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safe-home by Rg Gregory
don't be so lazy maisie maisie
don't be so lazy please
i know it's snowing
and a hard wind's blowing
but nobody knows
at the rate we're going
what time we'll get home tonight

keep to the path for me timothy timothy
keep to the path for me please
my legs are aching
and my poor back's breaking
and everyone knows
the track you're taking
will not fetch us home tonight

i know the way see maisie maisie
i know the way so there
if you'll just stop talking
and keep on walking
before anyone knows
the track will be forking
and we'll almost be home tonight

you're going too fast for me timothy timothy
you're going too fast so there
my shoes are leaking
and my old heart's creaking
the devil may know
and he's not speaking
if we'll ever find home tonight

i'm a little bit hazy maisie maisie
i'm a little bit hazy here
the snowstorm is blinding
the track is too winding....
surely somebody knows
and will soon start minding
that we're not in our home tonight

you're too far in front of me timothy timothy
you're too much in front of me here
you should be guiding
not foolishly hiding.....
i don't think he knows
my life is subsiding....
he can go home without me tonight

what did i say see maisie maisie
what did i say see there
this thin track is splitting
and soon we'll be quitting
these woods that i know
we'll be comfortably sitting
by the fire in our home tonight

wait for the ghost of me timothy timothy
wait for the ghost of me there
no snow is falling
in the world that is calling
me now....will you know
it's not me who'll be drawing
the curtains in our home tonight

................ ................

don't be so lazy maisie maisie
don't be so lazy please
you may be past caring
but a meal needs preparing
don't say you didn't know
and don't stand there staring
be thankful you're safe-home tonight
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