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Raymond A. Foss Poems
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Textures of Creation by Raymond A. Foss
Smooth glass, clear, or in the prism’s spectrum
Cool of polished marble in Washington’s monuments
smooth of a baby’s skin, freshly powdered

Soft of a ripe peach’s fuzz, feel the fruit underneath
soft of a sheep’s wool, warm to the touch
soft warm ocean water, running off my hot skin

Rough oak bark, below its broad leaves
Thick tough alligator hide
Coarse granite stone, solid, or appearing so
rough, light pumice rock, light and airy

Sharp thorns of a rose bush, protecting the delicate blooms
sharp quills of the porcupine
Gritty sand, between my toes

Moist humus, under the forest canopy
slippery oil, sticky pine pitch
Algae covered broad leaf seaweed
scaly snake skin

Hard sea shells, baking on the shore
Hot coils on the stove, glowing red
cold ice on the pond, for skating, pierced for fishing

Brittle ancient pages, crumbling under my touch,
pearls of, rivers of, sweat on my skin in the hot sun
Rough sawgrass, gelatinous bullfrog egg mass
Fuzzy bunny fur, spiny sea urchin
These are textures of creation.

Finished July 26, 2007 22:25
Started July 11, 2007
Genesis 1
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