284Mysterious Man
285Amazing Grace
287Brass Ring
289Pur autre vie "For the life of another."
290Not done
292Wish upon a sunset
293Treasure Trove
294Frozen Image - v4
296Future Curmudgeons
297After Midnight
298Full Strawberry Moon
299Frozen Image
301Half Staffs
304Half Masts
306Family Secrets
308Salmon Skin
310Holding On
311Force Majeure*
320Dark Place
321Chance Greeting
322Happy Birthday My Friend
325April Violet
332New Years
334Pushpins in the Park
335Cock Fight
336The Call
338Rock tree
339True Believer
340Pitcher Plant
344Free Time
346Footfalls on a Path
347String of Pearls
348My Heart
349Out of place
350Unexpected Conversation
351In The Quiet
354The supple full body
359A Wish
360Green Sky
361Quiet Time
362Liquid Silk
363Private Extravert
364Ten Feet (not Twenty) Overhead -- (first draft)
365Ten Feet (not Twenty) Overhead - (second draft)
366Ten Feet Overhead - (final version)
367The Fashion Plate
368May Day
370Trapped by Flames
371Every Day
373Out in the woods
374Love Anew
376Ten Years
377Thus Spake Mary Reilly
379Consolidation of Tools in Motion
380One Year
382Proudly Lust after our Sloth
385Living Light
387Mephistopheles the Pediatrician
388Murmur in my Heart
389In the Dark
391Night Alone
393Another page
395Beside Me
396Hold the Anchovies
399Four Stones
402Sons and Daughters
404Smell of Rain
405Pool or Chess
406The Porch
407People Call Me Tony (The Fatal Dive lament)
408A Perfect Day
409Adam Asked
410On the Path
411Staying the Course
414The Submariner
415Sunday Afternoon
416Craft Fair
417Missing You
419Selfish Mistress
421A Bit of Green (revised)
422A Bit of Green
423Too Young
425Fully Present
428Fall is Coming
431Dad’s Face
434Marking Time
436Braking on Green
437No Time
438A Quote
440Day Moon
441Into the Stream of Commerce
442Love Everlasting
445Hands Raised
446Gray to Green
449Mixed Feelings - Part II
451White Knuckles
452My Memo 1 Sucks
453Yellow Bands
455Holding onto my Dicta
457Swimming in Molasses
458No Hothouse Rose
459A Kernel of Hope
460You think…
461Ode to Cage
463Law School
467Copernican Dilemma
468Thinking of You
469Personal Poetry
471Apple Picking
472Your Face
473Think of Me
475Your Voice
477Last Breath
478An Awakening
479Home Again
481Mrs. Foss
482June Morning
483Like Davis, Unlike Keith (citations excluded)
485Life in the Present Tense
487First Day – 1L
488Building Blocks
490Cicada Feet
492Pencil #2
493The force of poetry on my life Force Majeure*
494The Wall
495Balance - Stephano’s Lament
496Looking Closer
497The Crash
499Alone in the Rain
500The Ledges
507Dew in the Morning - (Resurrection)
508Dew in the Morning - first try
509Grounded in the Water
510Night in New Orleans (Nuhawluns)
511The Barn from the Bedroom Window
512Message in a Bottle
515Autumnal Diorama
516Crayola ‘Morn
519Mile Marker 19
520A Bit of Down
521Drivebys - revised
523Apricot and Periwinkle
525Into Being
526Flash of Joy
528Rain on Her Skin
529A Trip to Crazy
530Blood Moon
531Four Poems
533Velvet Horns
534Her Mustard Seed
535A Pretty Girl
536Her Mustard Seed - revised
537I Was Six
538Poetry in My Soul
539A Clutch of Pearls
540Dancing with God
541A Birthing of Free Will
542A Perfect Bloom
544Plates - 1
547Comet Kohotek
550Beach Sand
551Cloth Me With Joy
552Open to Adoption
553Dance of the Marionette
554Boot in einer Flasche
555Shepherd’s Hook
556River of Your Delights
557Into the River
558Mother Duck
559Oh Yeah, and I raised him from the dead
560It’s True
561Leaves in a Plane of Space
562Can’t Sleep
563A Patina of Haze
564Dogwoods of Yale
565Glass Dump
566Old and New
567Pitched Tent
568Under the Tent
569Turning to Sin and Back to God
570Baggy Pants
573Fresh Catch
574Jungle Ponies
575A Muskrat Paw
576A Horse Needle
579Memorial Stones
580A Hot Breakfast
581A Keyhole to the Past
583Thompson Hall
584Bienecke Library
585He Watched Me
586Spontaneous Prayer
587Her Papers
588A Hunk-a Hunk-a at-ti‘tude
589Smoked Syrup
591An Image of Him
592Tilt’n Hilton
593Aquarium Ambassadors
597Lear’s Sweat
598A Dry White Russian
599The Usual
601Lush Rocks
603Leaves of Red
604Arguing the Essential Nature
605Dyke Bridge
608All the Saints
609Meeting History
612Pretermitted Heir
613Ssh, Pastor Peter is Praying
614Saints and Strangers
615The Plant Grows
616My Friend, the Mujahideen
617Belgrade Nights
618An Audible Gasp
619Depart to Serve
620Graves of New Orleans
621Marelli’s Fruit and Real Estate
622Alabaster Air
623Your Name
624Prime the Pump
625Hearing Their Voice
626He Reigns
627Grounded in the Water - revised
628The Crawlspace
629Cicada Shell
630Don’t Move the Bales
631Mother of Pearl
632Luna Moth
633A Rainbow of Hope
634A Path to Pray
635An Air of Confidence
636A Rustic Cathedral
637A Sunflower Grows
638A walk by the edge of the wood
639Elementary School Ferns
640Simple Beauty
641A Reminder of Cod
642A Will to Live
643Hands in the Air
644Pushing Through
645Wool Coat
646Clothes on the Line
647Clovers of the Field
648Summer Rain
649Rain on Vacation
650Secondary Rain
651Barbs on the Heart
652Makeshift Memorials
653Left at the Wall
654Open Doors
655A Face in the Curtain
656Returning the Elements
657Circle of Life (Web)
658The Intimacy of Informality
659Singing the Mystery
660Wheat of the Harvest
661Kneading the Bread
662Lessons in Creation
663Prayers for a Busy Week
664Three Treasures
665Shudders/ Vibrations on the Web
666Communion in the Circle
667Real Bread (True Bread)
668Words He Used
669A Line of Thread
670A Gush of Words
671Tea Ring
672A Walk in the Woods
673A Single Message
675Not Yet Sleeping Beauties
676Sticky Stalactites
678His Telephone Voice
680Blueberry Stories
681Another Step
682Frozen Water
683Boxed Memories
684Forgotten History
685One-Eyed Dog
686Fading Slides
687Sunning on the Sandbar
688Excuse Me, Your Honor
689Lollipop Lips
690Willow Whips
691Mold in the Memories
692Moving the Shed
694Buckle Boots
695Ant Tracks
696Suds for the aphids
697Chevy in the Grass
698One Page Shakespeare
700Pumpkin Seeds
701Banana Seat
702Zipper Hoods
703The Geometry of Dishes
704A Plate of Bows
705His Shop
706Pictures of Another Life
707Eating the Word
708A cat on a wire
709From Art to Law
710A Vial
711A Prayer for Justice
712A Heart on the Trunk
713We Walk in Faith
714A Fallen Orb
715Crouched in the blackberry bramble
716Deer Print
718Regal Raptors
719Spectral Fishermen
720A Field of Ferns
721A Vine Grows
722Three Mothers
723Raining Prayer
724A Bowl of Walnuts
725Why is Blue, Blue
726Black and White
727Snorkel Coat
729Sleeping Angel
730I am with You
731A Prayer at Your Bedside
732We urge the legislature to act.
733Old Friends
734Prayers of Peace
737Two Wins
738Smell of Autumn
739She is Free
740Who Do You Say I Am
742Repair Shop
743Linking Lectionary
744Echoes of Words
745Wisdom and Our Folly
746Losing Our Life Our Soul
747They Were Confused
748The Word in the Flesh
749Psalm 19
750I Hope That is Water
751When the House is Quiet
752Hope in the Words
754A Waterfall of Words
756Whiskey Tasting
757Focused on My Family
759Closer to the Fire
760Methodist Epiphanies
761The Summer of Stitches
762The Twelve
763Blending Concepts
764Our Highest Ideal
765The Devil in Us All
766My Capable Wife
767A Year in Words
768Who is the Greatest
769Her Salty Cheeks
770Parsed Playtime
771Seeing Their Hearing
772No Call No Show
774Her Heritage
776The Magic Freezer
777Bring the Kleenex
778Officially Foss
779Mysteries of Awareness
780Climbing Jet, Soaring Raptor
781Picture Day
782Reaping the Whirlwind - v1
783Reaping the Whirlwind - v2
784Reaping the Whirlwind - v3
785The First Shall Be Last
786Being as Little Children
787Not by Our Works
788Our Big Day
789Who is Great – v2
790Raining Leaves
791Saturated Red
792Fluted Petals
793Captured Aura
794A Purple Trumpet
795Orange amid the Greens and Grey
796A Precarious Perch
797Waiting for Her Son
798Counting Down
799Standing Up, Like Esther
800Peace March Signs
801We Walked for Peace
802Exhortations from the Pulpit
803Walking in Other Footsteps
805Being the Grease
806Becoming part of the Earth
807Fallen Petals
808Chiclet Teeth
811A Stitch in the Sky
812First Date … First Kiss
813Pinned to the Door
814Marigold Monarchs
815Flowers Ablaze
816Washing His Blood
817Christmas Pageants
818The Christ Candle
819Raw Air
820Fall Puddles
822My Brother
823Neighbors to Hell
824Hundreds of Stories
825A Ransom
826He Giveth and Taketh Away
827The Suffering of a Righteous Man
828Like Job
829Arguing with God
830Do More Than Dream
831You Don’t Understand
832Confused by Ambition
833Be Like Children
834Explaining Job
835This Soul Cried Out
836Blood on the Lintels
837The Hum of the Fan
838A February Sky
839She was a Bride
840Walking to the Courthouse
841I was a Hobo
842They Couldn’t Wait
843A Remorseful Stowaway
844Her Faith
845A Husband for Ruth
846A Single Sin Sacrifice
847Faith of a Mustard Tree
848Loyalty and Goodness
849Feeling the Ancient Words
850Preaching the Revelation
851Eagerly Awaiting Him
852Eagerly Awaiting Him – edited 3
853Eagerly Awaiting Him – edited 2
854Eagerly Awaiting Him – edited 1
855Coming to Enjoy Revelations
856A Walmart Moment
857A Fuzzy Orange Band
858The Book of Ruth
859Jesus Began to Weep
860White Breast
861The Silence before the Applause
862Awakening Wall
863Snow Flurries
864Taste the Smell
865The Stealth Roadie
866Chicken Soup
867Singing in My Mind
868A Skim of Ice
869A Wailing Choir
871Justice Amidst the Process
872A Drive to Court
873A Harsh Mirror
874Following Her
875Our Story
876Waiting for the Wind
877A Gray Day
878Before the Committee
879Sitting at my Desk
880A Call Affirmed
882Her Words
883Being Known in the Gate
884Not What He Asked For
885Sharing Verses
886A Valley of Pine
887Places of Refuge
888A Hard Winter
889More than Bread
890Hannah’s Prayer
891Dona Nobis Pacem
892Granting the Petition
893Praying in the Wilderness
894Questions of the Children
895Numbered Days in a Free Will World
897A Knock on the Door
898Winter Came In
899In the Bible
900A King
901Cold this Morning
902Giving Thanks
903Blood of the Pilgrims
904A Prayer of Thanskgiving
905For this we give Thanks
906A Lawyerly Question
908In the Dark of Night
909Breaking Camp
910Scent Memories
911Staring into the Flame
912After the Turkey
913Threads of Her Journey
914Faithful Frankness
915Flesh on the Bones
916A Lean-to in the Woods
917Hallowing the Name
919Running in the Park
920Snow in the Trees
921Breakfast Party
922An Earthly King
924Hearing Their Talking
925Pursued, not merely Followed
926A Doppler Greeting
927From Solid to Gas
928Acquiring Language
929Before Freezing
930My Father’s Belt
931Washing His Hands
932Waiting and Hoping
933Holiday Ties
934Her Wreath
935The Moon through the Batting
936Hidden Deer
937Advent Wreath
938A Season of Hope
939Inspired Words
940Special Appeal
941A Voice for the Wilderness
942Dancing Penguins
943Elizabeth and Mary
944What Mary Said
945She Offered it All
946A Swath through the Ice
947Milkweed Bouquet
948Zipping Her Coat
949A Cold Breeze
950Cash Customer
951Comfort Food
954Winter Coming
956Pearl Reconsidered
958After the Greening
964Zechariah’s Silence
965Listen When the Silent Speak
966Prophecy Broke the Stillness
967A Nine-Month Teachable Moment
968Talk about Expectations
969Silence was the Remedy
971Visions of Christmas
973Hold the Rope
974Nodding to the Sermons
976The Shining City
977Into the Water
978Meeting Him for a Reason
979Oh What a Wonderful Feeling
980She Did It Herself
981Bringing Us Home
982Recent Visitors
983God Has Provided
984Words I Needed to Hear
985A Christmas Acrostic
986Marsh Ice
987Taillight Soup
988Remembering that Day
989Under the Blanket
990Messages in the Wind
991Speaking with Power, Authority
992God Came Again
993Perfection is a Rose
994In a Manger Lay
995minds wander
996Eyes Marvel
997Ears Revel
998Around the Calendar We Go
999Remembering This Sacred Day
1002Being Her Village
1003Three Candles
1004Princesses Galore
1005Turning Five
1006A Leaf Fell
1007Sensing His Presence
1008A Dangerous Question
1009Sealed by the Lord
1010Descended like a Dove
1011Hooded Hangmen
1013Snow in the Air
1014A Whitening World
1015Neglectful Parents
1016Forgive Them
1017A Formal Tie
1018Real Forgiveness
1019Sixty-One Years Ago
1021A Few Hours of Rest
1022Healing a Nation
1023Christmas Continues
1024A Hug
1025Rising and Falling
1026Shades of
1027The Faces of the Wolf
1028Statement of Fact
1029Her Face in Prayer
1030Refuted Facts
1031Eating Edifice
1032A Constellation of Stars
1033Into the Fog
1035Familiar Faces for a New Year
1036Critical Minutes
1037Frozen Corn
1038No Running
1039But you never said anything about Outside
1040Another Coffeehouse
1041Guardian Angel
1042Turn of the Wheel
1043A Frozen Soldier
1044He said, “Come.”
1045The Hem of the Robe
1046“Here I am; send me!”
1047Burned Away
1048How Long?
1049Rotten Fish
1051Do Not Forsake Me
1052Arguing Clay
1053After the Baptism
1054In Bodily Form
1055While in Prayer
1056Dirty Water
1057Leaves of Ice
1058I Forgive You
1059Would You Marry Me, Again
1060Touching His Mouth
1061The Greatest is Love
1070Risen Lord
1081And Follow Me
1082Leave All
1084Prince of Peace
1086A Mother’s Prayer
1087A daughter’s prayer
1088Praying Luke 5:1-11
1089From the desert to the Sea
1090Empty Nets
1091Holy Failure
1092When the Master Calls
1098It’s snowing now
1099Another Milestone
1100Oh How I Love Her
1101Your Final Day
1106Compromising Self
1108The Veil taken away
1109Lift Your Veil
1111Touch Our Lives
1116God’s Will, Our Wills
1117An Act of Faith
1118Wesleyan Growth
1119Pitch the Tent
1121Our Daily Bread
1122A Time for Action
1123Breathing In
1124Before the Noodles
1125Blood and Tissue
1126Mud Came Early
1127This Holy Mystery
1128Puddles of Snow
1130Her Tooth
1131Water from the Rock
1132Bread from the Stone
1133Soothing Sounds
1135We Walked in the Garden
1136Approaching the Table
1137Baby Raptors
1138A Visit to the Museum (on February Vacation)
1139Unity – v2
1140Unity – v3
1143The Crawlspace - 2
1145Spirit - 2
1146Love – 3
1148Love – 4
1149Love - 1
1150Love – 2
1153John Wesley
1154A Glint of Christmas
1155Snow in the Valleys
1156A Lobster Pot
1157A Crystal Radio
1158Pizza for Dinner
1159A Broken Loaf
1160Dust on the Pictures
1161Closer and Closer
1162Urban Ornaments
1163A Tale of Two Tuesdays
1164Dance of the Bubbles
1165White Sands
1166Down by the River
1167Un Pedacito Minúsculo Del Pусский
1168A Forgiving Father
1169Acknowledging Selfishness
1170Rising to Selflessness
1171In the Lee
1173A Fruitless Tree
1174I am a Fig Tree
1175The Chosen Fig Trees
1176The Faithful Gardener
1177Fig Tree
1178Parable Reading
1179A Different Fig Tree
1180A Harvest of Figs
1181Providential Provision
1182Thinking of Us First
1183Extravagant Love
1184Anointing Oil
1185A Year’s Wages
1186Fragrant Oil
1187Palms on the Ground
1188Sticky Hair
1189Crash Cart
1190Mary, Mary
1191Oh Martha
1192Foot Washing
1193Her Hair
1194A True Samaritan
1195Peter was Peter
1196A Cross of Palm
1197Anointing Herself
1198In the Fall
1199It was the Leprechauns
1200A Momentary Still-life
1201Suede Bark
1202New Growth
1203Opening Prayer
1204Walking into Unknowns
1205Walking Where He Walked
1206Solid Water
1207Don’t Look Back
1208Conscious Christianity
1209Plastic Fields
1210In Grandpa’s Arms
1211Oh Church
1213A Grain Offering
1216Waiting for the Morning
1217We carried the Christ
1218A Family Well-Blessed
1219Such a Cup
1220Wafers of Ice
1221Backing Up
1222The Meek Gained Mettle
1223Touching His Wounds
1224The Essence of Faith
1225Cold Rain, Wet Snow
1226Good Day for a Jog
1227Balance Beam
1228Lessons in the Adversity
1229Refined in the Fire
1231A Risen Friend
1233Purple Passion
1235A Spring Rain Song
1236Dorcas Rising
1237Her Achievement
1238Fragrant Lilac
1239They had Shades
1241Second-grade Cell
1242Yellow Dust
1243Coming Thunder
1244The Undeterred Spirit
1246May Showers
1248The Offering Basket
1249Their Heritage
1250Captured Blossoms
1251A Phoenix Pine
1252A Tulip Spade
1253Dew on the Tulip
1254New Leaves
1255A Fern Emerging
1256Spring Bouquet
1257Coming Thunder
1259Our Nation’s Best
1260Tongues of Fire!
1261Babel Broken
1262Hearing into Speech
1263Becoming Bold
1264Finding Their Voices
1265Sheep to Shepherds
1268Wires Crossed
1269Squirrel Expletives
1270Not What He Wanted
1271A Feathered Nest
1272How Fast the Bloom Fades
1273Doe Eyes
1275Creation’s Colors
1276Treasure Case
1277The Trailer
1279In the Beginning
1280Her Colors
1281The Usual Suspects
1282Awash in the Sunset
1283Translucent Yellow
1284In the Dark Places Where She Dwell
1287Broken for Us
1288Adam and Christ
1290The Certainty of the Kingdom
1291After the Shower
1292A Mighty Seed
1293Boast in Our Suffering
1295Wisdom was a Girl
1297A Glimpse of Faith
1298A Life’s Testimony
1299A Witness to Faith
1300Faith as a Dialogue with God
1301Faith to be Responsible
1302Imparting Wisdom, the Wisdom of Faith
1303More than His Words
1304Pilgrims in the World
1305Ready for Change
1306Something of Heaven
1307Stepping into the Unknown
1308The Cantor
1309Her Spirit Fed
1310Closer to Home
1311He will Forget Us Not
1312How Much They Have Grown
1313Her Sister’s Dress
1314Justified by Grace
1315Faith in Christ
1316The Works of the Law
1317Sons of Abraham
1318If Only
1319Blue Hyacinth, Green Leaves
1320A Walk to the Bank
1321The Other Side of the Desk
1322Pushing Through
1323Knew No Sin
1324New Creation
1325Put on Your Cross
1326A Year Closer
1328A Great Fanfare
1329Compromised Authority
1330Speaking from the Silence
1331We Have Become What we Abhor
1332History of the Victors, No More
1333Friendly Fire
1335The Fruits of Torture
1337Not Who We Are
1338A Greater Debt
1339Nowhere to Lay His Head
1340The Least Among You
1341What Are You Looking For?
1344Sharing Your Word
1345Jacob, I Understand
1346A Christian Lament
1347Spin Practice
1348The Message in the Glass
1349Her Voice Above the Rest
1350Dual Citizens
1351A Little Green Beatle
1352Passing the Fruit
1354Clothed with Christ
1355A Call to Testify (not to follow)
1356Choosing Death
1357The Lord’s Exclamation Point
1358I Has Gained Everything
1359Calm in the Midst of the Stormy Night
1360Your Love Completes Me
1361Without Ceasing
1362Those aren’t Jimmies
1363Helicopters under the Canopy
1364My Cry Came to His Ears
1365By Grace
1366A Yoke of Slavery
1367A Clarion Invitation to Hope
1368Fresh Fruit
1369Called to Freedom
1370Freedom To …
1371Splatters of His Blood
1372If only my people would listen to me
1373Life in the Spirit
1374Holy Freedom
1375Slaves to One Another
1378A Picture of God
1380Without Freedom Still
1381Safe in My Bed
1382He is the one who said it
1383It was at Night
1384Her Smiling Face
1385Facing East
1386A Big Gapped Grin
1387Samaritan Love
1388Parsing the Parable
1389A Lucky Day
1390Watering the Sun
1391Before the Beginning
1392Food Falling from Above
1393Arguing in the Dark
1394The Context of Creation
1395In the Quiet of the Circle
1396God Joined Us
1397God Filled the Church
1398The Size of Creation
1399That Trio is Trouble
1400In Praise of Weeding
1401A Greater Ease on His Face
1402A World Came Alive
1403Ripened Summer Fruit
1404The Fall of the Kingdom
1405Scent Memories
1406Wistfully Watching
1407A Love Poem
1408Wish You Were Here
1409An Image of God
1410She Will Be a Shepherd
1411A Well-lit Rosa Rugosa
1412Cobble Stones
1413Textures of Creation
1416Shopping for Gifts
1417In Grandma’s Lap
1418The Enemy
1419Adverse Effect
1420An Aborted Strike
1421Answers to Prayer
1422Run the Race
1423Hope Came
1424Praying is Believing
1426Two Hymnals
1428Two Plates
1429Cast Off Your Shackles
1430Solomon Where Are You?
1431A Spider Waits
1432Free to Testify
1434Tastes of Creation
1435Holding His Anger
1436Smells of Creation
1437Right in Front of My Face
1438Pool Man
1439Snow Fort
1440Blocks of Snow
1441Worthy Snack
1442Deer in the Yard
1443Flowing North
1444Curtailed Laps
1445Counting Backward
1446Wearing His Colors
1447A Purchase in the Seam
1448Berry Rain
1449Creatures of Creation
1450Becoming Airborne
1451The Rising of Her Voice
1452Red Sky
1453Dripping Orange
1454Fire on the Bay
1455Sounds of Creation
1456The Speed of Creation
1457The Essential Thing
1458Team Sport
1460Under the Stars
1461Trout for Breakfast
1462In the Candle’s Flame
1463I Could Picture His Face
1464In the Courtyard of the Church
1465Hearing Our Story
1466Spider is a Swear
1467Walking Down to Camp
1468Really Living
1469Into the Icy Sea
1470Jellyfish Toss
1471Journey’s End
1472In Mission
1473Lessons Learned
1474Make Love Come Alive
1475Amazing Power
1476Cave Man Food
1477Painting in the Rain
1478Sharing in the Circle
1479And That is the Milky Way
1480Escalera, Escalera
1481On Turtle Island
1482A Foundation of Love
1483By the Fire
1484Avoiding Purple
1485Up the Ladder
1486Living in His House
1487In the Wet Wood
1488Knocking on the Door
1489The Front Porch
1490Disturbing the Spiders
1491In the Circle
1492Make Love Come Alive – A Prayer
1493Unique Within Creation
1494The Carpenter – A Prayer
1495The Carpenter
1496A Greater Whole
1497The Mason
1498Lunch with Dot
1499Searching for Moose
1500All My Days
1501The Bow in the Sunny Sky
1502Growing Edges
1503Four Races
1505Reporting In
1506Another Threshold
1507In His Hands
1508Walking with the Creator
1509Riding into the Country
1510The Fact of the Matter Is
1511In the Small Church
1512For Your Love
1513Loading the Van
1514The Architect
1515A Grand Design
1516Adding Our Hands
1518Because God Lives
1519A Sermon on Ruth
1520God’s Will
1521Stewards of the Garden
1522Touching Her Face
1523Drawn by the Fragrance
1524The Petals Unfurled
1525Out of the Moist Rich Ground
1526In Her Garden
1527Not Merely a Member of the Flock
1528A Waking Sun
1529Because God Lives - v2
1530A Converted Zealot
1531Feeling the Loss of Him
1532A Sudden Loss
1533Time for the Fair
1534Stretch Run
1535September Corn
1536But, We Wouldn’t Do That
1537Final Fruits
1538One Sinner Saved
1539Lost Sheep
1540Lord We Thank You
1541The Master’s Palette
1542Gathering the Good Stuff
1543Cold Snap
1544Where Will They Attack
1545To Everything
1546The Depth of Love
1547Spoken Word
1548Salamanders in the Bark
1549Riding on His Shoulders
1550Returning Home
1551Putty in His Hands
1552Out the Back Window
1553One Lost Sheep
1554On the Potter’s Hands
1555No Pressure Here
1556In the Potter’s Hands
1557Ignoring Precedent
1558Hills of Heather
1559Going to School
1560Ex Parte
1562An Earthenware Jar
1563A Wet Lump of Clay
1564A Thud and a Squish
1565A Ten to One Heart Attack
1566A Lost Penny Found
1567A Field of Blue
1568A Day in Court
1569Circling over Me
1570A Slate of Gray
1571Marsh Grasses
1573A High Priest and Mediator
1574Your Usher
1575Words to Live By
1576Use the Faith You Have
1577The True Anchor
1578The Big Boat, the Big House
1579Tending the Garden
1580Telling the Teacher
1581Tart Fruit
1582Suffering for the Gospel
1583Spirit of Self-Discipline
1584Spirit of Power
1585Spirit of Love
1586So Who is this Nick Character
1587Snap of the McIntosh
1588Simmering Bones
1589Signs of the Times
1590Shades of Purple
1591Rekindle the Gift of God
1592Refining in the Fire
1593Red Sumac
1594Pruning Time
1595Processes of Creation
1596Praying for Babylon
1597Plead for Mercy
1598Petitioning God
1599Our Work Ahead
1600Our Work Ahead – as read
1601One Ripe Berry
1602One Cookie for Me, and One for You
1603Not According to Our Works
1604Naming the Saints
1605Melted Down
1606Living the Christian Life
1607Living Faith
1608It’s a Talisman
1609In a Twinkling of an Eye
1610Her Quiet Place
1611Healed by God
1612Guard the Good Treasure
1613God Spares Israel
1614Frost Friendly
1615Forgetful Children
1616For the Long Haul
1617First Contact
1618Falling Light
1619Faith Like Muscle
1620Faith is Now
1621Donning His Sandals
1622Covenant - acrostic
1623Comforting Parallels
1625Be More Loving
1627Adrift with the Wind
1628Aaron Buckles
1629A Treasure of Faith
1630A Smile at the Kitchen Table
1631A Righteous Branch
1632A Hobbesian Choice
1633A Joyful Noise
1634A Leaf on the Ground
1635A Litmus Test
1636A Meditation on Good Treasure
1637A Number of Heart Beats
1638A Prayer from Timothy
1639Words of the Apostles
1640In Supplication
1642All Fail
1643Arctic Ice
1646So Far to Go
1648Cutting Through the Tension
1649Gilbert Doesn’t Have to Go to School
1650A Noisy World
1651Not the Tabernacle
1652Into the Potter’s House
1653His Words
1654Planetary Emergency
1655A Reckless Disregard
1656Danger, Thin Ice
1657Appropriate Praise
1658Gumdrop Maples
1659On the Brink
1660Embrace All of Life
1661United for Change
1662A Message of Acceptance
1663Anger or Acceptance
1664The Meaning of Being Clean
1665A Letter from Home
1666Into the Foreign Land
1667Living in the Foreign Land
1668Multiply There
1669Do Not Decrease
1670Resident Aliens
1671Increase Your Number
1674In Exile
1675A Hammer Blow to the Ice
1676Ripples on the Water
1677Choosing Our Words
1678Catching the Wind
1679A Cranberry Maple
1680Skipping to School
1681Beam Walker
1682Feeling Her Hug
1683A Patience Flower
1685He Descended to the Dead
1686The Forgiveness of Sin
1687The Resurrection of the Body
1688Life Everlasting
1690He is Coming to Judge
1692The Communion of Saints
1693To Judge the Living and the Dead
1694Ascended into Heaven
1695He Rose Again
1697He Will Come Again
1698On the Third Day
1701Suffered under Pontius Pilate
1702I Believe in God the Father
1703Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord
1705Conceived of the Holy Spirit Born of the Virgin Mary
1706Seated at the Right Hand
1707At the Right Hand of God
1708Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth
1709The Holy Catholic Church
1710I Believe in the Holy Spirit
1711Learning for Life
1712Grace Abounds
1713Open Your Eyes
1714Will You Let Him In
1716When He Knocks
1717Open Your Heart
1718A Recipe for a Life of Piety*
1719Opening the Door
1720Accepting God
1721God’s Hands, Your Feet
1722Royal Priests
1723Coming up Beside Me
1724Being a Priest
1725A Heart-Shaped Hole
1726Open the Gift
1727A Tractor Beam
1728Grace Offered Before We Ask
1729Shades of Grace
1730Your Table
1731Why I Am on the Road
1733Beginning in Silence
1734Changing Our World
1737Obstacles to Grace
1738Seeing the Invisible
1739Baptism of the Holy Spirit
1740Their Hands on the Cross
1741Intertwined Roots
1742Means of Grace
1743Where Is Your Bucket
1744Like a White Hot Coal
1745Prayers for Our Hearing
1746Prayers for a Change in My Heart
1747God Breathed
1748Hebrew Bible
1749Praying for His Voice
1750Studying the Word
1753Final Exams
1755Church History
1756Becoming Ministers
1757A Bridge to God
1758Because the Father Cried
1759Her Picture With Me
1760Living Stones
1762Pearls in the Heart
1763United Methodist History
1764On the Road to Emmaus
1765A Precious Little Baby
1766Being a Sheep
1767For One of the Least of These
1768Bringing the House Down
1769Freedom to Choose
1770Feed My Sheep
1771Opening the Scriptures
1772Their Eyes Opened
1773Author of Heaven and Earth
1774exploding neural pathways
1776God Incarnate
1777Tethered Dancer
1778By Our Deeds
1779The Wind out my Window
1780Faded Glory
1781Shafts of Light
1782Black Velour
1785A Peasant amid the Royalty
1786That Smile
1787Through the Motions
1788Pastoral Spiritual Formation
1789Naked in a Glass House
1790Naked Before God
1791Like Job
1792Into the Chapel
1793Humbling Himself
1794Humble Before the Lord
1795Hearts Burning
1796He is Risen
1797Gaining Joy
1798Chasing Emily
1799A Seriously Wet Saturday
1800In the time of King Herod
1801By that Singular Star
1802Presents for the King
1803Abraham’s Children
1805Abraham’s Son
1806Blessed are You
1807Think deeply
1809The Birth Announcement
1810To the Laborers Told
1811The There Gene
1812When She Said Yes
1813Each Day
1814We give thee Thanks
1815Old Pros
1816The Light Will Shine
1817Caring for the Light
1818Carrying the Light
1819Their Hands, a Gift
1820Comforting Words, Melodies
1821Passing the Light
1822Her Offering
1823Focused on
1824Gathering In
1825Out of Our Abundance
1826Giving from Love
1827For Him
1828Uncomfortable Names
1829Seeing God
1830Other Names
1831Radical Imagery
1832Our Collective Prayer
1833In Forgiving
1834Forgiving All
1835Jesus, remember me
1836Asking for Forgiveness
1837A Different Kind of King
1838Even in Death
1839Bread of Life
1840Code Talker
1841Snow Glazed
1842Saying Grace
1843Fresh Tracks
1844Giving Thanks
1845A Harvest
1846For Us, More than Them
1847Their Compass
1848A Widow’s Gift
1849Two Stories
1850My Response to Christ
1851Snow in the Woods
1852Acting on Hope
1853One Time in the Temple
1854King of the Mountain
1855Stopping a Train Wreck, in Progress
1856Seeing the Words
1857In the Northern Wood (without blaze orange)
1859Changing the Wind
1860Out Burns’ Window
1861Irregular Glass
1862Tallows of Ice
1863Our Cup
1864Peripheral Poetry
1866The Image of the Invisible
1867So Much Like Me
1868A Simple Thanksgiving
1869Putting on His Yoke
1870A Reflection in the Chrome
1871Dollars in the Sand
1872December Sunlight
1873A Dormant Stump
1874Life in the Shoot
1875Come to the Stable
1876Go to the Stable
1877Let this be the Peaceable Kingdom
1878Uncomfortable Imagery
1879Black Ice
1881Cemetery Stones
1882Cobalt Blue
1883Blue Hands
1884Freshly turned soil
1885Snail Tracks
1886After the Chaos
1887In Praise of Bit Players
1888A Running Angel
1889A Balloon for Jesus
1890Jesus Imagined
1891Born to Fulfill
1892A Memory Tree
1893Born to Die
1894Fulfilling the Prophesies
1895Instruments of God
1896Because He Obeyed
1897A Bit Player
1898Vessels of God
1899Finding Our Niche
1900Up between the Dormers
1901A PJ Day
1902Every Jot
1903Saved by a Dream
1904Being John
1905The Fear of the King – v2
1906The Fear of the King – v1
1907Rachel’s Tears
1908After the Presents
1909In their Winter Coats
1910The Wise Men were Women
1911In a Dream Foretold
1912An Earthly Father
1913Born to Save
1915First Born
1917Thy Will
1918Daily Bread – 1
1919Snow Colored
1920Holy Prophets
1921Hallowed be Thy name
1922Thy Will be Done
1924A Royal Priest
1925His Humanity
1926A Sacrifice
1929A Flotilla of Notes in a Bottle
1930A Star
1931An Altar Call
1932At the Altar Rail
1933Epiphany – Acrostic
1935Hope in the Desert
1936A Peasant King
1938Like Children
1939At the King’s Command
1940A Massacre
1941Saved by Stealth
1942From Adoration to Flight
1943His face set on Jerusalem
1944A Light to the Nations
1946Christmas on the Curb
1947High up in the Branches
1948Trimmed with Daggers
1949Deep in the Woods
1951By a Dove
1952On the Road to Bethlehem
1953After the Manger
1954High on the Mountaintop
1955Gifts for the Baby
1956Beacons of Light
1957What Gifts Will We Bring
1958A Better Prize
1959A Frightened King
1960A Plank in the Eye
1961A Star Led Their Way
1962Abraham – haiku
1964At the Appointed Time
1965Baptism – haiku - 1
1966Baptism – haiku - 2
1967Baptism – haiku - 3
1968By a Star Revealed
1970Epiphany – haiku – 1
1971Epiphany – haiku – 2
1972Epiphany – haiku – 3
1973Epiphany – haiku – 4
1974Epiphany – haiku – 5
1975Epiphany – haiku – 6 – v1
1976Epiphany – haiku – 6 – v2
1977Epiphany – haiku – 7
1978Epiphany – haiku – 8
1980He Let Them Die
1981He Saw Heaven Open
1983In Secret They Were Sent
1984Israel – haiku
1986Living Word
1989On the Riverbank
1990Reluctant Spies
1991Saving One Life
1992Servant – haiku
1993The Clouds Opened
1994The Long Way Home
1995To Outsiders Revealed
1996To Pay Homage
1997Walk in the Deep Woods
1998Words of Hope
1999Would We Know Him
2000Writing Beside Me
2001John - haiku
2002A Massacre – v2
2003Rejoicing in our Hearts
2004Wheat and Weeds – haiku
2005Search Lights
2006Missionaries of the Light
2007Lighthouses – haiku
2008Three Kings – haiku
2009Shepherd – haiku
2010By His Blood – haiku
2011To Bethlehem – haiku
2012In the Wood – haiku
2013Baptism – haiku – 4
2014Magi – haiku
2015Shepherds – haiku
2016Commandments – haiku
2017Garden – haiku
2018Glassworks – haiku
2019David – haiku – 2
2020Genesis – haiku
2021Ruth – haiku
2022A Wall – haiku
2023Spirit of God – haiku
2024Servant – haiku – 2
2025Light – haiku – 1 – v1
2026Light – haiku – 1 – v2
2027Behold My Servant
2028This is My Servant
2029You Are Light
2030A New Song
2031A Shell - haiku
2032Whispers – haiku – 1 – v1
2033Haiku – 2
2034Daniel – haiku
2035Abraham – haiku – 2
2036Prophets – haiku
2037Mary – haiku
2038Whispers – haiku – 1 – v2
2039Up in the Trees
2040Climb – haiku – 1 – v1
2041Climb – haiku – 1 – v2
2042Quiet – haiku
2043Walk to Emmaus – haiku
2044Joseph – haiku
2045Spirit – haiku
2046Listen – haiku
2047Call – haiku
2048Ears Burning – haiku
2049Tides – haiku
2050Led to Your Son
2051Day Moon – 2
2052Cross – haiku
2053Before I was Born
2055Creed - haiku
2056Creed – cinquain
2057Moon in the Blue
2058The Sheep – haiku
2059Lost – haiku - 1
2060Love – haiku – 1
2061The Grave – haiku – 1
2062The Church – haiku – 1
2063Breathing In - haiku
2064A Sheep – haiku
2065Your Will – haiku
2066Hope – haiku
2067Love – haiku – 2
2068Born – haiku
2069Born – haiku - 2
2070Sacrifice – haiku
2071Mending Their Nets
2072Trinity - haiku
2073Not on the Stand
2074Witness – haiku – 1
2075Witness – haiku – 4 – v1
2076One Who Sees – haiku – 1 - v1
2077Witness – haiku – 3
2078A Voice Crying
2079One Who Sees – haiku – 1 – v2
2080Leaving John
2081Fishers of Men – haiku - 3
2082Marking Time - 1
2083In the Boat, Left
2084The Master Called
2085They Went With Him
2086Repent – haiku – 1
2087A Seed – haiku
2088On the Cross
2089Witness – haiku – 4 – v2
2090He Didn’t Ask
2091Repent – haiku – 2 – v1
2092Repent – haiku – 4
2093The Fall – haiku
2094Repent – haiku – 2 – v3
2095A Mustard Seed – haiku
2096Fishers of Men – haiku - 6
2097Ruby Slippers
2098In My Arms
2099Repent – haiku – 5 – v2
2100A Witness
2101Repent – haiku – 3 – v2
2102Repent – haiku – 2 – v2
2103Repent – haiku – 6
2104Repent – haiku – 5 – v1
2105Fishermen - 2
2106Fishers of Men – haiku - 2
2107He has Come
2108Repent – haiku – 3 – v1
2109They Followed Him
2110Witness – haiku – 2
2111Creator – haiku
2112Disciples – haiku – 1
2113Witness – haiku – 5
2114Fishers of Men – haiku - 6
2115In the Valley
2116The Garden – haiku
2117They Followed
2118Our Brother
2119Pastures – haiku
2120Fishers of Men – haiku - 1
2121Casting Their Nets
2122Fishers of Men – haiku - 4
2123For You Lord - haiku
2124Repent – haiku – 7
2125The Three – haiku – 1 – v1
2126A Dove - haiku – 1 – v1
2127The Stone – haiku – 1
2128The Curtain – haiku
2129Torn – haiku
2130The Stone – haiku – 2
2131Pierced – haiku
2132Follow This Leader
2133Darkness – haiku
2134The Three – haiku – 1 – v2
2135Sinking – haiku
2136Superbowl Haiku
2137He Called Me
2138Walk on Water – haiku
2139A Dove - haiku – 1 – v2
2140The Three – haiku – 1 – v3
2141Superbowl Haiku - 2
2142Following the Master
2143Tempted – haiku
2144Peter – haiku - 1
2145Judging - haiku – 1
2146The Weight of the Dove
2147Deep Pools
2148Victor – haiku – 1 – v1
2149The Bush – haiku – 1
2150Nails – haiku – 1
2151Victor – haiku – 1 – v2
2152Sacrifice – haiku – 1
2153The Ark – haiku – 2
2154Forgiven – haiku – 1
2155Effervescent Light – 1 – v1
2156Parted – haiku – 1
2157A light to the nations – haiku – 1
2158Effervescent Light – 1 – v2
2159The Ark – haiku – 1
2160A Well
2161Light – haiku – 2
2162Daggers of Ice
2163Using Our Gifts
2164A Quick Call
2165Captive Roses
2166Pools of Living Light
2167In Brilliance
2168In His Talons
2169A Herd of Footprints
2170Cross – 2
2171God’s Answer
2172The Verb of Lent
2173Very Good
2174We are each Precious
2175Accepting Limits
2176A New Adam
2177In the Snowy Woods
2178Breaking the Surface
2180One of the Two
2182Arms Open Wide
2183Red and Blue (Happy Valentine’s Day 2008)
2184When I Think of Her
2185By His Faith
2186Beyond His Ken
2187So Easy to Forget
2188Standing in the Water
2189Balancing Worship
2191Always - 2
2193Holy Spirit
2194A Covenant of Faith
2195Changing Our World
2196One Body of Christ
2197To Love Our Country
2198His Knowing Hands
2199Fragrance of Christ
2200A Feast of Worship
2201To Rest in Him
2202Coming Before
2203Outstretched Hands
2204Being Ripples
2205His Open Hand
2206Wooing Us
2207Prolong His Days
2208One Message
2209Open Water
2210Freeing Us
2211The Next Verse
2213Relentless Love
2214Be the Water
2216To Lead Our Nation
2217For the Love of Country
2218For Our Nation
2219To Love Our Nation
2221The Book of John
2224In Community
2225Unnamed but Remembered
2226We Met in Your Word
2227Stones of the Priesthood
2228Always New
2229Nourished by Worship
2230Turning to God
2231Tears in the Backyard
2232Visual Words
2233Word Pictures
2234Tentacles of Satan
2235Give God Our Hearts
2236Give God Our Minds
2237Give God Our Hands
2238A Fog of Grace
2239Precious Threads
2240Woven Together
2241Shimmering Fabric
2242At Table
2243At the Table
2244With My Heart
2245Tracks in the Snow
2246A Soul Set Free
2247Who Was Blind
2248The Light on the Snow
2249Healing a Family
2250Raising the Dead
2251The Limits of Their Faith
2252Becoming Blind
2253Gaining Sight
2254Tears of the Savior
2255A More Perfect Sacrifice
2256Children of the Light
2257The Shepherd, a Lamb
2258Praying the Psalm
2259Watched by the Shepherd
2260Wind in the Bones
2261With Authority
2262His Words - 2
2263Words of Love
2264For His Sisters
2265Walking Humbly
2266Cheerful Piety
2267Waiting for the Lord
2268A Branch Falls in the Wintry Wood
2269A Loving Servant
2270A Poetic Photograph
2271He Went
2272A Cigarette Butt
2273Discovered Signs
2274Egg with Your Oxford
2275Feeding in the Stones
2276Becoming an Empty Vessel
2277Rise Up
2278Stop Your Crying
2279The Breath in the Wind
2280Rattling Bones
2281Dry Bones
2282Called from the Four Winds
2283For God’s Glory
2284The Emmaus Road
2286A Holy Wind
2287Planning for Contingencies
2288Shimmering Chartreuse
2289Use Me as I am
2290Being Ever New Clay
2291From their palms to His palms
2292In the Breaking of Bread
2293His Palms
2294Day of Fire
2295Imparted Righteousness
2296For God’s Holy Purpose
2297“Cleanse me from my sin”
2298Offered in Love for Your Glory
2299More Promise than Order
2300Promise of Easter
2301Claimed by God
2302In Believing
2303Pieces of Our Hearts
2305A Six Year Old Singing
2306God Labored
2307Eve Labored
2308Adam Labors
2309Words of Faith
2310By the Flames
2311Snow on their Branch
2312His Disciples
2313A Lively Faith
2314By Human Hands
2315Blind to His Presence
2316Pick up the Towel
2317Take up the Towel
2318Up into the Sumac
2319Risen, in the Present Tense
2320Denying Him
2321All the Rest of Our Lives
2322Reconciled to Him
2323Imputed Righteousness
2324You Shall
2325Life in the Vine
2326Being the Good News
2327By the Sea of Galilee
2328Only to be Faithful
2329Five Years Later
2331Maundy Thursday
2332Who Dips the Bread in the Bowl
2333Washing All Their Feet
2334Mocking Words
2335After Flogging Jesus
2336A Legacy of Blood
2337Washing My Hands
2338Hope for the Sinners
2339In Silence We Left
2340A Holy Thursday
2341A Holy Week
2342A Holy Friday
2343Stripping the Church
2344Holding the Nail
2345We Are the Nails
2346As the Church Went Dark
2347Before the Flames
2348As Bold
2349Praying in the Garden
2350A Holy Saturday
2351Waiting for Easter
2352Sealing the Tomb
2353Bring on the Morning
2354Easter People
2355People of the Dawn
2356Without Easter
2357The Dawn is Coming
2358His Voice
2359Rise, Rise Up
2360We were the Crown of Thorns
2361We were the Disciples
2362We were the Nails
2363We were the Silence
2364We were the Whip
2365Witnesses as They Were
2366Called by the Water
2367Shadow of the Hawk
2368Planting Seeds
2369On the Walk
2370Under the Melting Snow
2371Shoots of Green
2372Rose Petals
2373The Crumbs are Enough
2379Blessed to Believe
2380Her Future
2381Do Not Judge
2382Do Justice
2383Love Mercy
2384Walk Humbly
2385The Children don’t know what they are missing
2386Food Enough
2387We are the Dogs
2388In His Tears
2389Falling Silence
2390Messengers of Christ
2391A Priesthood
2392Living Anew
2393Abide in the Vine
2394His Courage
2395Water Shaping Stone
2397He Breaks the Bread We Share
2398A Moving Faith
2399Our Free Will
2400Ever Present
2402Opening Grace
2403Piety - 2
2404Our Minds
2405A Grateful Response
2406Merely a Foretaste
2407We Are the Barriers
2409The World in Need of Change
2411We Are the Body
2412To Persevere
2413All Our Days to Come
2414Just the Hem of His Robe
2415Her Teaching
2416Morning Sun
2417Psalm 23
2418Squatters Rights
2419Being There With Them
2420Not Merely Studying
2421Open the Door
2422Walk to Emmaus
2423Living in His House All Our Days
2424Dust on Our Feet
2425Breaking Their Bread
2426Run to Jerusalem
2427Their Eyes Were Opened
2428A Stranger Unknown to Them
2429Entering into Their House
2430Walk with Jesus
2431Bread and Wine
2432A New Beginning
2433Our Girls
2434I am Hers
2435Her Walk With Christ
2436The Easter Message
2437Stephen’s Prayer
2438Tucked in the Blanket
2439Living Angels
2440Stones for the Kingdom
2441He is the Way
2442Rahab and the Wall
2443Holy Ground
2444The Road was Holy Ground
2445Which is the Holy Ground
2446Ordinary Grace
2447Everyday Gifts
2448For Affect Alone
2449A Flock of Turkeys
2450Red over White
2451Sudden Forsythia
2452A Clump of Daffodils
2453Transparent Leaves
2454An Empty Field
2455A Bassett out the Window
2456A Swimmer’s Hump
2457Intellectually Disabled
2458Glorified in Betrayal
2459Before the Congregation
2460An Affirmation
2461All Parts
2462All Are Needed
2463The Parts of the Body
2464Words that Heal, that Challenge, that Guide
2465The Pastor’s Husband
2466Waiting for the Bride
2467Our Beach
2468Our Island
2469Tropical Sunrise
2470Petals in Their Hands
2471Junior Bridesmaid
2472The Love Chapter
2473A December Morning
2474A Kiss in the Sanctuary
2475In the Flash of Light
2476In the Days of Darkness
2477With a Little Water
2478The Gardener
2479With Life Giving Water
2480Praying for Their Journey
2481Walking Home
2482In the Jordan
2483A Stranger No More
2484More Mary than Martha
2485She Carried with Her
2486My Prayer for You on Your Journey
2487Letters of Love
2488Faithful Prayers
2489Leaving the World Behind
2490Move or Remove
2491When is Love Charity
2492The Evanescence of Grass
2493Like a Sigh
2494The Eternity of God
2495Count our Days
2496Claimed by God - 2
2497Friends I’ll Never Know
2498Daily Grace of God
2499A Skim of Yellow
2500Washing Feet
2502Quiet - 2
2503Passing the Cup
2504Staring at the Cross
2505Lifting Her Up
2506We Said a Prayer
2507How was Your Hike
2508How Will She be Different
2509In My Brother’s Eyes
2511I Will be a Disciple
2512Wanting to be Flames
2513Knowing My Days
2514A Variety of Gifts
2515For the Common Good
2516The Same God
2517To Each is Given
2518Wonderfully Made
2519Wherever I Am
2520Christ is Risen
2521In Our Midst
2522Is Risen
2523More than Random Chance
2524Comfort in the Creator’s Arms
2525Seven Items
2526A Red Leaf in the Garden
2527Shopping While Hungry
2528Turning While Parked
2529Life Returned
2530Speaking of My Faith
2531Explaining the Walk
2532My Walk to Emmaus
2533I Am Who I Choose To Be
2534Prevenient Grace
2535Justifying Grace
2536Sanctifying Grace
2537A Line of Chartreuse Blooms
2538Green Pushing Out the Yellow
2539Deep Roots
2540Like Dangling Earrings
2541A Day of Prayer
2542His or Her
2543Into Her Loving Arms
2544She Guided Me
2545At the Apostles’ Feet
2546To Each as Any Had Need
2547Feed Your Spirit
2548you live too far away
2549Making Memories
2550Boxes of Beads
2551In Many Tongues
2552In Their Own Languages
2553An Immaculate Appointment
2554Scraps of Memories
2555A Treasured Trivet
2556In Their Rhododendron Jungle
2557Singing in Babylon
2558closeness to god
2559In the Silence
2560God’s Guiding Hand
2561How Long
2562Burgundy Blooms
2563Singing to Her
2564Yellow Pepper
2565Using Our Gifts – v2
2566As Your Breathing Slowed
2567Poetry Where You Live
2568Before Their Fragrance
2569Different Gifts
2570The Words of Creation
2571A Voice out of the Firmament
2572The Voice of Creation
2573Speaking without Mouths
2574The Message of Creation
2575Like a Wildfire
2576Ignited with Fire
2577Merely Gloves
2578The acts of the Apostles
2579On Pentecost
2580Born by Fire
2581Speaking from the Fire
2582Timid Messengers
2583Baptized by Fire
2584Like Popcorn Kernels
2585In a tongue they did not know
2586Filled with the Spirit
2587Spring Morning Light
2588A Chartreuse Forest
2589Over that Spot
2590the Way
2591The Men with Saul
2592Two Branches
2593Beyond the Walls
2594Inside the Sanctuary
2595Into the World
2596Sitting in the Pews
2597Road to Bethlehem
2598At His Baptism
2599The Multitude at the Seaside
2600We were Hungry
2601None Below Their Reach
2602They Were Deep in Conversation
2603They Spoke to Me
2604Watching the Parade
2605On the Hillside that Night
2606On His Hand
2607My Name
2608More than Written
2609Inscribed on His Palms
2610More than My Name
2611inscribed on the palms of my hand
2612Like a Horsehair Paintbrush
2613A May Shower
2614Serendipity Poetry
2615Contemporaneous Poems
2616They are my treasures
2617Standing Straighter
2618You are my treasure
2619She is my treasure
2620In you I have my treasure
2621In them I am rich
2622An Empty Attic
2623Drop it and leave it
2624Enough trouble
2625Clothed like one of these
2626More than I need
2627What I need
2628Daily Needs
2630Daily Provision
2631Stewards of God’s Mysteries
2632Cheesy Eggs
2633Divided Focus
2634Serve Today
2635With Fireworks
2636Clothed in Glory
2637Under Fire Still
2638More than Solomon’s Finest
2639In Remembrance of Them
2640Their Sacrifice
2641In Memoriam
2642Their Faces
2643Where Your Ashes Lay
2644Heavy Drops
2645A Sudden Torrent
2646Walked with God
2647Not on Shifting Sand
2648A House built on Rock
2649Not within Walls of Stone
2650A Living Temple
2651No Place Holy
2652Building the Ark
2653Speak Lord
2654Answering God
2655Standing There, Calling Him
2656Where Your Ashes Lay
2657Sending a Dove
2658Her Tears
2659By the Children
2660Into the Courtroom
2661The Judge was Laughing
2662Under Advisement
2663Did You Hear Them
2664In Dance
2665A Legacy
2666Into His Hands
2667She Served
2668Believe His Promise
2669The Final Words
2670His Promise
2671Always, Always, Always
2672In threes
2673The First Children
2674Preaching the Word of God
2675A Good Father
2676The Loving Father
2677A Mislabeled Message
2678A Jewish Boy
2679Whose Calf Was It
2680Our Father
2681Thy Kingdom Come
2682Hallowed be Thy Name (2)
2683Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
2684Forgive Us . . . As We Forgive
2685Lead Us Not Into Temptation
2686A Christian Life
2687Lessons of the Son
2688Lessons Our Children Teach
2689Our Children Teach Us
2690Three Nails
2691The Growth
2692Watering Seeds
2693Weeds and Rocks
2694Adding Water
2695In His Time (2)
2697River of Faith
2698At God’s Time
2699Planting Seeds (2)
2701The Ripeness of Now
2702By Her Touch
2703Through the Crowd
2704Physical Contact
2705A Tremor
2706Walk as He Walked
2707Through His Blood
2708We Continue His Life
2709An Unseen Hand, an Unheard Whisper
2710God Speaks
2713Other Fields
2714Unplanned Changes
2715Those Staying
2716Something Beautiful
2717Ever Pliable Clay
2718A Lump of Clay
2719Shaped by Your Love
2720Marked by the Potter
2721Holding His Love
2722Even the Whirlwind
2723In Our Past Our Future
2724Through the Waters
2725Unlikely Voices
2726A Horn of Oil
2727The Youngest
2728This is the One
2729From that Day Forward
2730David – Haiku – 3
2731Fill Your Horn
2732A Shepherd Boy
2733Our Prayers Answered
2734On the Fourth
2735Words of Mettle
2736A New Nation
2737Watermelon Taffy
2738Christ’s Yoke
2739The Shining City – v3
2740If Murphy was right
2741But Murphy was Wrong
2742Grace is for Others
2743Grace through Us
2744Ben was mistaken
2745Grace is Given
2746Grace is a Gift
2747Bitter Waters
2748Bitter Water made Sweet
2749A Shared Journey
2750Our Journey Together
2751Holy Failures
2752Weeding in our Garden
2753Out in our Garden
2754Being Fed
2755Drinking from the Deep Well
2756Tell Me Your Story
2757Heavenly Perspective
2758Chasing the Sun
2759Sharing Berries
2760In the chapel
2761A Smell of Mothballs
2762Listening in the Silence
2763On the Water
2764That Haunting Call
2765A Nautical Feast
2766Watching the Sky
2767Captain and Pilot
2768Wild Berries
2769Pine Needle Floorboards
2770A light above the cross
2771Pearls in the Evergreens
2772No Other Lamb
2773Abraham’s Faith
2774Come, in Prayer
2775Imperfect People
2776Skeletal Pines
2777Swimming Free
2778Relying on Grace
2779Fully Rely On God
2780We Rely
2781Two Hulls, Four Blades
2782All Were Fed
2783More than Fish, More than Bread
2784From Her Words – Song
2785Majestic Wings
2786She will Rise
2787They shall Run
2788Mount Up
2789Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles
2790If My People Believed
2791Watching the Waves
2792Blessing the Food
2793Holding on for a Blessing
2794God’s Glory
2795Even When He Grieved
2796The People Fed
2797Pity on Them
2798All Needing to be Fed
2799They Came to Him
2800Bread, Blessed of Heaven
2801In Them the Miracle Revealed
2802Not even Enough for Themselves
2803Out of His Compassion
2804He Said, “Come” – v2
2805He Had Compassion for Them
2806They Became the Blessing
2807His Blessing a Blessing
2808An Echo of Her Glories
2809Christian Hands
2810Christian Feet
2811Christian Voices
2812Christian Hearts
2813Christian Lives
2814Christian Tongues
2815Christian Faces
2816Christian Hope
2817Christian Saints
2818Christian Words
2819Listening to the Wind
2820The Howling Winds
2821Of More Faith than Most
2822The Rock on the Water
2823Those in the Boat
2824Away to Pray
2825Bold Steps
2826Lifted Up
2827Immediately He Reached Out
2828Caught by His Hand
2829Saved by His Hand
2830Sinking in the Waters
2831They are Our Hands
2832Reach out God’s Hands
2833When I Have been Sinking
2835Above the Waves
2836Going to Jesus
2837Impetuous Peter
2838Noticing the Wind
2839Reach Out Your Hands
2840Reach Down
2841Calling on Our Faith
2842Fully Committed
2843Performing Miracles
2844Layered Upon the Cross
2845The Bounty of Your Garden
2846A Basket of Summer Fruits
2847Shimmering Silver
2848A Cup of Berries
2849Doing His Work
2850Not Enough Pastel Plaid
2851Sitting by the Pier
2852In Solitary Places
2853Each One, on Their Own
2854A Real Conversation
2855Fully Present to Humanity
2856Waiting with Me
2857Christ’s Prayer
2858On the Damascus Road
2859Really Forgiven
2860Two-Way Tag
2861Be Forgiving
2862Be Kind
2863Be Obedient
2864Be Bold
2865A Sword
2866A Sword of the Spirit
2867Teaching the Congregation
2868Leading the Congregation
2869All Are Welcome
2870Shoes of the Master
2871in the likeness of sinful man
2872in our likeness
2873Into the Quiet of Your House
2874Worshipping You
2875Holding onto
2876Connected Messages
2877dwells bodily
2880Still Loves Us
2881Under the Water
2882No Barrier will Stand
2883Set Free
2884New Schools
2885Hands of a Servant
2886A Servant’s Hands
2887The Hands of a Servant
2888Just Beyond the Horizon
2889Not yet Red
2890Ribbons of Children
2891Blades of Grass
2892Marigolds, Tomatoes, and Morning Glories
2893Fishing for Fiona
2894The Ministry of the Pans
2895Regained Sight
2896Eyes Opened
2897On the Way
2898Followed Him
2899Ripples of Hope
2900Wherever We Go
2901Wherever We Work
2902A Calming Hand
2903Our Guide
2904Our Architect
2905Eating the Bread of Anxious Toil
2906Perfect Redemption
2907The Purchase of Blood
2908Sleep for His Beloved
2909Honoring Our God
2910Honoring Our Elders
2911Even the Children
2912A Full Sanctuary
2913To Church
2914In Our Work
2915His Message of Work
2916Never Ordained
2917A Tent Maker
2918An Approach to Work
2919Willow Whips - 2
2920Searching for Sea Glass
2921Hidden in the Tide Pools
2922Little Secrets
2923Herding Sheep
2924Coming Home
2925All are Called
2926All ministers
2927The Spirit’s Intercession
2928That Smile – 2
2930Pebbles Cast
2932A Feather
2933Another Brick
2934Adopted - haiku
2935Called - haiku
2936Transfiguration - haiku
2937The Son – haiku
2938Discerning - haiku
2939Listening - haiku
2940Changes - haiku
2941Forgiven – haiku – 2
2942Sin - haiku
2943Your Voice - haiku
2944Incarnate – haiku - 1
2945Incarnate – haiku - 2
2946Nouns Verbs and Adjectives
2947On Your Path – haiku
2948Becoming Gray
2949In Your House – haiku
2950Living Word – haiku
2951Drawing the Notes
2952Playing by Paw
2953Savior – haiku
2954Poetry – haiku
2955Where He Is
2956Through the Stained Glass
2957An Image in the Glass
2958Stained Glass Dollars
2959The Bread He Gave
2960Living Sacrifice
2962Meals Together
2963The Messiah Present
2964Our Family’s Table
2965Family Style
2966One Meal
2967Communion – haiku - 1
2968Communion – haiku - 2
2969Psalm 148
2970Psalm 19 - 2
2971As I woke this morning
2972By His Service He Sang
2973Praise – haiku
2974911 – haiku
2975Before the Guard
2976In the Cool of History
2977You Live
2978Stand Up and Walk
2979Hard to Do
2980Give Me All
2981I want You
2983Sister Spirit
2984On the Way to the Temple
2985Wisdom in My Heart
2986Awakening Her Spirit
2987Quiet My Spirit
2988Day by Day
2989The Christian Life
2990Willful Children
2991More than any Alm
2992Healing they Gave
2993Lessons of the First Church
2994From Healing to Praise
2995The Source of the Healing
2996We Too Can Offer
2997A Greater Gift
2998A fitting prayer
2999His Cup for Alms
3000No Alms to Give
3001Into His Bucket
3002What He Needed
3003For Some Reason
3004The Fringe of His Clothes
3005From Behind
3007The Mask of Sin
3008Touching Christ
3009My Life
3010My Prayers
3011My Presence
3012My Gifts
3013My Service
3014Here May the Faithful Find Salvation
3017Out of Their Cocoon
3018Everyday People
3019Ordinary People
3020People Like Us
3021Fishermen – 3
3022Ordinary Men
3023Ordinary Gifts
3024Civil Disobedience
3025The Walls Tumbling
3026The Fire Spreading
3027Stopping a Brushfire
3028By Those Flames Ignited
3029They Could Not Deny
3030Extraordinary Feats
3031The Seeds of Revolt
3032The Temple Burning
3034That Fire Burning
3035Flames, Winds of Change
3036Waves Crashing Against the Temple
3037Making Waves
3038Spirit Filled
3039Spreading Among the People
3040No One Special
3041Through Christ Our Lord
3042Worship You in Truth
3043Worship You in Spirit
3044Celebrate Your Glory
3045Fill Us With Your Spirit
3046Voices to Sing Your Praise
3047Hearts to Love You
3048Minds to Know You
3049Here May…
3050Here May the Weary Find Rest
3051Here May the Sorrowful Find Comfort
3052Here May the Strong be Renewed
3053May the Young be Inspired
3054Here May the Tempted Find Help
3055Here May the Anxious be Encouraged
3056Here May the Careless be Awakened
3057May the Aged Find Consolation
3058Here May the Doubting Find Faith
3059A Wellspring of Words
3060A Pilgrim’s Journey
3061Standing Beside Her
3062Who Do You Say that I Am?
3063His Choice
3064His Blood
3065On this journey
3066God Said
3067The Unknown Journey Ahead
3068Out of the Chaos
3069An Image of the Garden
3070Order to the Chaos
3071On Wings
3072Psalm 23 – haiku – 1
3073Psalm 23 – haiku – 2
3074With Lyre
3075With His Blood
3076The Empty Tomb
3077Like a Dove
3078With Fear and Trembling
3079Reaching for Us
3080Overlooking the Mediterranean
3081Dorcas Preaching
3082Healed by Christ’s Name
3083All Turned to the Lord
3084To the Least
3085My Gifts – Dorcas Preaching
3086A Deer, A Gazelle
3087Who are Your Heroes?
3088Scattering joy like seeds
3089Fishers of Men – haiku – 4 – v2
3090Strive for His Kingdom
3091By His Healing
3092Offering My All
3093Seeing the Poor
3094With Her Hands
3095With Her Needle, Her Thread
3096Scraps of Cloth
3097Immutable – haiku
3098Looking Down
3099Trust in the Lord
3100With All Your Heart
3101The Opposite Way
3102God of Grace
3103A Love Story
3104Christian Cats
3105Wait, Trust
3106We will receive Power
3107Like Them
3108Christ’s Witnesses
3109All I Have Gained – Loss
3110All is Loss
3111Changing My Focus
3112The Grace of Clouds
3113An Answer in the Clouds
3115Witnesses, Being Sent
3116One Table
3117Around the Table
3118Sharing His Bread, His Cup
3119Of the Vine
3120A Single Table
3121We are All His Witnesses
3122A Statement
3123Coming to Your Table
3124At the Rail Received
3125Commissioned, Charged, Appointed
3126A Sugar Maple
3127A Golden Cross
3128Invisible Christians
3129A Piece of Chalk
3130Sharing Faith
3131Sharing Our Witness
3132Fired up for Christ on Monday
3133Long After the Bog
3134The Fruits of Our Labor
3135All Ministers
3136Laity Sunday
3137Commissioned by the Saints
3138On Them Their Hands Were Laid
3140To Be Filled
3141Wanting to be filled
3142God’s Faithfulness
3143A Burgundy Bramble
3144Walking Because They Do
3145Walking With Them
3146Holding Her Hand
3147For his steadfast love endures forever
3148Give us your tired, your poor
3149The Fruits of Our Labor
3150She was Poor - Blog Action Day
3151Out of Our Abundance - Blog Action Day
3152Her Offering - Blog Action Day
3153Finding Christ - Blog Action Day
3154Our Family’s Table - Blog Action Day
3155Family Style
3156One Meal - Blog Action Day
3157Autumnal Harvest - Blog Action Day
3158Our Brother’s Keeper - Blog Action Day
3159Dorcas Preaching - Blog Action Day
3160Do More Than Dream - Blog Action Day
3161A Widow’s Gift - Blog Action Day
3162Poverty – Blog Action Day
3163More Than Enough – Blog Action Day
3164Not Our Earth – Blog Action Day
3165Far Higher than Me
3166Clay on the Wheel
3167Words Alone – Blog Action Day
3168What will They Say about Poverty? – Blog Action Day
3169Doing Justice – Blog Action Day
3170After That Day
3171My Life Changed
3172A Rain of Color
3173Pumpkin trees, Cranberry trees, Canary trees
3174Rescues Us
3175The Wrath that is Coming
3176A Present Tense Savior
3177Go in His Name
3178Sending Them to His Door
3179Opening a Door
3180Before the Knock
3181Four Visions
3182Two Visions
3183Living Water, the Stain of His Blood
3184Attending to Her Train
3185By the Vision, Called
3186Answer the Door
3187Listen for the Knock
3188A Shiver Before the Words
3189Welcome Them In
3190Gain God’s Perspective
3191Vision of Cornelius
3192By His Vision Led
3193A Murmur, A Sigh
3194After the Frost
3195In Wonder at the White
3196Treated Equally
3197All the Same
3198Everlasting Father
3199A Father Long Before the Son
3200Balancing Worship - revised
3201Illusionary Walls
3202Temporary Walls
3203Sharing His Vision
3204All He Had
3205Holding Back
3206He Died
3207Artificial Walls
3208Illusory Walls
3209Your Word
3210Invisible Walls
3211Phantom Barriers
3212Holy Destruction
3213Divine Demolition
3214Human Walls
3215A Particular Fence
3217At Peter’s Feet
3218A Personal Pentecost
3219Our Pentecost
3220Serving First
3221First Person Prayer
3222Self-Made Men, Alone
3223Good Enough
3224Forgiving My Sins
3225Black slippers
3226As a First Listener
3227A Bittersweet Cup
3228Reforming my flawed Vessel
3229A Crowd of Witnesses
3230Unspoken Names
3231His Candle Burning
3233Burning Brightly
3234The Bright Lights of the Saints
3235God’s Word Alive
3236On the Shoulders of Saints
3237The Christ Candle First
3238Sitting with the Saints
3239Holy Brother
3240Lights on the Altar
3241Living as a Saint
3242White, While Red
3243White, by His Blood
3244Out of Our Fears, Out of Our Hopes
3245A Christmas Prayer
3246An Army of Saints
3247Treasure in Clay Jars
3248We Are One
3249Measuring Up
3250Reflected Light, Radiated
3251Stained Brass, Shimmering Cross
3252Following the Master Alone
3254You Are Here
3255No Secret Handshake
3256To Be Included
3257No Longer Excluded
3258No Special Test
3259Tithing Time
3260Knocking Down Barriers
3261Trouble Among the Saved
3262The Same Spirit
3264Slaves to God
3265Guests at the Banquet
3266Guests of the King
3267The Cup of Servanthood
3268The Cup of Sacrifice
3269Reminders of All He Gave for Us
3270All He Gave for Us
3271With Burning Zeal
3272Yellow Remaining
3273One, Not Among Many
3274True Wisdom for the Wise
3275Extremely Religious
3276Idle Worship
3277Up On a Pedestal
3278An Unknown God
3279Upon a Pedestal
3280Out into the Street
3281Make It Clear
3282Sheep, in His Pasture
3283Wholesome Grain
3284Storing Up When We Should Give
3285Grain Spoiled
3286Embers, Burning Together
3287Wholesome Grain - revised
3288Little Kindnesses
3289In Thanksgiving
3290Advent – v3
3291A Light Burning in the Window
3292Advent – haiku
3293A Journey to Find Christ
3294A New Year Begun
3295A Candle of Peace
3296Red and Green
3297Passing His Cup
3298A City Prepared
3299Keep Awake
3300Advent Season
3301The Advent Wreath
3302Coming to this place
3303Be Strong in the Lord
3304Mary and Joseph
3305The Advent Journey
3306A Crispness
3307The Nativity Evolving
3308A Journey of Waiting
3309Anticipation – acrostic
3310Expectantly Waiting
3311Waiting Expectantly
3313Waiting - 2
3314The Waiting Season
3315Blessed Within
3316Happiness Within
3317She Cannot Make You Mad
3318Happiness Inside
3319In Nature
3320The Cold
3321Mary’s Face in the Dark
3322A Seam in the Sky
3323The Purr of a Cat
3324Snow between the rows
3325Footprints in the Snow
3327Reaching Out
3328Blank Space
3329Granite Hay Bales
3330Oak, Pine, and Grasses
3331Mary and Joseph's Journey
3332By Angels Manifested
3333whispered in their dreams
3334Our Wilderness
3335You are the light of the world
3336The Shoot, the Root, the Vine
3337Lead me to the cross
3338Led to the cross
3339Reflected Light
3340Shining through us
3341Light, into the World
3342A Neighbor
3343Our Father
3344Our Prayer
3345A Community Prayer
3346Shining in wilderness
3347His voice shining
3348Illumined in the womb
3349Witness of unseen light
3350Witness to Light
3351Testify to the Light
3352Return to Bethlehem
3353Omnipotent, Vulnerable
3354He is Among You
3355He is Already Here
3356A Prophetic Voice
3357Called to Witness
3358Being a Stump
3360Minding the Light
3362Colored Lights
3363Antlers of Ice
3364Returning to the Manger, to the Cross
3365Lay Down Your Burden
3366Rest from Our Burdens
3367A Plate Before the Crèche
3368Four Candles Burning
3369By God’s Standards
3370A Mother’s Prayer - edited
3371By Your Word
3372To Be Like Mary
3373Let it be with me
3374By Your Will
3375A Servant of the Lord
3376What is His Name
3377What Gifts Will I Bring
3378A Christmas Night
3379Testify Elizabeth
3380Right Side Up
3381Journeying to Bethlehem
3382A Prayer for Micah
3383Speak Zechariah
3385A Working Pier
3386From the Very Beginning
3387Living Out His Plan
3388God’s Plan
3389My Purpose
3390A Plan for the World
3391The Symphony of Pentecost
3392voices in the crowd
3393The Bethlehem Star
3394Your Star, Burning
3395Changing Snow
3396Accumulating Snow
3397The liniment of work
3398The Bethlehem Star - edited
3399Blowing, Drifting
3400follow that star
3401Ears to Hear
3403Your Presence
3404Eyes to See
3406A Heart
3407Pliable to Your Molding
3408A Pliable Heart
3409Steps of the Magi
3410Traveling Far
3411Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
3412Traveling, Like the Magi
3413By Grace – haiku
3414Faith in Him – haiku
3415Wise Men - haiku
3416Magi – haiku – 2
3417Magi – haiku – 3
3418Magi – haiku – 4
3419Epiphany – haiku – 9
3420Epiphany – haiku – 10
3421Shepherds – haiku – 2
3422Shepherds – haiku – 3
3423John 1 – haiku
3424Testify – haiku
3425His Light – haiku
3426Gentiles – haiku
3427Simple Words
3428In their words
3429Parables to Us
3430A House of Prayer
3431His Father’s House
3432At His Table
3433The Table – haiku – 1
3434The Table – haiku – 2
3435Your Light – haiku
3436Parables – haiku
3437Shine, My Way
3438The Shadow of the Cross
3439Epiphany Night
3440The Wise Men
3441After Epiphany
3442Light Flakes
3443Heavier Snow
3444Filtered Light
3445Puddles on the Walk
3446A Snow Squall
3447Night Coming
3448Baptism – Haiku 5
3449Baptism – Haiku – 6
3450Baptism – Haiku – 7
3451Baptism – Haiku – 8
3452Baptism – Haiku – 9
3453Pleasing to God
3454Very Pleased
3455Straight from God
3456Before the Wilderness
3457The Spirit Descending
3458Cleansing Waters
3459The Strength of the Spirit
3460A Father’s Love
3461Fire in that Water
3462Into the Waters
3463Rising, Reborn
3464A Child of God
3465The Entering of the Holy Spirit
3466Washed with the Spirit
3467To the Baptismal Waters
3468Children of God
3469For God to be Well Pleased
3470The Dawning
3471A New Life
3473Thirty Years
3474Threads of the Prophets
3475Starting to Serve
3476The Son of the Carpenter
3477Claimed by the Father
3478Anointed by the Spirit
3479Washed in the Jordan
3480Cleansed by the Spirit
3481The Fabric Cut
3482A Glimpse of Heaven
3483His Words of Love
3484His Spirit
3485Into his loving arms
3486Innocent Blood
3487Working the Clay
3488Across the Waters
3489Come and See
3490The Garden Sleeps
3491Calling the Spirit
3492By His Spirit
3493By His Spirit – v2
3494Baptismal Fire
3495Claiming Martin
3496Not Just a Dream
3497Invoking a Dream
3498Words chosen for a nation
3499Words that Bind
3500Words in quotes
3501Understanding a moment
3502Your Holy Spirit
3503The Hills of Zion
3504Is He Joshua
3505The Question
3506Always Torture
3507Lofty Words
3508Before Martin
3509Echoes of the Desert
3510Forty Years
3511Seeing Joshua
3512Choosing the Cross
3513Not Words of Weakness
3514The Power of His Words
3515Living Christ’s Words
3516Power in His Words
3517Fighting Evil
3518Love Liberates
3519The Teachings of Jesus
3520Changing the World
3521In His Ministry
3523Radical Words
3524Understanding this moment
3525Black and White
3526The Consequence of Witness
3527Witnessing Like John
3528Standing to Speak
3529His Daughters
3530Quietly, at Your Feet
3531The Image of a Journey
3532Holy Guacamole
3533Out of their Traditions
3534A Reality
3536Strange Gifts
3537(a lower case) Happy Anniversary
3538Unison Prayer
3539Under their branches
3541Under the Gaze of Angels
3542With One Voice
3543Projecting Light
3544Judged, by His Life
3545Christ – haiku
3546Christ – haiku - 2
3547Christ – haiku - 3
3548Christ – haiku – 4
3549Christ – haiku – 5
3550Christ – haiku – 6
3551Christ – haiku – 7
3552Christ – haiku – 8
3553Christ – haiku – 9
3554Sheep – haiku – 1
3555Sheep – haiku – 2
3556Sheep – haiku – 3
3557Sheep – haiku – 4
3558Sheep – haiku – 5
3559Reading Isaiah
3560A Coat a Sweater too
3561From Isaiah to Eternal Life
3562For the Thirsty
3563For the Homeless, the Unwanted
3564For the Sick
3565For the Hungry
3566For those in Prisons
3567Living His Ministry
3570Listen to What He is Saying
3571Prayers Sent
3572As the Father
3573In the Same Way
3574Like Pearls of Light
3575The Touch of the Spirit
3576Commissioned as He was
3577If for Him
3578Offered to Him
3579Even for Him
3580Judas too
3581All at the Table
3582Judas Ate
3583His Feet Washed
3584Sent by Christ
3585Sent by God
3586Manger – haiku – 1
3587Manger – haiku – 2
3588Mary – haiku – 2
3589Shepherds – haiku – 4
3590Shepherd – haiku – 1
3591Sheep – haiku – 6
3592Waiting – haiku – 1
3593In Court – haiku – 1
3594Father – haiku – 1
3595Clay – haiku – 1
3596Son – haiku – 1
3597Lord – haiku – 1
3598Sanctuary – haiku – 1
3599Brightly – haiku – 1
3600Holy Spirit – haiku – 1
3601Savior – haiku – 2
3607Light of Christ
3608Holy Spirit – haiku – 2
3609Father – haiku – 2
3610Potter – haiku – 1
3611Clay – haiku – 2
3612Creator – haiku – 2
3613Son – haiku – 2
3614Manger – haiku – 3
3615Shepherd – haiku – 2
3616Sanctuary – haiku – 2
3617Vine – haiku – 1
3618Communion – haiku – 3
3619The Lamb – haiku – 1
3620The Cup – haiku – 1
3621One Life – haiku – 1
3622Salvation – haiku – 1
3623His Birth – haiku – 1
3625Bread for the Hungry
3626Disciples – haiku – 2
3627In Service – haiku – 1
3628In Stillness – haiku – 1
3629In Their Praise – haiku – 1
3630In Thunder – haiku – 1
3631In the Fire – haiku – 1
3632In the Tempest – haiku – 1
3633In the Darkness – haiku – 1
3634In the Light – haiku – 1
3635In the Wind – haiku – 1
3636In the Heart – haiku – 1
3637In the Fire, in the Stillness
3638Even Me Lord?
3639Equally Sinful
3640Equally Needing This Grace
3641Abundance – haiku – 1
3642Abundance – haiku – 2
3643For Eternal Riches
3644All Welcome
3645An Open Table
3646Come to His Table
3647On My Knees
3648to the table, He calls
3649Christ Beckons
3650Christ’s Table
3651Freeing Truth
3652Teach Us to Pray
3653At the Table of Grace
3654Internalizing Our Faith
3655be for us the Body and Blood of Christ
3656The Morsel of Bread
3657All Invited to the Table
3658A Piece of Bread
3659To the Table
3660Behind the Veil
3661Hanging Ice
3662Cup – haiku - 1
3663Gethsemane – haiku – 1
3665A Dove – haiku -2
3666A Dove – haiku – 3 – v1
3667A Dove – haiku – 3 – v2
3668A Dove – haiku – 4
3669A Neighbor – haiku – 1
3670Gethsemane – haiku – 2
3671Calvary – haiku – 1
3672Ark – haiku – 1
3673Snow – haiku – 1
3674Snow – haiku – 2
3675Slumber – haiku – 1
3676The Ledgers Balanced
3677Prayer – haiku – 1
3678Risen – haiku – 1
3679Salvation – haiku – 2
3680Tomb – haiku – 1
3681Pentecost – haiku – 1
3682Son – haiku – 3
3683Father – haiku – 3
3684Bible – haiku – 1
3685Praying – haiku – 1
3686Waves – haiku – 1
3687Creed – haiku – 2
3688Cross – haiku – 2
3689Clay – haiku - 3
3690Potter – haiku - 2
3692Words – haiku – 1
3693Parables – haiku – 2
3694Flock – haiku - 1
3695Creation – haiku – 1
3696Creation – haiku – 2
3697Water – haiku – 1
3698Hem – haiku – 1
3699Garden – haiku – 2
3700Speak Lord
3701As Night Fell
3702Dig out the hydrants
3703His Pencil
3704Nothing Impossible
3705Let me be but skin
3706Closer to Christ
3707Closer to the Cross
3708Drawn to New Life
3709Drawn to the Cross
3711With Each Step
3712Her Healing Words
3713Palms for the Ashes
3714Awakening the Muse
3715Taken Up
3716Holy White
3717Nothing By Myself
3718Hands to Use
3719Only One Word
3722Through the Fires
3723His Image Reflected
3724Walking in the Fires
3725His Image Revealed
3726In the Flames
3727On the Mountain
3728Fires of Life
3729Home through the Fires
3730Shining in Us
3731Trembling at the Rail
3732From Ashes
3733In Ashes
3734Marked by the Ashes
3735The Smoke, the Ashes
3736In you I have my treasure – V2
3737Take His Hand
3738In Lent
3741To Do Lists
3742To Jerusalem
3743Timid Believers
3744From Earth to Heaven
3745Without a Word
3746Against the Winds
3747passionately half finished
3748To the Potter’s Hands
3749Pandora’s Box
3750Living Cold
3751A Moment of Witness
3752Within the Heart
3755The Familiar Words
3756Then God Spoke
3757The Fringes of Heaven
3758Look Up to the Skies
3759Before the Law
3760Why He Suffered
3761In Meeting
3762The Rocks
3763Return to the Cross
3764Rest Under His Yoke
3766Like Glass Jars
3767Simple Signs
3768In Weakness
3769Emptied Himself
3771Really Listening
3772Grace abounding
3773Be Refreshed
3774Come Thirsty
3775God is Waiting
3776Consecrated Space
3777In Gathering There
3778Seeing the Growth
3779Teach Us Lord
3780Trusting as a little child
3781When you pray
3782Without Words
3783Speak to Me Lord
3784Without Ceasing
3785Listening too
3786Before We Ask
3787Pitcher Plants
3788Written on our Hearts
3789What’s Wrong
3790The Banquet of Grace
3791Through Your Word
3792Knitted Fingers
3793Treasures of Emmaus
3794A Life of Grace
3795In their Faithfulness
3796In Gasps
3797Simple Elements
3798A Simple Act
3799Dropping Their Nets
3800Out of the Shelters
3802Changing His World
3803Meeting God Afresh
3804Fresh Oil
3805Through a Willing Vessel
3806Find Him There
3807With Palms Waving
3808New Life
3809In Miniature
3810As a child’s hands
3811Bleeding Limbs
3812A Dying Bloom
3813In Darkening Shadows
3814Frozen Tears
3815Drops of Yellow
3816Like Swans
3818Watered with Blood
3821The Shadow of Inner Agony
3823The Shadow of Betrayal
3824Surely Not I
3825The Shadow of Loneliness
3826The Shadow of Desertion
3827In that Hour
3830The Shepherd a Captive
3831The Shadow of Accusation
3833The Shadow of Mockery
3834The Shadow of Death
3835In Paradise This Day
3839The Light Dying
3840Love of the Shadows
3842Prophesy! Prophesy!
3844The Skull
3845What they didn’t know
3846In Their Shoes
3847Slowing Our Steps
3848A Future of Life
3849A Truth for This Night
3850What the World Needs to Hear
3851By a Spirit of Adoption
3852A Risen Savior
3853The rising of our Lord
3854Feeling His Presence
3855Our Risen Lord
3856For Joy this Morning
3857Seventy Souls Singing
3858Going to the Grave
3859Moving Stones
3860If Christ came into our midst
3861More Hearts
3862All the Difference
3863The Family of God
3864Offers are Unlimited!
3865The Joy of the Word
3866As the disciples had done
3867Other Wealth
3869Still Alive
3870Filling the Temple
3871Not Holding Back
3872What you believe
3873One Family
3874No one walking alone
3875Living in Community
3876Communal Living
3877As God would wish
3878On that Road
3879And then He was gone
3880In the act of sharing
3881Walking with Christ
3882The Teacher Revealed
3883Walking with Them
3884Recognizing Him
3885With an Urgency
3886Burning Inside
3887The Unnamed Disciples
3888A Spirit of Service
3889Turning the Soil
3890At the Table with Them
3891Leaving the World
3892Changing the Words
3893Surrendering to These Days
3894Carried Up
3895Tend the Fire
3896What a Moment
3897Clothed with Power from Above
3898Stay Here
3899Everything Fulfilled
3900Their Minds Opened
3901In His Name
3902Empowered by the Spirit
3903The Message to Share
3904Proclaimed in His Name
3905In Silence
3906A joy, not a duty
3907The Covered Cup
3908Amen is not enough
3909Amen is not enough - revised
3910Throughout Our Lives
3911Grace in Waiting
3912Not on Stone Alone
3913While Yet Sinners
3914Defeating Death
3915Healing Moments
3916A recipe for Piety
3917Pausing for the Stranger
3918Always Nervous
3919An Urgent Word
3920Calling Me
3921The Fragrance of His Life
3922The Smell of His Blood
3923We Must be Open
3924Crown of Thorns, Crown of Glory
3925In the Posture of Prayer
3926Measuring Time
3927Decide to Pray
3928The Colors of God’s Love
3929Inviting Him In
3930Filled with the Utter Fullness of God
3931Speaking of Grace
3932Marked with a Seal
3933At the Jordan
3934Sacred Moments
3935Fruits for Glory
3936Available to God
3937Awakened by His Presence
3938Falling, Like Spring Rain
3939Life Forevermore
3940Back into the World
3941Seeing God in Them
3942Great Grace was Upon Them
3943Our Souls Danced
3944By Speaking the Word
3945A Christian in the throne room of God
3946By the Name of Jesus
3947The Stranger May Be Christ
3948In Holy Conversation
3949Christ Joins the Conversation
3950Choosing Joy
3951Spirit of Peace
3953Knows Me
3954Being Shepherds, while yet sheep
3955Finding Rest
3956In the silence of our hearts
3957a whisper of a kiss, a prayer
3958Curled up
3959A Day at the Beach
3960Silver Ribbon
3961The Sound of the Rain
3962The Desires of Your Heart
3963Dawning in the Rain
3964Receptive Clay
3965Willing Clay
3966And the willing clay
3967Fog on the Grass
3968Black Raspberry Blooms
3969Peering In
3970Fluted Wine Goblets
3971Abide in Love
3972Love is the Vine
3973An Abiding Presence
3975Shoots on the Vine
3976Bearing Fruit
3977Abiding in His Love
3978Giving Life
3979New Flowers in the Storm
3980Stormy Seasons
3981More beautiful
3982Grapes on the Vine
3983A Mother God
3984The Vine
3986Branches and Grapes
3987They are the Fruits
3988Fruits of the Vine
3989They are the Grapes
3990Growing Grapes
3991The Church of Today
3992A Knitted Vine
3993A Grapevine
3994Earning Their Names
3995Giving to the Spade
3996Intermittent Showers
3997An Unanswered Question
3998Choosing Who Will Pray
3999Prayers in Song
4000Holding Hands in Prayer
4001A Cloud of Strawberry
4002Lilac Air
4003Lasting Fruit
4004I Chose You
4005Who is Jesus?
4006Thanks for the Path of the Cross
4007Thanks for His Walk on this Earth
4008Woven Together
4009Hi Friend
4011Our Joy
4012His Joy
4013A New Relationship
4014Who is Your Master
4015Laying Down Our Lives
4016Totally Wrong
4017She Went When He Called
4018He Called for Her
4019With Roots in Living Water
4020As threadbare as old cheesecloth
4021Deep, Deep Purple
4022A Single Poppy
4023To Proclaim His Wonderful Triumphs
4024Little White Bells
4025His Eternal Purpose
4026Trills in the Breezes
4027One-Ply on the End Cap
4028A Single Thistle
4029A Series of Squares
4030Describing Colors
4031Naming a Fragrance
4032Fifty Years
4033Burgundy Bouquets
4034Inspiration Poetry
4035Choosing the Shadow of the Cross
4036Kneeling Under the Shadow of the Cross
4037Under the Shadow of the Cross
4038In the Arms of the Cross
4039Walking in the Shadow of the Cross
4040Joining them in their anguish
4041Joining us in our questioning
4042Fearlessly Contend Against Evil
4043No Peace with Oppression
4044Freedom with Reverence
4045Establish Justice
4046The Privilege of Sharing
4047Only through His Power
4048The Fertile Ground
4049A Mustard Seed Planted
4050From a Tiny Seed
4051Planting Our Mustard Seeds
4052Each One a Mustard Seed
4053A Village Church
4054Boldness before His Presence
4055Gifts through the workings of his power
4056Big Plans
4057A Hidden Bloom
4058Slow Rain
4059As Real as You and Me
4060In a Tangible Way
4061The Parable of His Life
4062The Parable of Christ
4063A Shining Example
4064Inspired Differently
4065His Unknown Youth
4066Equipped for the Task
4067Like a Hurricane
4068In Native Tongues
4069Open Hearts, to Your Spirit
4070in His footsteps
4071Our Sojourn through this World
4072Tools for the Mission
4073Spirit of Illumination
4074A Call to the Spirit
4075Set Ablaze
4077Watered by Fire
4078In Our Daily Lives
4079Watering the Seeds
4080Spreading Our Seeds
4081The Watering
4082The Gift of the Counselor
4083Sharing the Fire
4084White Hot
4085The Seeds of Pentecost
4086From One House Church
4087One Congregation
4088Embers Glowing
4089Growth in the Flames
4090Within My Heart
4091Inner Strength
4092All Together
4093Flames of Power
4094Given Power
4095In Other Languages
4096Language of God
4097Language of Love
4098Shaking the House
4099Fire, Germinating Fire
4100Like a Freight Train
4101Unquenchable Fire
4102All in One Place
4103God’s Power
4104With Power
4105Holy Fire
4106Strangely Warmed
4107At the Hour of Prayer
4108By His Deeds
4109So Undignified
4110The One
4111Proof in His Acts
4112While Others Were Praying
4113Marks of the Potter’s Hand
4114The Call into Worship
4115In Their Faces
4116Proof of the Savior
4117My Voice Rising
4119Straight in the Eye
4124A Smile Growing
4125When was it?
4126Untrained Laity
4127A message of hope
4128An Insight to God
4129A Call to Discipleship
4130For a Drowning Person
4131The Gospel, the Good News
4132A Little Longer
4133Scripture Read and the Word Proclaimed
4134Our Faith Journeys
4135The Faith We Bring
4136Whirling, Spinning
4137A New Creation
4138The Growing Seed
4139Caring for the Scattered Seeds
4140Seeds of Faith
4141through the eyes of the Spirit
4142Bursting Forth
4143from its slumber
4144A New Day Burgeons
4145God is Love
4146Stand Up and Walk
4147Joining the Circle of Your Love
4148His Last Lecture
4149Teach Them
4150Steamers for lunch
4151Foggy day on the ocean
4152A Piece of Amethyst
4153A Shimmering Line
4154Screens of Green
4155Looking into the Green Mist
4156From Behind
4157One Flag, One God
4158The Book of Joseph
4159The Book of Mary
4160Baptism of Life Change
4161In Connection
4162Streams of Water
4163To the Contoocook
4164From the Jordan
4165Beloved of God
4166From the Inside Out
4167Celebrated in Baptism
4168Through the Waters
4169Sharing the Good News
4170Watched over by Angels
4171Satan in the Wild
4172Joy in the Heart
4173The Urgency of Faith
4174In the Way He Preached
4175The Cadence of His Words
4176Repeating the Message
4177Down to the River
4178Running to the River
4180Raised in Praise
4181With Hands Raised
4182The Movement of Their Arms
4183Yearning for the Son
4184With Pen to the Page
4186Arms Raised, Around the Center
4187Free to Love
4189Pieces of Bread
4190We are Yours
4191Creation – haiku – 1 – V2
4193Gathering Dust
4194Dust in the Sandals
4195Reckless Faith
4196A Warning
4197Unlike Other Places
4198A Voice of Truth
4199Choices of Living
4200Advantages like Me
4201Radical Living
4202As Joshua Said
4203A Different Way to Live
4204Less Suffering
4205A Battle of Living
4206Living by the Spirit
4207How Freedom Grows
4208Fighting for Freedom
4209Animated by God’s Spirit
4210A Free Life
4211Less Greed
4212Less War
4213the dust off their feet
4214seeds in the dust
4215Wet Ivy
4216Not even death
4217A Greater Power
4218Prophesy to Power
4219An urgent indictment
4221Silencing the Prophets
4222Always Speak Out
4223liked to listen to him
4224His Voice
4225A Gadfly in my Soup
4226Speaking as John did
4227Like John
4228Standing for His Word
4229Wrong in God’s Sight
4230John Raised
4231The Disciples Sent
4232Seasons of Fire
4233Healing Divisions
4234In Christ
4235Brought Near
4236The Holiness of Their Son
4237Away to Rest
4238Racing to the Shore
4239The People Running
4240Hungry Crowds
4241God’s Voice in the Song
4242The Sacred Promise
4243The Sand in My Sandals
4244By the Sea of Galilee
4245Even the Fringe of His Cloak
4246Reaching for Us
4248The Stealth of Her Design
4249Jaws Dropping
4250Her Web Trembling
4251Under the Leaves
4252Claiming the Good News
4253Read directly to me
4254The Pipers at the Surf
4255Pork and Beans
4256Not in Death
4257The Gift of My Christian Faith
4258My Christian Faith
4259Into the Living Waters
4260Saving Starfish
4261This One Will Live
4262The Ocean of His Love
4263Don’t You See It?
4264In Challenging Times
4265God is Creating
4266Our Gift
4267The Faith Remained
4268Not the Boy They Knew
4269A Different Man
4270Through that Fire
4271Profoundly Important
4272Giving Words of Hope
4273Hope for the Future
4274My Starfish
4275Feeding Our Hearts
4276A Love Story
4277I am the Bread
4278Our Manna
4279In Answering Us
4280Beyond Imagination
4281Not the Mind
4282seeing with our hearts
4283Like Them
4285The Bread of Life
4286Gathering Stones
4287A Time to Gather Stones
4288Consecrating the ground
4289Hallowing the Space
4290Laying down prayers
4291Between the Stones
4292Placing Stones
4293The Ground Yielding
4294As we eat the bread
4295Stones under the brush
4296Brotherly Love
4297We are All His Witnesses
4298At the Rail Received
4299I Am the Sacrifice
4300With Palms Waving
4301Invisible Christians
4302The Weight of the Starfish
4303Cupped in my hand
4304The Waves Sang Your Praise
4305Small Shells, Small Stones
4306In the Tidepools
4307Someone Inside
4308Venturing Out
4309In reverent mediation
4310A Can of Cat Food
4311Larger Stones
4312Mindfulness of Worship
4313Leaving it Here
4314Only the Present
4315Only God
4316Why Worry
4317Trust in God
4318Into God’s Hands
4319Fired up for Christ on Monday
4320Frozen Tears
4321In the Beginning God
4322God the Actor
4323before there was nothing
4324before there was nothing - Twitter version
4326Holy Clay
4327The Wisdom in Fear
4328Fear of the Lord
4329Honor, Respect, and Fear
4330Centered on the Cross
4331Focused on the Cross
4332Raising the Colors
4333Walking With Them
4334Walking Because They Do
4335A Burgundy Bramble
4336The Same Light
4337Show Your Light
4338His Light
4339In the Darkness
4340At the Water’s Edge
4341Looking Down
4342Calling Him
4343Help Us Lord
4344Yearning for God
4345People of the Waters
4346Stars on the Beach
4348Grace Upon Grace
4349A Dance
4350Eternal Words
4351Christ’s Hands
4352One Pair of Hands
4353Surrendering to His Lead
4354His Hands
4355Dancing Today
4356Together We Danced
4357Thankful for the Gifts
4358A Widow’s Gift
4359Do More Than Dream
4360The Theology of Progress
4361Remembering the Sabbath
4362God Calmed the Storm
4363Deluding Ourselves
4364A Storm at Sea
4365A Storm on the Sea
4366Jesus Slept
4367Able to Rest
4368While They Feared
4369On the Sabbath, Rest
4370God Calms the Storms
4371Living in the Promised Land
4372Rest Now
4373Resting in Faith
4374All of Our Labors
4376Onto the Dance Floor
4377Stones by the Wayside
4378The Holiness of Her Son
4379At the King’s Table
4380Feasting at the King’s Table
4381Paradise on Earth
4382Casting the Starfish
4383No Other
4384The Words are Spirit
4385Through the Spirit, Life
4386Choosing Love
4387Embers of my soul
4388Understood as Spirit
4389Holy One of God
4390Words of Spirit and Life
4391Words of Life
4393My Brother
4395Lord of All
4396What Names
4398The Lintels of Our Hearts
4399True Love
4400A Christian Love
4401Gossamer Dancers
4402A Restricted Diet
4403One Bread
4404Peace in the Quiet of Christ
4405The Envelope of the Clouds
4406A Single Ember
4407Your Light
4408shining through
4409Carried by His Grace
4410Where It Counts
4411More Stones
4412Fill Us
4413Walking with Us
4414A Good Shepherd is My Lord
4415Assurance in the Prayer
4416Finding Quiet
4417After the Storm
4418Upon the Still Waters
4419In that Good Pasture
4420At the Master’s Feet
4421Good is the Shepherd
4422Sitting beside still waters
4423Joy by the waters
4424That Glen by the Still Waters
4425Claiming Him as My Shepherd
4426God Provides
4427Still Waters
4428He is Good
4429He is the Good Shepherd
4430The Good Shepherd
4431Living Water
4432With Both Hands
4433With Two Hands
4434Offering Our Gifts
4435Offering Our Lives
4436As the study began
4437Seasons of the Cross
4438Faith – haiku
4439Wind – haiku
4440Two Hands - haiku
4441Love – haiku – 3
4442Potter – haiku – 3
4443Two Hands
4444Though He was a King
4445By the Waters
4446Beside Us, Ever
4447restoreth my soul
4448Feel the calm, still waters
4449Into the Pasture
4450We are There
4451Into this Story
4452Our Eyes Opened
4453Only One is Named
4454The Mansions in the Fields
4455Simple Rest
4456The First Citizens
4457The Potter’s Wheel
4458Pulling Up the Clay
4459The Dance of the Clay
4460laying our gifts upon your altar
4461It isn’t much
4462Christ’s Healing
4463A Feather Blown
4464The Crumbs of Our Faith
4465Even crumbs are enough
4466Sharing Bread
4467The Reality of Our Faith
4468How Real is Our Faith
4469How Real is My Faith
4470Authentic Faith
4471An Open Hand
4472Drenched with the Words
4473As a Christian
4474Calling the Spirit
4475Prevailing in our Lives
4476A reminder in the message
4477A Leader in the Temple
4478To the Jews
4479Faith in words alone
4480Two messages
4481Worship, after a meal together
4482Through Loving Eyes
4483Through the eyes of God
4484Seeing the Children
4485Seeing Our Family
4486Seeing Our Brothers, Our Sisters
4487Beloved Children of God
4488No One Better
4489Accept Each Other
4490All Sinners
4491Unworthy Children
4492All Like Us
4493In This Wilderness
4494Those Like Us
4495Eyes of God
4496Eyes of God - Twitter version
4497A Change in Circumstances
4498Scripture – haiku – 6
4499Scripture – haiku – 5
4500Scripture – haiku – 1 – v2
4501Scripture – haiku – 3 – v2
4502Scripture – haiku – 4
4503Scripture – haiku – 3
4504Scripture – haiku – 2
4505Scripture – haiku - 1
4506Scripture – haiku – 7
4507Grace – haiku – 1
4508Dying for Us – haiku - 1
4509Faith to Save – haiku – 1
4510A Break in the clouds
4511Person of God
4512Purchase of Blood
4513What is left out
4514In the Footsteps of Your Son
4515Fountain of Living Water
4516Sharing the Water
4517Seeing Christ
4518Seeing Christ - Twitter version
4519By Faith Going
4520A Step in Faith
4521Arguing with Christ
4522Choosing God
4523The Lie of Affluence
4524Thirsty For God
4525A Cool Drink
4526When we are thirsty
4527Living water – haiku
4528Living water – haiku – 1 – v2
4529Living water – haiku - 2
4530Living water – haiku – 3
4531Fountain – haiku
4532Eternal – haiku
4534Steadfast Love
4535Loving - haiku
4536Still Thirsty
4537Written in Blood
4538Our Stone in the Road
4539Crying in my car
4540Vibrations in the music
4541A Hint of Tea
4542The Love of God
4543My Clay
4544A Servant to All
4545A Servant of All
4546Our Highest Calling
4547At the end of the line
4548A towel at my belt
4549Take the Form of a Servant
4550Her Choice
4551A Gift
4552Offer Joyful Service
4553The Silence Broken
4554Sounding in the still of the night
4555Obedient Listening
4556Obedient Faithful Servant
4557In the Still of Our Hearts
4558With a Heart Ready
4559Welcoming Them In
4560Hungry for Hospitality
4561Spiritually Traveling
4562Clean Water
4563Dirty Water
4564Little Children
4565Offering Hospitality
4566Just a Hint of Fall
4567How to Live
4568Their Own Dances
4569Leaving the Growth to God
4570Friendly Emptiness
4571Like the First Christians
4572Freely Given
4573Living Gifts
4574Singing Praises
4575Love and Sacrifice Entwined
4576Not Feet of Clay
4577Hidden Glory
4578Our Light Shining
4579No Longer Hidden
4581Not Inadequate
4582Friends with God
4583Prayer Answered
4584Love Unbound
4585Your Sabbath
4586Personal Sabbath
4587Praising God for the Day
4588Sabbath Is
4589A Piece of Each Day
4590Walking with God Time
4591The Touch of His Comforting Hand
4592I am in this place
4593Let go of all
4594A Cup of Living Water
4595Practice a Little Mary
4596Trusting in God
4597Renewing Our Hearts
4598Renewal Time
4599In the Company of God
4600Why in One Day?
4601Whom Shall I Follow
4602Living in Sabbath Time
4603In Their Own Ways
4604Sabbath Moments
4605Slowing Down
4606Thanking God
4607Stop and Remember
4608Pause, to play and to pray
4609A Time for Thankfulness
4610In Sabbath Worship
4611In the Presence of Grace
4612How will we ever hear a whisper?
4613In the cacophony of human lives
4614Hope in the Water
4615every step counted every hair numbered
4616Seek God in Solitude
4617Absolute Reliance
4618A Human Life
4619Our Brother
4620Down from His Throne
4621Abiding Joy
4622Out of Our Joy
4623A Nudge from God
4624In this Land of Plenty
4625Our Spiritual Thirst
4627Absolute Dependence
4628Childlike Trust
4629A Sign of Our Heritage
4630Savior I come, quiet my soul
4631Like the Porch of the Maidens
4632to the cross
4633“La oración de la madre” (traducido de “A Mother’s Prayer” por Raymond A. Foss)
4634Left at the cross
4635Continuing Worship
4636A Table for the Hungry
4637Give us this day our daily bread
4638At His Table with Us
4639More than the Printed Words
4640We Participate
4641Sharing Our Meal
4642More to the Story
4643Expressions of Our Worship
4644Express Your Worship
4645They Join Us
4646Starting in that Small Upper Room
4647That Eternal Meal
4648The Words Lived Out
4649Sharing Communion with Us
4650Morning Moon
4651His Blood Spilled
4652Hearing These Words
4653Facing Christ
4654His Heart Hurting
4655Our Stuff
4656Stubborn Clay
4657Ever Calling
4658The Wind
4659Genuine Suffering
4660Not for Man Alone
4661Go, Sell, Give, and Follow
4662You Without Reserve
4663Failing His Test
4664In a Beam
4665Walking Away
4666Understanding the Rich Man
4667Dependent on God
4668Uncomfortable Words
4669A Shimmering Image
4670Holding onto our Treasure
4672What Must We Do
4673All of Our Treasure
4674A Challenge to Trust
4675All of His Possessions
4676What Worth
4677Without Value
4678Perishing Wealth
4679Loving the Things of this World
4680Look About Us
4681The Silken Sky
4682Creation Effervesces
4683In Our Shadow – Twitter version
4684In Our Shadow
4685Stewards of the Earth
4686The World Waiting
4687Lapping at our feet
4688Walking to School
4690Humble as a Child
4691Common Saints
4692To Know the Shepherd
4693Thanks for Us
4694Not for God
4695Not for God - Twitter version
4696Important to You
4697Who is this Man
4698The Nature of His Sin
4699Questioning God
4700Humble Clay
4701Sentient Clay
4702His Comeuppance
4703In an Earthen Vessel
4704Answering the Clay
4705When our hearts become proud
4706Bringing on the Whirlwind
4707In God’s Ways
4708How Small We Are
4709Rebutting His Petition
4710Within His Heart
4711Your Presence With Us
4712Lifted Up
4713Weights Lifted
4714All of Our Prayers
4715God’s Sovereignty, His Presence
4716Be careful what you ask for
4717Not His Treasure
4718Loved into existence
4719The Finite Stuff of Man
4720The World of the Creator
4721In the Lobby Waiting
4722Returning Double
4723Our Sins before This Priest
4724Within His Hands
4725His Offering
4726One Offering
4727Miry Clay
4728One Offering - Twitter version
4729Savior I come (quiet my soul)
4730Risen, Saving Us
4731A Living Gate
4732Pure Water
4733The Curtain of His Body
4734Open to Their Calling You
4735Take Heart, He is calling you
4736A Space for Them
4737Hope in Our Faith
4738In our Faith
4739Our Hope
4740Lifting Each Other Up
4741Our Hope Spreading
4742Our Unique Gifts
4743Power, from the Wealth of His Glory
4744Awash with Light
4745Three Crosses
4746The love we are given
4747Calling us
4748Timid Faith
4749Holy Effort
4750A Fisherman
4751Walking on Water
4752A Personal Encounter
4753What will they say
4754How Do We Know
4755Dreams - haiku
4756Gifts – haiku
4757Hope - haiku
4758Church – haiku
4759Our Call – haiku
4760Clay – haiku
4761Devotions – haiku
4762In the Face of Their Want
4763With His Calloused Hands
4764Naming the Christ
4765Comfortable on the Waves
4766through their eyes
4767a new revelation of our Lord
4768Forgiven – haiku – 3
4769Forgiveness – haiku
4770Taking on my sin – haiku
4771Drinking That Cup – haiku
4772Submission – haiku
4773Clay of the Potter – haiku
4774Approaching the Cross – haiku
4775Our Cross – haiku
4776Dust on our Sandals – haiku
4777Blind – haiku
4778Leaves – haiku
4779Redeemed – haiku – 1
4780Redeemed – haiku – 2
4781A Common Creed – haiku
4782A Foundation – haiku
4783Before Snow
4784His Blood – haiku
4785The Stem, the Root – haiku
4786An Ancient Wall – haiku
4787Sheets on the Line – haiku
4788The Law – haiku
4789Our Dwelling Place
4790The Shroud of Our Humanity
4791Discerning, through the eyes of faith
4792Toiling in the fields
4793Faithful Saints
4794Snow – haiku - 3
4795Sand – haiku
4796A New Day
4797The Wind Blowing
4798What of Our Neighbor
4800Different Lives
4801More Godly Choices
4802Simpler Lives
4804What is Your Religion
4805Squandering What We Have
4806Possessions – haiku
4807Things – haiku
4808Words I have written
4809Remembering His Face
4810Poetry – haiku – 2
4811With His Cry
4812To Prove His Authority
4813So That We May Hear
4814That We May Believe
4815Against the Grain
4816Fighting the Tide
4817In Common
4819Idols of Dust
4820Must Have
4821Sermon – haiku – 1
4822Pastor – haiku – 3
4823Pastor – haiku - 2
4824Pastor – haiku - 1
4825Our Self Worth
4826By what we give
4827a desire for God
4828Christ within our midst
4829Thankful for the Saints
4830Desiring Possessions
4831Finding security in our stuff
4832Competing with our neighbors
4833Living that simple life
4834Transform Us
4835into that person we were meant to be
4836a calling for a simpler life
4837Drinking from that Well
4838Sharing His Goodness
4839The Widow’s Gift
4840Fragrant to God
4841Sequins of Ice
4842A Parable of a Seed
4843Offering Ourselves
4845Out into the World
4846Out onto the Street
4847Incredible Things
4848Later that Day
4849A Locked Door
4850Jesus entered anyway
4851Receive the Holy Spirit
4852Peace to You
4853The sound of His breath
4854A Changed Group
4856Empowered by the Holy Spirit
4857Ready to Act
4858The Holy Spirit Filling Us
4859When We Find Our Voice
4860Open to the Spirit
4861So I send you
4862Living Church
4863The Widow’s Faith
4864Giving Her All
4865Waiting with Wonder
4866A prayer, entering in
4867Christian – haiku – 4 – v2
4868Christian – haiku – 4
4869Christian – haiku – 3
4870Christian – haiku – 2
4871Christian – haiku – 1
4872Tumbling – haiku – 1
4873Autumn Leaves – haiku – 1
4874Autumn – haiku – 1
4875Power – haiku – 1
4876A Famine on the Land
4878God or Money
4880Consumers - Twitter version
4881The Forgiveness of God
4882Biblical Economics
4883Misuse Happens
4884Lessons on Money
4885Spending on our Wants
4886The Human Christ
4887To Thy Will
4888Depending on His Promise
4889Choosing to Become Human
4890Limiting Himself
4891Binding His Wings
4892Wearing the Crown
4895TREE – v2