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Rg Gregory Quotes
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"my mind like a lizard's leg / in the first notch / of the endlessly upward wall"
"of course i love you love you love you / it's just that now i'd sooner be a gatepost"
"there is this fear that what breathes out / in panic will not breathe in"
"bits of ideas / get there first / crawling with fingers"
"don't loot my stopped voice for pity - gather my songs"
"when the dungeon we're in is so cosy / crimes-to-come put the boot in for eden"
"the male stands back from it all / singing of birth in the third person"
"and all the angels leaping from his limbs / are laughing loudly"
"paradise was golden but / maturer was the fall"
"writers are wry turds"
"love without smell is a sweet kind of hate"
"any truth lives in its afterbirth / which the honest scavengers burn"
"into the green breasts of dorset / its white wisdom of hills"
"her stroke had lodged a twig in her mouth"
"explosions too can breed roses"
"round the corner the cobalt bomb breeds visions of loveliness"
"o piggy-bank sodden / with the remains / of my once rich blood"
"the earth lies down to die / round the walls of fort knox"
"and a child cried / astonished to hold in her frozen mitt / the inside of the sun"
"boom boom boom goes the sun / cracking the concrete"
"so before you get your face / smashed in - give us back our beano"
"and each one is born / with a touch of fly / that can't tell beauty / from a spit in the eye"
"they fed her on pity / and stayed till she choked"
"cry for chaos - freedom / may be round the corner"
"if we squeeze our darkness / through a doorway / what new voice might come"
"the mind is stuck with the body's blubberings"
"death will extract me / a disappointed man / there can be no arriving"
"the not-yet-written / songs of human dignity / are not yet being sung"
"it's an exact day to go walking / in the company of thousands"
"my father died amongst elephants"
"a short nipped sound from the earwig night"
"a proper dragon daughter / must always carry with her a large supply of odour - cologne water"
"the sun breaks eggs on my eyes"
"the sun's usual mouth has turned right down"
"and impulse after / impulse lied /about the smell"
"mine's at best a clodhopper's truth"
"grasping what's real is so much sand through fingers"
"the lake is drying / and fish no longer free"
"and every flowing girl / ran her hair down / between those wise green banks"
"muck is master / vision's the tramp"
"red within greenery's the symbol of our tussle"
"up the ladder and round the bend / age spirals like a convolvulus"
"to dare the raging river to / meander through the meadows"
"time makes tracks to where its deepest clock is"
"and in a nutshell cosmos coughs"
"i have grown gold flowers / no one in the market's seen them"
"the querulous beak of the ibis is our frail best bet"
"three lilies bring the word of death / like three wise women standing by"
"the grasshopper (whisker of the wind)"
"the periwinkle's seen for what it is / compulsive creep - with wisdom in cahoots"
"herbs (shy herberts almost every one)"
"the world is full of / puffballs with their thin ideas"
"birds bring messages back / saying keep going keep going"
"when the mists are lethal some- / thing good goads the nerve to grow"
"penelope seemed to have been good material / for the greek tabloids"
"sunflowers have dark hearts"
"it's nature sticks a finger up our nose"
"manana manana is my gardening dream"
"woodpeckers (poets) are the lucky ones"
"galileo's gone lame"
"solitude has windows for its skin"
"the impossible want we pivot on"
"facts stick out like old bones / that long ago sold their flesh"
"the future's begging with its open hands"
"love is such a misdemeanour of a word"
"living's at best a gamble / so fuck it - fol-de-rol"
"a thin nose of light / hovers on the step"
"the human spirit / demands hope near it / to stave off diminution"
"heads can be worse than blocked drains"
"keep walking / the faint mountain calls"
"(teenager - go lightly)"
"this is truly the big boy blair age - what a whizz / all style no substance (a bucket-load of fizz)"
"i feel the sheer delight / the right to breathing gives"
"it was the red indians first / that went into the making / of mom's deliciously red apple pies"
"the meek shall inherit the dearth"
"a girl is born - lullay lullay"
"desire to kill off what's not understood / is the blight of all leaders"
"you're just a silly old grand-dad / yes - i'm happy to leave it at that"
"in doors we have to trust"
"a clock lacks blood till bitten by its tick"
"knicker-twisted poets - suffice that they exist"
"being's the buzz that in the end lets be"
"he haunts the forest now tucked up as frond"
"the question mark / over the human race / has elephantiasis"
"death as a welcoming thought / is life's worst admission"
"wonder seeded in a phone ringing"
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