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A Reckless Disregard by Raymond A. Foss
Mankind, blind to its own ambitions,
its own desires, blind to the consequences
global consequences to our choices
our hubris, leading to a fall, of planetary dimensions
so many crises of our making, of our decisions
with long-term and lasting results, changes
in our earth, in the ground, in the ice
in the climate swirling around us
warming world, nuclear waste buried
under ground to bubble for millennia
Polar ice caps at all-time lows
land for living to be lost
with the rising tide,
not raising all boats;
devastating the third world
(as if there was more than one)
The piper is waiting to be paid.
Whoa to us if we don’t pay,
as Hamelin discovered.

October 14, 2007 7:33pm
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