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temporising with the eternal by Rg Gregory
i don’t know what you’re up to
yet but for me
you wouldn’t exist
(not on this page anyway -
not using the word exist)
so – you’re a fake (eternity)
one i wouldn’t raise a cup to
except you’re there
and won’t go away
i can’t win – and it’s not fair

best turn my back on you – get on
with what i meet
smack in the eyes
(that’s experience for you)
if i could trust my eyes
i can’t – it’s too neat
there are more things (horatio set on)
live life whole – mere string
devout adore you
most not back anything

beginning and end – invention
fills in the gaps
at best rank guesses
random peeing in the ocean
(this one’s guesses
another’s mishaps)
eureka quick becomes convention
then cosmos farts
alters the laws of motion
(a fresh menu of starts)

fear and loneliness – the basic drives
we take to bed
(sacrifice to you)
desperately wanting a sign
bringing us close to you
you – whom we give a head
voice (ownership of lives)
the only game at hand -
give selves a shine
play at being your ampersand

the wise settle for stardust
the grit the pearl
was fostered out of
minute (maybe) but precious
from it – never out of
esteem – the proud furl
forwards and the far thrust
that blossoms into dream
able to wish us
shares in the cosmic scheme

well – if the mess we make of things
in the dirty now
the piqued powers we grant
to the unnatural twisters
don’t forfeit that grant
skydust should endow
(despite all bunderings)
god be in the grain
of life’s worst festers
starspeak find tongue again
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