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Emily Dickinson Poems
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1 A Night -- there lay the Days between
2 Again -- his voice is at the door --
3 All the letters I can write
4 I could suffice for Him, I knew --
5 I dreaded that first Robin, so,
6"And with what body do they come?" --
7"Arcturus" is his other name
8"Faith" is a fine invention
9"Faithful to the end" Amended
10"Go tell it" -- What a Message --
11"Go travelling with us!"
12"Heaven" -- is what I cannot reach!
13"Heaven" has different Signs -- to me --
14"Heavenly Father" -- take to thee
15"Hope" is the thing with feathers
16"Houses" -- so the Wise Men tell me
17"I want" -- it pleaded -- All its life --
18"Lethe" in my flower,
19"Morning" -- means "Milking" -- to the Farmer
20"Nature" is what we see --
21"Red Sea," indeed! Talk not to me
22"Remember me" implored the Thief!
23"Secrets" is a daily word
24"Sic transit gloria mundi"
25"Sic transit gloria mundi"
26"Sown in dishonor"!
27"Speech" -- is a prank of Parliament --
28"They have not chosen me," he said,
29"Tomorrow" -- whose location
30"Unto Me?" I do not know you --
31"Was not" was all the Statement.
32"Why do I love" You, Sir?
33'Tis Anguish grander than Delight
34'Tis customary as we part
35'Tis easier to pity those when dead
36'Tis good -- the looking back on Grief --
37'Tis little I -- could care for Pearls
38'Tis my first night beneath the Sun
39'Tis not that Dying hurts us so
40'Tis not the swaying frame we miss,
41'Tis One by One -- the Father counts --
42'Tis Opposites -- entice
43'Tis Seasons since the Dimpled War
44'Tis so appalling -- it exhilarates
45'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!
46'Tis Sunrise -- Little Maid -- Hast Thou
47'Tis true -- They shut me in the Cold --
48'Tis whiter than an Indian Pipe --
49'Twas a long Parting -- but the time
50'Twas awkward, but it fitted me --
51'Twas comfort in her Dying Room
52'Twas Crisis -- All the length had passed --
53'Twas fighting for his Life he was --
54'Twas here my summer paused
55'Twas just this time, last year, I died.
56'Twas later when the summer went
57'Twas like a Maelstrom, with a notch,
58'Twas Love -- not me
59'Twas my one Glory --
60'Twas such a little -- little boat
61'Twas the old -- road -- through pain
62'Twas warm -- at first -- like Us --
63'Twould ease -- a Butterfly --
64A Bee his burnished Carriage
65A Bird came down the Walk
66A Burdock -- clawed my Gown
67A Cap of Lead across the sky
68A Charm invests a face
69A chilly Peace infests the Grass
70A Clock stopped
71A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
72A Coffin -- is a small Domain,
73A Counterfeit -- a Plated Person --
74A curious Cloud surprised the Sky,
75A darting fear -- a pomp -- a tear
76A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!
77A Death blow is a Life blow to Some
78A Deed knocks first at Thought
79A Dew sufficed itself --
80A Diamond on the Hand
81A Dimple in the Tomb
82A Door just opened on a street --
83A doubt if it be Us
84A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree --
85A Drunkard cannot meet a Cork
86A Dying Tiger -- moaned for Drink --
87A face devoid of love or grace,
88A faded Boy -- in sallow Clothes
89A feather from the Whippoorwill
90A Field of Stubble, lying sere
91A first Mute Coming --
92A Flower will not trouble her, it has so small a Foot,
93A full fed Rose on meals of Tint
94A fuzzy fellow, without feet,
95A great Hope fell
96A happy lip -- breaks sudden
97A House upon the Height
98A Lady red -- amid the Hill
99A lane of Yellow led the eye
100A Letter is a joy of Earth --
101A Light exists in Spring
102A little bread -- a crust -- a crumb
103A little Dog that wags his tail
104A little East of Jordan,
105A little Madness in the Spring
106A little overflowing word
107A little Road -- not made of Man --
108A little Snow was here and there
109A long -- long Sleep -- A famous -- Sleep --
110A loss of something ever felt I --
111A Man may make a Remark --
112A Mien to move a Queen
113A Mine there is no Man would own
114A Moth the hue of this
115A Murmur in the Trees -- to note
116A narrow Fellow in the Grass
117A nearness to Tremendousness --
118A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
119A Pit -- but Heaven over it --
120A Planted Life -- diversified
121A poor -- torn heart -- a tattered heart
122A precious -- mouldering pleasure -- 'tis
123A Prison gets to be a friend --
124A prompt -- executive Bird is the Jay --
125A Rat surrendered here
126A Route of Evanescence
127A Route of Evanescence
128A Saucer holds a Cup
129A science -- so the Savants say,
130A Secret told
131A sepal, petal, and a thorn
132A Shade upon the mind there passes
133A shady friend -- for Torrid days
134A Sickness of this World it most occasions
135A single Clover Plank
136A single Screw of Flesh
137A slash of Blue
138A Sloop of Amber slips away
139A soft Sea washed around the House
140A solemn thing -- it was -- I said
141A Solemn thing within the Soul
142A something in a summer's Day
143A South Wind -- has a pathos
144A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig
145A Spider sewed at Night
146A stagnant pleasure like a Pool
147A still -- Volcano -- Life --
148A Thought went up my mind today --
149A throe upon the features
150A Toad, can die of Light --
151A Tongue -- to tell Him I am true!
152A Tooth upon Our Peace
153A train went through a burial gate,
154A transport one cannot contain
155A Visitor in Marl
156A Weight with Needles on the pounds
157A Wife -- at daybreak I shall be
158A wild Blue sky abreast of Winds
159A Wind that rose
160A winged spark doth soar about --
161A Word dropped careless on a Page
162A word is dead
163A Word made Flesh is seldom
164A World made penniless by that departure
165A Wounded Deer -- leaps highest
166Above Oblivion's Tide there is a Pier
167Abraham to kill him --
168Absence disembodies -- so does Death
169Absent Place -- an April Day --
170Adrift! A little boat adrift!
171Advance is Life's condition
172Afraid! Of whom am I afraid?
173After a hundred years
174After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside --
175After great pain, a formal feeling comes
176After the Sun comes out
177Ah, Moon -- and Star!
178Ah, Necromancy Sweet!
179Ah, Teneriffe!
180Air has no Residence, no Neighbor,
181All but Death, can be Adjusted --
182All Circumstances are the Frame
183All forgot for recollecting
184All I may, if small,
185All men for Honor hardest work
186All overgrown by cunning moss,
187All that I do
188All these my banners be.
189All things swept sole away
190Alone and in a Circumstance
191Alone, I cannot be
192Alter! When the Hills do --
193Although I put away his life
194Always Mine!
195Ambition cannot find him.
196Ample make this Bed --
197An altered look about the hills
198An antiquated Grace
199An Antiquated Tree
200An honest Tear
201An Hour is a Sea
202An ignorance a Sunset
203And this of all my Hopes
204Angels, in the early morning
205Answer July
206Apology for Her
207Apparently with no surprise
208Are Friends Delight or Pain?
209Arrows enamored of his Heart --
210Art thou the thing I wanted?
211Artists wrestled here!
212As by the dead we love to sit,
213As Children bid the Guest "Good Night"
214As Everywhere of Silver
215As far from pity, as complaint
216As from the earth the light Balloon
217As Frost is best conceived
218As if I asked a common Alms
219As if some little Arctic flower
220As if the Sea should part
221As imperceptibly as Grief
222As old as Woe --
223As One does Sickness over
224As plan for Noon and plan for Night
225As Sleigh Bells seem in summer
226As subtle as tomorrow
227As Summer into Autumn slips
228As the Starved Maelstrom laps the Navies
229As Watchers hang upon the East,
230As we pass Houses musing slow
231As willing lid o'er weary eye
232Ashes denote that Fire was --
233At Half past Three, a single Bird
234At last, to be identified!
235At least -- to pray -- is left -- is left --
236At leisure is the Soul
237Aurora is the effort
238Autumn -- overlooked my Knitting --
239Awake ye muses nine
240Away from Home are some and I --
241Back from the cordial Grave I drag thee
242Baffled for just a day or two
243Banish Air from Air --
244Be Mine the Doom --
245Beauty -- be not caused -- It Is --
246Beauty crowds me till I die
247Because 'twas Riches I could own,
248Because He loves Her
249Because I could not stop for Death
250Because my Brook is fluent
251Because that you are going
252Because the Bee may blameless hum
253Bee! I'm expecting you!
254Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles --
255Before He comes we weigh the Time!
256Before I got my eye put out
257Before the ice is in the pools
258Before you thought of Spring
259Behind Me -- dips Eternity --
260Behold this little Bane --
261Belshazzar had a Letter --
262Bereaved of all, I went abroad --
263Bereavement in their death to feel
264Besides the Autumn poets sing
265Besides this May
266Best Gains -- must have the Losses' Test --
267Best Things dwell out of Sight
268Best Witchcraft is Geometry
269Betrothed to Righteousness might be
270Better -- than Music! For I -- who heard it --
271Between My Country -- and the Others --
272Between the form of Life and Life
273Bind me -- I still can sing --
274Birthday of but a single pang
275Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple
276Bless God, he went as soldiers,
277Bliss is the plaything of the child --
278Bloom -- is Result -- to meet a Flower
279Bloom upon the Mountain -- stated --
280Blossoms will run away,
281Bound -- a trouble
282Bring me the sunset in a cup,
283Brother of Ingots -- Ah Peru --
284But little Carmine hath her face --
285By a departing light
286By a flower -- By a letter
287By Chivalries as tiny,
288By homely gift and hindered Words
289By my Window have I for Scenery
290By such and such an offering
291Candor -- my tepid friend --
292Circumference thou Bride of Awe
293Civilization -- spurns -- the Leopard!
294Climbing to reach the costly Hearts
295Cocoon above! Cocoon below!
296Color -- Caste -- Denomination --
297Come show thy Durham Breast
298Come slowly -- Eden!
299Conferring with myself
300Confirming All who analyze
301Conjecturing a Climate
302Conscious am I in my Chamber,
303Consulting summer's clock,
304Contained in this short Life
305Cosmopolities without a plea
306Could -- I do more -- for Thee
307Could Hope inspect her Basis
308Could I -- then -- shut the door
309Could I but ride indefinite
310Could live -- did live
311Could mortal lip divine
312Could that sweet Darkness where they dwell
313Count not that far that can be had,
314Crisis is a Hair
315Crisis is sweet and yet the Heart
316Crumbling is not an instant's Act
317Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat?
318Dear March -- Come in --
319Death is a Dialogue between
320Death is like the insect
321Death is potential to that Man
322Death is the supple Suitor
323Death leaves Us homesick, who behind,
324Death sets a Thing significant
325Death warrants are supposed to be
326Death's Waylaying not the sharpest
327Declaiming Waters none may dread --
328Defrauded I a Butterfly --
329Delayed till she had ceased to know
330Delight -- becomes pictorial --
331Delight is as the flight
332Delight's Despair at setting
333Denial -- is the only fact
334Departed -- to the Judgment --
335Deprived of other Banquet,
336Despair's advantage is achieved
337Dew -- is the Freshet in the Grass --
338Did life's penurious length
339Did Our Best Moment last
340Did the Harebell loose her girdle
341Did We abolish Frost
342Did we disobey Him?
343Did you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth --
344Distance -- is not the Realm of Fox
345Distrustful of the Gentian
346Do People moulder equally,
347Dominion lasts until obtained --
348Don't put up my Thread and Needle --
349Doom is the House without the Door
350Doubt Me! My Dim Companion!
351Down Time's quaint stream
352Drab Habitation of Whom?
353Drama's Vitallest Expression is the Common Day
354Dreams -- are well -- but Waking's better,
355Dreams are the subtle Dower
356Dropped into the Ether Acre --
357Drowning is not so pitiful
358Dust is the only Secret
359Dying at my music!
360Dying! To be afraid of thee
361Dying! Dying in the night!
362Each Life Converges to some Centre --
363Each Scar I'll keep for Him
364Each Second is the last
365Each that we lose takes part of us;
366Eden is that old-fashioned House
367Elijah's Wagon knew no thill
368Elizabeth told Essex
369Elysium is as far as to
370Embarrassment of one another
371Empty my Heart, of Thee --
372Endanger it, and the Demand
373Ended, ere it begun --
374Endow the Living -- with the Tears --
375Escape is such a thankful Word
376Escaping backward to perceive
377Essential Oils -- are wrung --
378Estranged from Beauty -- none can be --
379Except the Heaven had come so near
380Except the smaller size
381Except to Heaven, she is nought.
382Exhilaration -- is within
383Exhilaration is the Breeze
384Expanse cannot be lost --
385Expectation -- is Contentment --
386Experience is the Angled Road
387Experiment escorts us last --
388Experiment to me
389Extol thee -- could I? Then I will
390Exultation is the going
391Facts by our side are never sudden
392Fairer through Fading -- as the Day
393Faith -- is the Pierless Bridge
394Falsehood of Thee could I suppose
395Fame is a bee.
396Fame is a fickle food
397Fame is the one that does not stay --
398Fame is the tine that Scholars leave
399Fame of Myself, to justify,
400Fame's Boys and Girls, who never die
401Far from Love the Heavenly Father
402Fate slew Him, but He did not drop --
403Few, yet enough,
404Finding is the first Act
405Finite -- to fail, but infinite to Venture --
406Fitter to see Him, I may be
407Floss won't save you from an Abyss
408Flowers -- Well -- if anybody
409Follow wise Orion
410For Death -- or rather
411For each ecstatic instant
412For every Bird a Nest
413For largest Woman's Hearth I knew
414For this -- accepted Breath
415Forbidden Fruit a flavor has
416Forever -- it composed of Nows --
417Forever at His side to walk
418Forever honored by the Tree
419Forget! The lady with the Amulet
420Fortitude incarnate
421Four Trees -- upon a solitary Acre --
422Frequently the wood are pink
423Frigid and sweet Her parting Face --
424From all the Jails the Boys and Girls
425From Blank to Blank --
426From Cocoon forth a Butterfly
427From his slim Palace in the Dust
428From Us She wandered now a Year,
429Funny -- to be a Century
430Further in Summer than the Birds
431Garland for Queens, may be
432Gathered into the Earth,
433Give little Anguish
434Given in Marriage unto Thee
435Glass was the Street -- in tinsel Peril
436Glee -- The great storm is over --
437Glory is that bright tragic thing
438Glowing is her Bonnet,
439Go not too near a House of Rose --
440Go slow, my soul, to feed thyself
441Go thy great way!
442God gave a Loaf to every Bird --
443God is a distant -- stately Lover
444God is indeed a jealous God --
445God made a little Gentian
446God made no act without a cause,
447God permits industrious Angels
448Going to Heaven!
449Going to Him! Happy letter!
450Good Morning -- Midnight
451Good Night! Which put the Candle out?
452Good night, because we must,
453Good to hide, and hear 'em hunt!
454Gratitude -- is not the mention
455Great Caesar! Condescend
456Great Streets of silence led away
457Grief is a Mouse --
458Growth of Man -- like Growth of Nature --
459Guest am I to have
460Had I known that the first was the last
461Had I not seen the Sun
462Had I not This, or This, I said,
463Had I presumed to hope --
464Had this one Day not been.
465Had we known the Ton she bore
466Had we our senses
467Have any like Myself
468Have you got a Brook in your little heart,
469He ate and drank the precious Words --
470He forgot -- and I -- remembered
471He fought like those Who've nought to lose --
472He found my Being -- set it up --
473He fumbles at your Soul
474He gave away his Life --
475He is alive, this morning --
476He lived the Life of Ambush
477He outstripped Time with but a Bout,
478He parts Himself -- like Leaves --
479He preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow --
480He put the Belt around my life
481He scanned it -- staggered --
482He strained my faith
483He told a homely tale
484He touched me, so I live to know
485He was my host -- he was my guest,
486He was weak, and I was strong -- then
487He went by sleep that drowsy route
488He who in Himself believes --
489Heart! We will forget him!
490Heart, not so heavy as mine
491Heaven is so far of the Mind
492Her -- "last Poems"
493Her breast is fit for pearls,
494Her face was in a bed of hair,
495Her final Summer was it --
496Her Grace is all she has --
497Her little Parasol to lift
498Her Losses make our Gains ashamed --
499Her smile was shaped like other smiles --
500Her sovereign People
501Her spirit rose to such a height
502Her Sweet turn to leave the Homestead
503Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night
504Here, where the Daisies fit my Head
505Herein a Blossom lies --
506High from the earth I heard a bird,
507His Bill an Auger is
508His Bill is clasped -- his Eye forsook --
509His Cheek is his Biographer --
510His Feet are shod with Gauze --
511His Heart was darker than the starless night
512His little Hearse like Figure
513His Mansion in the Pool
514His Mind like Fabrics of the East
515His mind of man, a secret makes
516His oriental heresies
517His voice decrepit was with Joy --
518Hope is a strange invention --
519Hope is a subtle Glutton --
520How brittle are the Piers
521How dare the robins sing,
522How destitute is he
523How far is it to Heaven?
524How firm Eternity must look
525How fits his Umber Coat
526How fleet -- how indiscreet an one --
527How fortunate the Grave --
528How good his Lava Bed,
529How happy I was if I could forget
530How happy is the little Stone
531How Human Nature dotes
532How know it from a Summer's Day?
533How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights --
534How many Flowers fail in Wood
535How many schemes may die
536How many times these low feet staggered
537How much of Source escapes with thee --
538How much the present moment means
539How News must feel when travelling
540How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand,
541How ruthless are the gentle --
542How sick -- to wait -- in any place -- but thine
543How slow the Wind --
544How soft a Caterpillar steps --
545How soft this Prison is
546How still the Bells in Steeples stand
547How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
548How the Waters closed above Him
549How well I knew Her not
550I am afraid to own a Body --
551I am alive -- I guess
552I am ashamed -- I hide
553I asked no other thing --
554I bet with every Wind that blew
555I breathed enough to take the Trick
556I bring an unaccustomed wine
557I Came to buy a smile -- today
558I can wade Grief
559I can't tell you -- but you feel it
560I cannot be ashamed
561I cannot buy it -- 'tis not sold --
562I cannot dance upon my Toes
563I cannot live with You --
564I cannot meet the Spring unmoved --
565I cannot see my soul but know 'tis there
566I cannot want it more --
567I cautious, scanned my little life
568I could bring You Jewels -- had I a mind to --
569I could die -- to know --
570I could not drink it, Sweet,
571I could not prove the Years had feet --
572I cried at Pity -- not at Pain --
573I cross till I am weary
574I did not reach Thee
575I died for Beauty -- but was scarce
576I dwell in Possibility --
577I envy Seas, whereon He rides
578I fear a Man of frugal Speech --
579I felt a Cleaving in my Mind --
580I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
581I felt my life with both my hands
582I fit for them --
583I found the words to every thought
584I gained it so
585I gave myself to Him --
586I got so I could take his name
587I groped for him before I knew
588I had a daily Bliss
589I had a guinea golden
590I had been hungry, all the Years --
591I had no Cause to be awake --
592I had no time to Hate
593I had not minded -- Walls
594I had some things that I called mine
595I had the Glory -- that will do
596I have a Bird in spring
597I have a King, who does not speak
598I have never seen "Volcanoes"
599I have no Life but this --
600I haven't told my garden yet
601I heard a Fly buzz -- when I died
602I heard, as if I had no Ear
603I held a Jewel in my fingers
604I hide myself within my flower,
605I keep my pledge.
606I knew that I had gained
607I know a place where Summer strives
608I know lives, I could miss
609I know of people in the Grave
610I know some lonely Houses off the Road
611I know Suspense -- it steps so terse
612I know that He exists.
613I know where Wells grow -- Droughtless Wells
614I learned -- at least -- what Home could be --
615I like a look of Agony,
616I like to see it lap the Miles --
617I live with Him -- I see His face
618I lived on Dread --
619I lost a World -- the other day!
620I made slow Riches but my Gain
621I make His Crescent fill or lack --
622I many times thought Peace had come
623I meant to find Her when I came --
624I meant to have but modest needs
625I measure every Grief I meet
626I met a King this afternoon!
627I never felt at Home -- Below
628I never hear that one is dead
629I never hear the word "escape"
630I never lost as much but twice
631I never saw a Moor --
632I never told the buried gold
633I noticed People disappeared
634I often passed the village
635I pay -- in Satin Cash
636I play at Riches -- to appease
637I prayed, at first, a little Girl,
638I read my sentence -- steadily
639I reason, Earth is short
640I reckon -- when I count it all --
641I robbed the Woods
642I rose -- because He sank --
643I saw no Way -- The Heavens were stitched
644I saw that the Flake was on it
645I saw the wind within her
646I see thee better -- in the Dark --
647I see thee clearer for the Grave
648I send Two Sunsets
649I send you a decrepit flower
650I shall keep singing!
651I shall know why -- when Time is over
652I shall not murmur if at last
653I should have been too glad, I see
654I should not dare to be so sad
655I should not dare to leave my friend,
656I showed her Heights she never saw
657I sing to use the Waiting
658I sometimes drop it, for a Quick --
659I started Early -- Took my Dog --
660I stepped from Plank to Plank
661I stole them from a Bee
662I sued the News -- yet feared -- the News
663I suppose the time will come
664I taste a liquor never brewed
665I tend my flowers for thee
666I think I was enchanted
667I think just how my shape will rise
668I think that the Root of the Wind is Water --
669I think the Hemlock likes to stand
670I think the longest Hour of all
671I think to Live -- may be a Bliss
672I thought that nature was enough
673I thought the Train would never come --
674I tie my Hat -- I crease my Shawl
675I took my power in my hand
676I took one Draught of Life --
677I tried to think a lonelier Thing
678I was a Phoebe -- nothing more --
679I was the slightest in the House
680I watched the Moon around the House
681I watcher her face to see which way
682I went to Heaven
683I went to thank Her
684I worked for chaff and earning Wheat
685I would distil a cup
686I would not paint -- a picture --
687I Years had been from Home
688I'd rather recollect a setting
689I'll clutch -- and clutch
690I'll send the feather from my Hat!
691I'll tell you how the Sun rose
692I'm "wife" -- I've finished that
693I'm ceded -- I've stopped being Theirs --
694I'm Nobody! Who are you?
695I'm saying every day
696I'm sorry for the Dead -- Today --
697I'm the little "Heart's Ease"!
698I've dropped my Brain -- My Soul is numb --
699I've got an arrow here.
700I've heard an Organ talk, sometimes
701I've known a Heaven, like a Tent
702I've none to tell me to but Thee
703I've nothing else -- to bring, You know
704I've seen a Dying Eye
705Ideals are the Fairly Oil
706If all the griefs I am to have
707If any sink, assure that this, now standing
708If anybody's friend be dead
709If Blame be my side -- forfeit Me --
710If ever the lid gets off my head
711If He dissolve -- then
712If He were living -- dare I ask --
713If I can stop one Heart from breaking
714If I could bribe them by a Rose
715If I could tell how glad I was
716If I may have it, when it's dead,
717If I should cease to bring a Rose
718If I should die,
719If I shouldn't be alive
720If I'm lost -- now
721If it had no pencil
722If my Bark sink
723If Nature smiles -- the Mother must
724If pain for peace prepares
725If recollecting were forgetting,
726If she had been the Mistletoe
727If the foolish, call them "flowers"
728If this is "fading"
729If those I loved were lost
730If What we could -- were what we would
731If wrecked upon the Shoal of Thought
732If you were coming in the Fall,
733If your Nerve, deny you
734Image of Light, Adieu --
735Immortal is an ample word
736Immured in Heaven!
737Impossibility, like Wine
738In Ebon Box, when years have flown
739In falling Timbers buried --
740In lands I never saw -- they say
741In many and reportless places
742In rags mysterious as these
743In snow thou comest --
744In this short Life
745In thy long Paradise of Light
746In Winter in my Room
747Inconceivably solemn!
748Is Bliss then, such Abyss,
749Is Heaven a Physician?
750Is Immortality a bane
751Is it dead -- Find it
752Is it too late to touch you, Dear?
753Is it true, dear Sue?
754It always felt to me -- a wrong
755It bloomed and dropt, a Single Noon --
756It came at last but prompter Death
757It came his turn to beg --
758It can't be "Summer"!
759It ceased to hurt me, though so slow
760It did not surprise me
761It don't sound so terrible -- quite -- as it did
762It dropped so low -- in my Regard --
763It feels a shame to be Alive
764It is a lonesome Glee --
765It is an honorable Thought
766It is easy to work when the soul is at play
767It knew no lapse, nor Diminuation --
768It knew no Medicine --
769It makes no difference abroad --
770It might be lonelier
771It rises -- passes -- on our South
772It sifts from Leaden Sieves
773It sounded as if the Streets were running
774It stole along so stealthy
775It struck me -- every Day
776It tossed -- and tossed --
777It troubled me as once I was --
778It was a Grave, yet bore no Stone
779It was a quiet seeming Day --
780It was a quiet way --
781It was given to me by the Gods
782It was not Death, for I stood up,
783It was not Saint -- it was too large --
784It was too late for Man --
785It will be Summer -- eventually.
786It would have starved a Gnat --
787It would never be Common -- more -- I said
788It would not know if it were spurned,
789It's all I have to bring today
790It's coming -- the postponeless Creature
791It's easy to invent a Life --
792It's like the Light
793It's such a little thing to weep
794It's thoughts -- and just One Heart
795Its Hour with itself
796Its little Ether Hood
797Jesus! thy Crucifix
798Joy to have merited the Pain --
799Judgment is justest
800Just as He spoke it from his Hands
801Just lost, when I was saved!
802Just Once! Oh least Request!
803Just so -- Jesus -- raps
804Kill your Balm -- and its Odors bless you
805Knock with tremor --
806Knows how to forget!
807Lad of Athens, faithful be
808Lain in Nature -- so suffice us
809Lay this Laurel on the One
810Least Bee that brew --
811Least Rivers -- docile to some sea
812Left in immortal Youth
813Lest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today
814Lest they should come -- is all my fear
815Lest this be Heaven indeed
816Let down the Bars, Oh Death --
817Let me not mar that perfect Dream
818Let me not thirst with this Hock at my Lip,
819Let my first Knowing be of thee
820Let Us play Yesterday --
821Life -- is what we make of it --
822Life, and Death, and Giants --
823Lift it -- with the Feathers
824Light is sufficient to itself --
825Lightly stepped a yellow star
826Like Brooms of Steel
827Like eyes that looked on Wastes
828Like Flowers, that heard the news of Dews,
829Like her the Saints retire,
830Like Men and Women Shadows walk
831Like Mighty Foot Lights -- burned the Red
832Like Rain it sounded till it curved
833Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
834Like Time's insidious wrinkle
835Like Trains of Cars on Tracks of Plush
836Lives he in any other world
837Long Years apart -- can make no
838Longing is like the Seed
839Look back on Time, with kindly eyes --
840Love -- is anterior to Life --
841Love -- is that later Thing than Death --
842Love -- thou art high
843Love can do all but raise the Dead
844Love is done when Love's begun,
845Love reckons by itself -- alone --
846Love's stricken "why"
847Low at my problem bending,
848Luck is not chance --
849Make me a picture of the sun
850Mama never forgets her birds,
851Many a phrase has the English language
852Many cross the Rhine
853March is the Month of Expectation.
854Me -- come! My dazzled face
855Me from Myself -- to banish --
856Me prove it now -- Whoever doubt
857Me, change! Me, alter!
858Meeting by Accident,
859Midsummer, was it, when They died --
860Mine -- by the Right of the White Election!
861Mine Enemy is growing old --
862More Life -- went out -- when He went
863More than the Grave is closed to me --
864Morning -- is the place for Dew
865Morning is due to all --
866Morning that comes but once,
867Morns like these -- we parted
868Most she touched me by her muteness --
869Much Madness is divinest Sense
870Musicians wrestle everywhere
871Must be a Woe --
872Mute thy Coronation
873Mute thy Coronation
874Mute thy Coronation
875Mute thy Coronation
876My best Acquaintances are those
877My Cocoon tightens -- Colors tease --
878My country need not change her gown,
879My Eye is fuller than my vase
880My Faith is larger than the Hills --
881My first well Day -- since many ill --
882My friend attacks my friend!
883My friend must be a Bird
884My Garden -- like the Beach
885My God -- He sees thee --
886My Heart ran so to thee
887My Heart upon a little Plate
888My life closed twice before its close --
889My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun --
890My Maker -- let me be
891My nosegays are for Captives
892My period had come for Prayer --
893My Portion is Defeat -- today --
894My Reward for Being, was This.
895My River runs to thee
896My Season's furthest Flower --
897My Soul -- accused me -- And I quailed --
898My Triumph lasted till the Drums
899My Wars are laid away in Books --
900My wheel is in the dark!
901My Worthiness is all my Doubt --
902Myself can read the Telegrams
903Myself was formed -- a Carpenter
904Nature -- sometimes sears a Sapling
905Nature -- the Gentlest Mother is,
906Nature affects to be sedate
907Nature and God -- I neither knew
908Nature assigns the Sun --
909Nature can do no more
910Nature rarer uses Yellow
911Never for Society
912New feet within my garden go
913No Autumn's intercepting Chill
914No Bobolink -- reverse His Singing
915No Brigadier throughout the Year
916No Crowd that has occurred
917No ladder needs the bird but skies
918No Life can pompless pass away --
919No Man can compass a Despair
920No man saw awe, nor to his house
921No matter -- now -- Sweet --
922No matter where the Saints abide,
923No Notice gave She, but a Change --
924No Other can reduce
925No Passenger was known to flee --
926No Prisoner be --
927No Rack can torture me
928No Romance sold unto
929Nobody knows this little Rose
930None can experience sting
931None who saw it ever told it
932Noon -- is the Hinge of Day --
933Nor Mountain hinder Me
934Not "Revelation" -- 'tis -- that waits,
935Not all die early, dying young --
936Not any higher stands the Grave
937Not any more to be lacked --
938Not any sunny tone
939Not at Home to Callers
940Not in this World to see his face
941Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
942Not One by Heaven defrauded stay --
943Not probable -- The barest Chance
944Not seeing, still we know --
945Not Sickness stains the Brave,
946Not so the infinite Relations -- Below
947Not that he goes -- we love him more
948Not that We did, shall be the test
949Not to discover weakness is
950Not with a Club, the Heart is broken
951Now I knew I lost her --
952Now I lay thee down to Sleep --
953Obtaining but our own Extent
954Of all the Souls that stand create --
955Of all the Sounds despatched abroad
956Of Being is a Bird
957Of Bronze -- and Blaze
958Of Brussels -- it was not --
959Of Consciousness, her awful Mate
960Of Course -- I prayed
961Of Death I try to think like this --
962Of Glory not a Beam is left
963Of God we ask one favor,
964Of Life to own --
965Of Nature I shall have enough
966Of nearness to her sundered Things
967Of Paradise' existence
968Of Paul and Silas it is said
969Of Silken Speech and Specious Shoe
970Of so divine a Loss
971Of the Heart that goes in, and closes the Door
972Of their peculiar light
973Of this is Day composed
974Of Tolling Bell I ask the cause?
975Of Tribulation, these are They
976Of whom so dear
977Of Yellow was the outer Sky
978Oh Future! thou secreted peace
979Oh give it Motion -- deck it sweet
980Oh Shadow on the Grass,
981Oh Sumptuous moment
982Oh what a Grace is this,
983Oh, honey of an hour,
984On a Columnar Self --
985On my volcano grows the Grass
986On such a night, or such a night,
987On that dear Frame the Years had worn
988On that specific Pillow
989On the World you colored
990On this long storm the Rainbow rose
991On this wondrous sea
992Once more, my now bewildered Dove
993One and One -- are One --
994One Anguish -- in a Crowd --
995One Blessing had I than the rest
996One crown that no one seeks
997One Crucifixion is recorded -- only --
998One Day is there of the Series
999One dignity delays for all
1000One Joy of so much anguish
1001One Life of so much Consequence!
1002One need not be a Chamber -- to be Haunted --
1003One of the ones that Midas touched
1004One Sister have I in our house
1005One thing of it we borrow
1006One Year ago -- jots what?
1007Only a Shrine, but Mine --
1008Only God -- detect the Sorrow --
1009Opinion is a flitting thing,
1010Our journey had advanced --
1011Our little Kinsmen -- after Rain
1012Our little secrets slink away --
1013Our lives are Swiss
1014Our own possessions -- though our own --
1015Our share of night to bear
1016Ourselves we do inter with sweet derision.
1017Ourselves were wed one summer -- dear --
1018Out of sight? What of that?
1019Over and over, like a Tune
1020Over the fence
1021Pain -- expands the Time --
1022Pain -- has an Element of Blank --
1023Pain has but one Acquaintance
1024Papa above!
1025Paradise is of the option.
1026Paradise is that old mansion
1027Partake as doth the Bee,
1028Parting with Thee reluctantly,
1029Pass to they Rendezvous of Light,
1030Patience -- has a quiet Outer --
1031Peace is a fiction of our Faith --
1032Perception of an object costs
1033Perhaps I asked too large
1034Perhaps they do not go so far
1035Perhaps you think me stooping
1036Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower,
1037Peril as a Possesssion
1038Pigmy seraphs -- gone astray
1039Pink -- small -- and punctual --
1040Poor little Heart!
1041Portraits are to daily faces
1042Power is a familiar growth --
1043Praise it -- 'tis dead --
1044Prayer is the little implement
1045Precious to Me -- She still shall be --
1046Presentiment -- is that long Shadow -- on the Lawn --
1047Promise This -- When You be Dying --
1048Proud of my broken heart, since thou didst break it,
1049Publication -- is the Auction
1050Purple -- is fashionable twice --
1051Pursuing you in your transitions,
1052Put up my lute!
1053Quite empty, quite at rest,
1054Rather arid delight
1055Read -- Sweet -- how others -- strove
1056Rearrange a "Wife's" affection!
1057Recollect the Face of me
1058Rehearsal to Ourselves
1059Remembrance has a Rear and Front --
1060Remorse -- is Memory -- awake --
1061Removed from Accident of Loss
1062Renunciation -- is a piercing Virtue --
1063Reportless Subjects, to the Quick
1064Rest at Night
1065Reverse cannot befall
1066Revolution is the Pod
1067Ribbons of the Year --
1068Risk is the Hair that holds the Tun
1069Robbed by Death -- but that was easy --
1070Safe Despair it is that raves --
1071Safe in their Alabaster Chambers
1072Said Death to Passion
1073Sang from the Heart, Sire,
1074Satisfaction -- is the Agent
1075Savior! I've no one else to tell
1076September's Baccalaureate
1077Severer Service of myself
1078Sexton! My Master's sleeping here.
1079Shall I take thee, the Poet said
1080Shame is the shawl of Pink
1081She bore it till the simple veins
1082She could not live upon the Past
1083She dealt her pretty words like Blades
1084She died -- this was the way she died.
1085She died at play,
1086She dwelleth in the Ground --
1087She hideth Her the last --
1088She laid her docile Crescent down
1089She lay as if at play
1090She rose as high as His Occasion
1091She rose to His Requirement -- dropt
1092She sights a Bird -- she chuckles --
1093She slept beneath a tree
1094She sped as Petals of a Rose
1095She staked her Feathers -- Gained an Arc --
1096She sweeps with many-colored Brooms
1097She went as quiet as the Dew
1098She's happy, with a new Content --
1099Shells from the Coast mistaking --
1100Should you but fail at -- Sea
1101Silence is all we dread.
1102Size circumscribes -- it has no room
1103Sleep is supposed to be
1104Smiling back from Coronation
1105Snow beneath whose chilly softness
1106Snow flakes.
1107So bashful when I spied her!
1108So from the mould
1109So gay a Flower
1110So give me back to Death --
1111So glad we are -- a Stranger'd deem
1112So has a Daisy vanished
1113So I pull my Stockings off
1114So large my Will
1115So much of Heaven has gone from Earth
1116So much Summer
1117So proud she was to die
1118So set its Sun in Thee
1119So the Eyes accost -- and sunder
1120So well that I can live without
1121Society for me my misery
1122Soft as the massacre of Suns
1123Softened by Time's consummate plush,
1124Soil of Flint, if steady tilled --
1125Some Arrows slay but whom they strike --
1126Some Days retired from the rest
1127Some keep the Sabbath going to Church
1128Some one prepared this mighty show
1129Some Rainbow -- coming from the Fair!
1130Some say goodnight -- at night --
1131Some such Butterfly be seen
1132Some things that fly there be
1133Some we see no more, Tenements of Wonder
1134Some Wretched creature, savior take
1135Some, too fragile for winter winds
1136Somehow myself survived the Night
1137Sometimes with the Heart
1138Somewhat, to hope for,
1139Somewhere upon the general Earth
1140Soto! Explore thyself!
1141Soul, take thy risk.
1142Soul, Wilt thou toss again?
1143South Winds jostle them
1144Speech is one symptom of Affection
1145Split the Lark -- and you'll find the Music --
1146Spring comes on the World --
1147Spring is the Period
1148Spurn the temerity --
1149Step lightly on this narrow spot --
1150Still own thee -- still thou art
1151Strong Draughts of Their Refreshing Minds
1152Struck, was I, not yet by Lightning --
1153Success is counted sweetest
1154Such are the inlets of the mind --
1155Such is the Force of Happiness --
1156Summer -- we all have seen --
1157Summer begins to have the look
1158Summer for thee, grant I may be
1159Summer has two Beginnings --
1160Summer is shorter than any one --
1161Summer laid her simple Hat
1162Sunset at Night -- is natural
1163Sunset that screens, reveals --
1164Superfluous were the Sun
1165Superiority to Fate
1166Surgeons must be very careful
1167Surprise is like a thrilling -- pungent --
1168Suspense -- is Hostiler than Death --
1169Sweet -- safe -- Houses
1170Sweet -- You forgot -- but I remembered
1171Sweet hours have perished here;
1172Sweet is the swamp with its secrets,
1173Sweet Mountains -- Ye tell Me no lie --
1174Sweet Pirate of the heart,
1175Sweet Skepticism of the Heart --
1176Sweet, to have had them lost
1177Take all away --
1178Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy,
1179Take your Heaven further on
1180Taken from men -- this morning
1181Taking up the fair Ideal,
1182Talk not to me of Summer Trees
1183Talk with prudence to a Beggar
1184Teach Him -- When He makes the names
1185Tell all the Truth but tell it slant --
1186Tell as a Marksman -- were forgotten
1187Than Heaven more remote,
1188That after Horror -- that 'twas us
1189That Distance was between Us
1190That first Day, when you praised Me, Sweet,
1191That I did always love
1192That is solemn we have ended
1193That it will never come again
1194That Love is all there is,
1195That odd old man is dead a year --
1196That sacred Closet when you sweep --
1197That she forgot me was the least
1198That short -- potential stir
1199That Such have died enable Us
1200That this should feel the need of Death
1201The Admirations -- and Contempts -- of time --
1202The Angle of a Landscape
1203The Auctioneer of Parting
1204The Bat is dun, with wrinkled Wings --
1205The Battle fought between the Soul
1206The Bee is not afraid of me.
1207The Beggar at the Door for Fame
1208The Beggar Lad -- dies early --
1209The Bible is an antique Volume --
1210The Bird did prance -- the Bee did play --
1211The Bird her punctual music brings
1212The Bird must sing to earn the Crumb
1213The Birds begun at Four o'clock --
1214The Birds reported from the South --
1215The Black Berry -- wears a Thorn in his side --
1216The Blunder is in estimate.
1217The Bobolink is gone --
1218The Body grows without --
1219The Bone that has no Marrow,
1220The Brain -- is wider than the Sky --
1221The Brain, within its Groove
1222The Bustle in a House
1223The Butterfly in honored Dust
1224The butterfly obtains
1225The Butterfly upon the Sky,
1226The Butterfly's Assumption Gown
1227The Butterfly's Numidian Gown
1228The Chemical conviction
1229The Child's faith is new --
1230The Clock strikes one that just struck two --
1231The Clouds their Backs together laid
1232The Clover's simple Fame
1233The Color of a Queen, is this --
1234The Color of the Grave is Green
1235The competitions of the sky
1236The Court is far away
1237The Crickets sang
1238The Daisy follows soft the Sun
1239The Dandelion's pallid tube
1240The Day came slow -- till Five o'clock
1241The Day grew small, surrounded tight
1242The Day she goes
1243The Day that I was crowned
1244The Day undressed -- Herself --
1245The Days that we can spare
1246The Definition of Beauty is
1247The Devil -- had he fidelity
1248The difference between Despair
1249The distance that the dead have gone
1250The Ditch is dear to the Drunken man
1251The Doomed -- regard the Sunrise
1252The Drop, that wrestles in the Sea
1253The Dust behind I strove to join
1254The duties of the Wind are few,
1255The Dying need but little, Dear,
1256The earth has many keys,
1257The ecstasy to guess
1258The event was directly behind Him
1259The face I carry with me -- last
1260The Face in evanescence lain
1261The Face we choose to miss --
1262The Fact that Earth is Heaven --
1263The fairest Home I ever knew
1264The farthest Thunder that I heard
1265The fascinating chill that music leaves
1266The feet of people walking home
1267The Fingers of the Light
1268The first Day that I was a Life
1269The first Day's Night had come
1270The first We knew of Him was Death --
1271The Flake the Wind exasperate
1272The Flower must not blame the Bee
1273The Frost of Death was on the Pane --
1274The Frost was never seen --
1275The Future -- never spoke --
1276The Gentian has a parched Corolla --
1277The Gentian weaves her fringes
1278The gleam of an heroic Act
1279The going from a world we know
1280The good Will of a Flower
1281The Grace -- Myself -- might not obtain --
1282The Grass so little has to do
1283The grave my little cottage is,
1284The Guest is gold and crimson
1285The hallowing of Pain
1286The harm of Years is on him --
1287The healed Heart shows its shallow scar
1288The Heart asks Pleasure -- first --
1289The Heart has many Doors --
1290The Heart has narrow Banks
1291The Heart is the Capital of the Mind --
1292The Heaven vests for Each
1293The Hills erect their Purple Heads
1294The Hills in Purple syllables
1295The Himmaleh was known to stoop
1296The Hollows round His eager Eyes
1297The immortality she gave
1298The incidents of love
1299The Infinite a sudden Guest
1300The inundation of the Spring
1301The Jay his Castanet has struck
1302The joy that has no stem no core,
1303The Judge is like the Owl --
1304The Juggler's Hat her Country is
1305The Lady feeds Her little Bird
1306The Lamp burns sure -- within
1307The largest Fire ever known
1308The Lassitudes of Contemplation
1309The last Night that She lived
1310The last of Summer is Delight --
1311The Leaves like Women interchange
1312The Life that tied too tight escapes
1313The Life we have is very great.
1314The Lightning is a yellow Fork
1315The Lightning playeth -- all the while --
1316The Lilac is an ancient shrub
1317The Loneliness One dare not sound --
1318The lonesome for they know not What
1319The long sigh of the Frog
1320The longest day that God appoints
1321The look of thee, what is it like
1322The Love a Life can show Below
1323The Luxury to apprehend
1324The Malay -- took the Pearl
1325The Manner of its Death
1326The Martyr Poets -- did not tell --
1327The Merchant of the Picturesque
1328The Mind lives on the Heart
1329The Missing All -- prevented Me
1330The mob within the heart
1331The Months have ends -- the Years -- a knot
1332The Moon is distant from the Sea
1333The Moon upon her fluent Route
1334The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
1335The Morning after Woe
1336The morns are meeker than they were
1337The most important population
1338The most pathetic thing I do
1339The most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met
1340The Mountain sat upon the Plain
1341The Mountains -- grow unnoticed --
1342The Mountains stood in Haze --
1343The Murmur of a Bee
1344The murmuring of Bees, has ceased
1345The Mushroom is the Elf of Plants --
1346The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" --
1347The nearest Dream recedes -- unrealized
1348The Night was wide, and furnished scant
1349The Notice that is called the Spring
1350The One who could repeat the Summer day
1351The ones that disappeared are back
1352The only Ghost I ever saw
1353The Only News I know
1354The Opening and the Close
1355The Outer -- from the Inner
1356The overtakelessness of those
1357The parasol is the umbrella's daughter,
1358The Past is such a curious Creature
1359The pattern of the sun
1360The pedigree of Honey
1361The Pile of Years is not so high
1362The Poets light but Lamps --
1363The Popular Heart is a Cannon first --
1364The power to be true to You,
1365The pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves
1366The Products of my Farm are these
1367The Props assist the House
1368The Province of the Saved
1369The pungent atom in the Air
1370The rainbow never tells me
1371The Rat is the concisest Tenant.
1372The Red -- Blaze -- is the Morning
1373The reticent volcano keeps
1374The Riddle we can guess
1375The right to perish might be thought
1376The Road to Paradise is plain,
1377The Road was lit with Moon and star --
1378The Robin for the Crumb
1379The Robin is a Gabriel
1380The Robin is the One
1381The Robin's my Criterion for Tune
1382The Rose did caper on her cheek
1383The saddest noise, the sweetest noise,
1384The Savior must have been
1385The Sea said "Come" to the Brook --
1386The Service without Hope --
1387The Show is not the Show
1388The Skies can't keep their secret!
1389The Sky is low -- the Clouds are mean.
1390The smouldering embers blush --
1391The Snow that never drifts --
1392The Soul has Bandaged moments --
1393The Soul selects her own Society
1394The Soul should always stand ajar
1395The Soul that hath a Guest
1396The Soul unto itself
1397The Soul's distinct connection
1398The Soul's Superior instants
1399The Spider as an Artist
1400The Spider holds a Silver Ball
1401The Spirit is the Conscious Ear.
1402The Spirit lasts -- but in what mode --
1403The spry Arms of the Wind
1404The Stars are old, that stood for me --
1405The stem of a departed Flower
1406The Stimulus, beyond the Grave
1407The Suburbs of a Secret
1408The Summer that we did not prize,
1409The Sun -- just touched the Morning
1410The Sun and Fog contested
1411The Sun and Moon must make their haste --
1412The Sun in reigning to the West
1413The Sun is gay or stark
1414The Sun is one -- and on the Tare
1415The Sun kept setting -- setting -- still
1416The Sun kept stooping -- stooping -- low!
1417The Sun retired to a cloud
1418The Sun went down -- no Man looked on --
1419The Sunrise runs for Both --
1420The Sunset stopped on Cottages
1421The sweetest Heresy received
1422The Sweets of Pillage, can be known
1423The Symptom of the Gale --
1424The Test of Love -- is Death --
1425The Things that never can come back, are several --
1426The things we thought that we should do
1427The thought beneath so slight a film
1428The Thrill came slowly like a Boom for
1429The Tint I cannot take -- is best --
1430The Treason of an accent
1431The Trees like Tassels -- hit -- and swung --
1432The Truth -- is stirless --
1433The vastest earthly Day
1434The Veins of other Flowers
1435The Voice that stands for Floods to me
1436The waters chased him as he fled,
1437The way Hope builds his House
1438The Way I read a Letter's -- this --
1439The Way to know the Bobolink
1440The Well upon the Brook
1441The Whole of it came not at once --
1442The Wind -- tapped like a tired Man
1443The Wind begun to rock the Grass
1444The Wind didn't come from the Orchard -- today
1445The wind drew off
1446The Wind took up the Northern Things
1447The Winters are so short
1448The words the happy say
1449The Work of Her that went,
1450The World -- feels Dusty
1451The World -- stands -- solemner -- to me
1452The worthlessness of Earthly things
1453The Zeroes -- taught us -- Phosphorous --
1454Their Barricade against the Sky
1455Their dappled importunity
1456Their Height in Heaven comforts not --
1457Themself are all I have --
1458There are two Mays
1459There are two Ripenings -- one -- of sight
1460There came a Day at Summer's full
1461There came a Wind like a Bugle --
1462There comes a warning like a spy
1463There comes an hour when begging stops,
1464There is a finished feeling
1465There is a flower that Bees prefer
1466There is a June when Corn is cut
1467There is a Languor of the Life
1468There is a morn by men unseen
1469There is a pain -- so utter --
1470There is a Shame of Nobleness --
1471There is a solitude of space
1472There is a word
1473There is a Zone whose even Years
1474There is an arid Pleasure --
1475There is another Loneliness
1476There is another sky
1477There is no Frigate like a Book
1478There is no Silence in the Earth -- so silent
1479There is strength in proving that it can be borne
1480There's a certain Slant of light,
1481There's been a Death, in the Opposite House,
1482There's something quieter than sleep
1483There's the Battle of Burgoyne --
1484These -- saw Visions --
1485These are the days that Reindeer love
1486These are the days when Birds come back
1487These are the Nights that Beetles love --
1488These are the Signs to Nature's Inns --
1489These Fevered Days -- to take them to the Forest
1490These held their Wick above the West --
1491These Strangers, in a foreign World,
1492These tested Our Horizon --
1493They ask but our Delight --
1494They called me to the Window, for
1495They dropped like Flakes
1496They have a little Odor -- that to me
1497They leave us with the Infinite.
1498They might not need me -- yet they might --
1499They put Us far apart
1500They say that "Time assuages" --
1501They shut me up in Prose --
1502They talk as slow as Legends grow
1503They won't frown always -- some sweet Day
1504This -- is the land -- the Sunset washes
1505This Bauble was preferred of Bees --
1506This Chasm, Sweet, upon my life
1507This Consciousness that is aware
1508This dirty -- little -- Heart
1509This docile one inter
1510This Dust, and its Feature --
1511This heart that broke so long
1512This is a Blossom of the Brain --
1513This is my letter to the World
1514This is the place they hoped before,
1515This Me -- that walks and works -- must die,
1516This Merit hath the worst --
1517This quiet Dust was Gentleman and Ladies
1518This slow Day moved along --
1519This that would greet -- an hour ago --
1520This was a Poet -- It is That
1521This was in the White of the Year --
1522This World is not Conclusion.
1523Tho' I get home how late -- how late
1524Tho' my destiny be Fustian
1525Those -- dying then,
1526Those cattle smaller than a Bee
1527Those fair -- fictitious People
1528Those final Creatures, -- who they are --
1529Those not live yet
1530Those who have been in the Grave the longest --
1531Though the great Waters sleep,
1532Three times -- we parted -- Breath -- and I --
1533Three Weeks passed since I had seen Her --
1534Through lane it lay -- through bramble
1535Through the Dark Sod -- as Education
1536Through the strait pass of suffering --
1537Through those old Grounds of memory,
1538Through what transports of Patience
1539Tie the Strings to my Life, My Lord,
1540Till Death -- is narrow Loving --
1541Time does go on --
1542Time feels so vast that were it not
1543Time's wily Chargers will not wait
1544Title divine -- is mine!
1545To be alive -- is Power --
1546To be forgot by thee
1547To break so vast a Heart
1548To die -- takes just a little while
1549To die -- without the Dying
1550To disappear enhances --
1551To do a magnanimous thing
1552To earn it by disdaining it
1553To fight aloud, is very brave
1554To fill a Gap
1555To flee from memory
1556To hang our head -- ostensibly
1557To hear an Oriole sing
1558To help our Bleaker Parts
1559To her derided Home
1560To his simplicity
1561To interrupt His Yellow Plan
1562To know just how He suffered -- would be dear --
1563To learn the Transport by the Pain
1564To lose one's faith -- surpass
1565To lose thee -- sweeter than to gain
1566To love thee Year by Year
1567To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
1568To make One's Toilette -- after Death
1569To make Routine a Stimulus
1570To mend each tattered Faith
1571To my quick ear the Leaves -- conferred --
1572To my small Hearth His fire came --
1573To offer brave assistance
1574To One denied the drink
1575To own a Susan of my own
1576To own the Art within the Soul
1577To pile like Thunder to its close
1578To put this World down, like a Bundle --
1579To see her is a Picture --
1580To see the Summer Sky
1581To tell the Beauty would decrease
1582To the bright east she flies,
1583To the stanch Dust
1584To their apartment deep
1585To this World she returned.
1586To try to speak, and miss the way
1587To undertake is to achieve
1588To venerate the simple days
1589To wait an Hour -- is long --
1590To Whom the Mornings stand for Nights,
1591Today or this noon
1592Too cold is this
1593Too few the mornings be,
1594Too happy Time dissolves itself
1595Too little way the House must lie
1596Too scanty 'twas to die for you,
1597Touch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar
1598Tried always and Condemned by thee
1599Triumph -- may be of several kinds
1600Trudging to Eden, looking backward,
1601Trust adjust her "Peradventure" --
1602Trust in the Unexpected --
1603Trusty as the stars
1604Truth -- is as old as God --
1605Twice had Summer her fair Verdure
1606Two -- were immortal twice --
1607Two butterflies went out at Noon --
1608Two Lengths has every Day --
1609Two swimmers wrestled on the spar
1610Two Travellers perishing in Snow
1611Unable are the Loved to die
1612Uncertain lease -- develops lustre
1613Under the Light, yet under,
1614Undue Significance a starving man attaches
1615Unfulfilled to Observation --
1616Unit, like Death, for Whom?
1617Until the Desert knows
1618Unto a broken heart
1619Unto like Story -- Trouble has enticed me
1620Unto my Books -- so good to turn --
1621Unto the Whole -- how add?
1622Unworthy of her Breast
1623Up Life's Hill with my my little Bundle
1624Upon a Lilac Sea
1625Upon Concluded Lives
1626Upon his Saddle sprung a Bird
1627Upon the gallows hung a wretch,
1628Victory comes late --
1629Volcanoes be in Sicily
1630Wait till the Majesty of Death
1631Warm in her Hand these accents lie
1632Water makes many Beds
1633Water, is taught by thirst.
1634We -- Bee and I -- live by the quaffing
1635We can but follow to the Sun --
1636We Cover Thee -- Sweet Face
1637We do not know the time we lose --
1638We do not play on Graves
1639We don't cry -- Tim and I,
1640We dream -- it is good we are dreaming --
1641We grow accustomed to the Dark
1642We introduce ourselves
1643We knew not that we were to live --
1644We learn it in Retreating
1645We learned the Whole of Love --
1646We like a Hairbreadth 'scape
1647We like March.
1648We lose -- because we win
1649We met as Sparks -- Diverging Flints
1650We miss a Kinsman more
1651We miss Her, not because We see --
1652We never know how high we are
1653We never know we go when we are going --
1654We outgrow love, like other things
1655We play at Paste
1656We pray -- to Heaven
1657We see -- Comparatively --
1658We send the Wave to find the Wave --
1659We shall find the Cube of the Rainbow.
1660We should not mind so small a flower
1661We shun because we prize her Face
1662We shun it ere it comes,
1663We talked as Girls do --
1664We talked with each other about each other
1665We thirst at first -- 'tis Nature's Act --
1666We wear our sober Dresses when we die,
1667We'll pass without the parting
1668Went up a year this evening!
1669Were it but Me that gained the Height --
1670Were it to be the last
1671Were natural mortal lady
1672Wert Thou but ill -- that I might show thee
1673What care the Dead, for Chanticleer --
1674What did They do since I saw Them?
1675What I can do -- I will
1676What I see not, I better see --
1677What if I say I shall not wait!
1678What Inn is this
1679What is -- "Paradise"
1680What mystery pervades a well!
1681What shall I do -- it whimpers so
1682What shall I do when the Summer troubles --
1683What Soft -- Cherubic Creatures
1684What tenements of clover
1685What Twigs We held by --
1686What we see we know somewhat
1687What would I give to see his face?
1688Whatever it is -- she has tried it --
1689When a Lover is a Beggar
1690When Bells stop ringing -- Church -- begins
1691When Diamonds are a Legend,
1692When Etna basks and purrs
1693When I count the seeds
1694When I have seen the Sun emerge
1695When I hoped I feared --
1696When I hoped, I recollect
1697When I was small, a Woman died --
1698When Katie walks, this simple pair accompany her side,
1699When Memory is full
1700When Night is almost done
1701When One has given up One's life
1702When Roses cease to bloom, Sir,
1703When the Astronomer stops seeking
1704When they come back -- if Blossoms do --
1705When we have ceased to care
1706When we stand on the tops of Things
1707Where bells no more affright the morn
1708Where every bird is bold to go
1709Where I have lost, I softer tread
1710Where Roses would not dare to go,
1711Where Ships of Purple -- gently toss
1712Where Thou art -- that -- is Home --
1713Whether my bark went down at sea
1714Whether they have forgotten
1715Which is best? Heaven --
1716Which is the best -- the Moon or the Crescent?
1717Which misses most,
1718While Asters
1719While it is alive
1720While we were fearing it, it came --
1721White as an Indian Pipe
1722Who abdicated Ambush
1723Who Court obtain within Himself
1724Who Giants know, with lesser Men
1725Who goes to dine must take his Feast
1726Who has not found the Heaven -- below --
1727Who is it seeks my Pillow Nights --
1728Who is the East?
1729Who never lost, are unprepared
1730Who never wanted -- maddest Joy
1731Who occupies this House?
1732Who saw no Sunrise cannot say
1733Who were "the Father and the Son"
1734Whoever disenchants
1735Whole Gulfs -- of Red, and Fleets -- of Red --
1736Whose are the little beds, I asked
1737Whose cheek is this?
1738Whose Pink career may have a close
1739Why -- do they shut Me out of Heaven?
1740Why make it doubt -- it hurts it so
1741Why should we hurry -- why indeed?
1742Wild Nights -- Wild Nights!
1743Will there really be a "Morning"?
1744Winter is good -- his Hoar Delights
1745Winter under cultivation
1746Witchcraft has not a Pedigree
1747Witchcraft was hung, in History,
1748With Pinions of Disdain
1749With sweetness unabated
1750With thee, in the Desert
1751Within my Garden, rides a Bird
1752Within my reach!
1753Within that little Hive
1754Within thy Grave!
1755Without a smile -- Without a Throe
1756Without this -- there is nought --
1757Wolfe demanded during dying
1758Wonder -- is not precisely Knowing
1759Work for Immortality
1760Would you like summer? Taste of ours.
1761Yesterday is History,
1762You cannot make Remembrance grow
1763You cannot put a Fire out --
1764You cannot take itself
1765You constituted Time --
1766You know that Portrait in the Moon --
1767You left me -- Sire -- two Legacies --
1768You love me -- you are sure
1769You love the Lord -- you cannot see
1770You said that I "was Great" -- one Day --
1771You see I cannot see -- your lifetime
1772You taught me Waiting with Myself --
1773You'll find -- it when you try to die --
1774You'll know Her -- by Her Foot --
1775You'll know it -- as you know 'tis Noon
1776You're right -- "the way is narrow"
1777You've seen Balloons set -- Haven't You?
1778Your Riches -- taught me -- Poverty.
1779Your thoughts don't have words every day
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