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Andrew Barton Paterson Poems
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Sort by:  Views | Alphabetically Total Poems: 217
1The Angel's Kiss
2A Bunch of Roses
3The Ballad of M. T. Nutt and His Dog
4A Bush Christening
5Any Other Time
6Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve
7Moving On
8The Flying Gang
9Mulga Bill's Bicycle
10The Wreck of the Golfer
11A Triolet
12A Ballad of Ducks
15Waltzing Matilda
16A Dog's Mistake
17Santa Claus
18An Emu Hunt
19A Change of Menu
20Old Schooldays
21A Song of the Pen
22The Road to Old Man's Town
23Clancy Of The Overflow
24Frogs in chorus
25Hard Luck
26Out of Sight
27Ambition and Art
28The Man from Iron Bark
29A Bush Lawyer
30The Lung Fish
31Opening of the Railway Line
32Australian Scenery
33Riders in the Stand
34Jim Carew
35The Bushfire - an Allegory
36The Rum Parade
37Wisdom of Hafiz: the Philosopher Takes to Racing
38"We're All Australians Now"
40Uncle Bill
41With French to Kimberley
42The Man From Snowy River
43The Pearl Diver
45Conroy's Gap
46The First Surveyor
47Behind the Scenes
48At the Melting of the Snow
49Tommy Corrigan
50"Ave Ceasar"
51A Bushman's Song
52The Man From Ironbark
53Fed Up
54The Plains
55Sunrise on the Coast
56The Geebung Polo Club
57There's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down
58Daylight is Dying
60The Road to Gundagai
61Black Swans
62Bush Christening
63The Daylight is Dying
64The Incantation
65In the Droving Days
66The Last Parade
67White Cockatoos
68The Duties of an Aide-de-camp
69A Dream of the Melbourne Cup
70Our New Horse
71Australia Today 1916
72Been There Before
73Why the Jackass Laughs
74Do They Know?
75High Explosive
76A Mountain Station
77Investigating Flora
78When Dacey rode the Mule
79Father Riley's Horse
80A Singer of the Bush
81Swinging the Lead
82The Wargeilah Handicap
83An Idyll of Dandaloo
85Buffalo Country
86Santa Claus in the Bush
87Policeman G.
88The Man from Goondiwindi, Q.
89He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
90Only a Jockey
91The Ballad of the Carpet Bag
92It's Grand
93A Disqualified Jockey's Story
94The All Right Un
95The Boss of the Admiral Lynch
96A Voice from the Town
97Those Names
98The Amateur Rider
99The Maori's Wool
100Brumby's Run
101Frying Pan's Theology
102Hawker, the Standard Bearer
103The Army Mules
104Morgan's Dog
105A Motor Courtship
106The Deficit Demon
107Johnson’s Antidote
108The Fitzroy Blacksmith
110The Mountain Squatter
111"Shouting" for a Camel
112The Billy-Goat Overland
113Now Listen to Me and I'll Tell You My Views
114How Gilbert Died
115In the Stable
116The Scapegoat
117A Nervous Governor-General
118The Mylora Elopement
119El Mahdi to the Australian Troops
120The Sausage Candidate-A Tale of the Elections
121Right in Front of the Army
122Johnny Boer
123Over The Range
124The Ballad of the Calliope
125The Lost Drink
127The Ballad of That P.N.
128A Job for McGuinness
129Saltbush Bill's Gamecock
130The Protest
131Black Harry's Team
132Jimmy Dooley's Army
133The Travelling Post Office
134Last Week
135Not On It
136Song of the Wheat
137Song of the Future
138Driver Smith
139Tar and Feathers
140Bottle 'O'
141The Old Australian Ways
142Weary Will
143The Maori Pig Market
144Tom Collins
145A Walgett Episode
146Gone Down
147Mulligan's Mare
148The Ballad of Cockatoo Dock
149The Man Who Was Away
150The Ghost of the Murderer's Hut
151Cassidy's Epitaph
152In Defence of the Bush
153An Evening in Dandaloo
155Song of the Artesian Water
156The Dauntless Three
157The City of Dreadful Thirst
158Shearing With a Hoe
159The Lost Leichardt
160Hay and Hell and Booligal
161Rio Grande's Last Race
162The Seven Ages of Wise
163Rio Grande
164The Last Trump
165The Old Tin Hat
167How M'Ginnis went missing
168Saltbush Bill's Second Flight
170The Dam that Keele Built
171Anthony Considine
172Sydney Cup 1899
173The Ballad of G. R. Dibbs
174The Scorcher and the Howling Swell
175The Scottish Engineer
176An answer to Various Bards
177By the Grey Gulf-water
178How The Favourite Beat Us
179Who is Kator Anyhow?
180Gilhooley's Estate
181The Federal Bus Conductor and the Old Lady
182The Corner Man
183The Matrimonial Stakes
184The Rule of the A.J.C.
185With the Cattle
186The Story of Mongrel Grey
187The Road to Hogan's Gap
188The Swagman's Rest
189Saltbush Bill
190Our Mat
191On Kiley's Run
192On the Trek
193The Reveille
194Saltbush Bill on the Patriarchs
195Under the Shadow of Kiley's Hill
196The Passing of Gundagai
197Shearing at Castlereagh
198The Winds Message
199"In re a Gentleman, One"
200That Half-Crown Sweep
201Saltbush Bill, J.P.
202The Hypnotist
203The Silent Shearer
204The Federal Bus Conductor and the Old Lady
205The Reverend Mullineux
206The Gundaroo Bullock
207The Lay of the Motor-Car
208The Two Devines
209The Old Timer's Steeplechase
210The Rhyme of the O'Sullivan
211That V.C.
212What Have the Cavalry Done?
213The Pannikin Poet
214The Quest Eternal
215With French to Kimberley
216The Premier and the Socialist
217With French to Kimberley
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