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Raymond A. Foss Poems
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The Context of Creation by Raymond A. Foss
The beauty of creation
is found in the context of creation
the story of how we began
the world beginning
in the wondrous birthing
within bounds of physical laws

The earth fits within a solar system
which lives on one of the bands of the Milky Way galaxy
in one of the reaches of an expanding universe
Our small blue planet, teams with life
where the other planets, like the story of Goldie Locks
are either too warm or oh so cold

Our good earth is made up of so many amazing systems,
elements of water, or air, of fire, of earth

Water, in our bodies, in the plants,
in crashing seas, placid lakes, running streams,
in falling rain and blowing snow

Sky, air, wind, colors of blue and gray, lavender
bright sunrise, warming sunset
harbinger of good days and storm

The earth under our feet, rising in mountains,
in dune and desert, in tundra
covered by field, forest, hidden in valley and cave

Fire giving warmth and roaring out of control
scorching the earth, by lightening, by spark,
by sun, spontaneous combustion,
rewriting the story of a place

Living plants, grasses, fruits, vegetables,
conifers, bushes, cacti, on and on the list grows
taking in the waste of man, or animals,
breathing in our bile,
exhaling our life giving oxygen

Animals that hunt, that munch, that chew,
mammals and insects, and platypus,
fish and birds, reptiles, amphibians,
though I can never tell those apart
A wonderful balance; that is the context of creation

Started 7/8/07, added to 7/9/07 1:01AM
Genesis 1
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