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Smells of Creation by Raymond A. Foss
Freshly tilled soil, rot on the forest floor
chocolate bubbling on the stove
Gardenias, violets, garlic breath
Sulphur of the volcano,
A spruce forest in June
The splash of ocean surf after a storm
The cold of snow as it starts to fall
A lilac bush, lily of the valley in bloom
Rain coming on a spring day,
rain falling on hot wet pavement in summer
fresh cut grass, maybe after a light shower, hay after cutting
Bread, fresh from the oven
The sweet of an orange as it goes from ripe to just moldy
A dusty road in August
Musty basements, a pool of standing water
Hamburgers on the grill, a hot fan belt
A tomcat’s mark, popcorn popping
Whisper of a rose bloom, the stink of Roquefort cheese
An apple pie cooling on the shelf
the biting fragrance of a freesia’s flower
A geranium’s skin, a skunk’s defense,
radiator fluid boiling over
Wet llama fur, wet burlap
New blacktop, a brand new car
a baby’s skin
These are smells of creation

finished August 1, 2007 12:12
started July 11, 2007
Genesis 1
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