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1A Chaucerian Paraphrase of Horace
2A drinking song
3A heine love song
4A paraphrase
5A piteous plaint
6A proper trewe idyll of camelot
7A rhine-land drinking song
8A spring poem from bion
9A Valentine
10Abu midjan
11Ailsie, My Bairn
12Apple-Pie and Cheese
13At Cheyenne
14At play
15At the door
16Ballad of women i love
17Ben apfelgarten
18By my sweetheart
19Chicago Weather
20Child and mother
21Christmas treasures
22Chrystmasse of Olde
23Cornish Lullaby
24De Amicitiis
25Der mann im keller
26Dr. sam
27Dutch lullaby
31Fisherman jim's kids
32Garden and cradle
33Good-Children Street
34Heine's "Widow or Daughter?"
36Horace and Lydia Reconciled
37Horace iii. 13
38Horace to Melpomene
39Horace to phyllis
40Horace to Pyrrha
41Hugo's "flower to butterfly"
42Hugo's "pool in the forest"
44In The Firelight
45Inscription for my little son's silver plate
46Japanese lullaby
48Kissing time
50Lady button-eyes
51Little all-aloney
52Little Boy Blue
53Little croodlin doo
54Little Mack
55Little miss brag
56Little Willie
57Little-oh dear
58Long ago
59Lyman, frederick, and jim
60Madge: Ye Hoyden
61Marthy's younkit
62Mary smith
63Mediaeval eventide song
64Mother and child
65Mother and sphinx
66Mr. Dana, of the New York Sun
67My playmates
68Mysterious doings
69Norse lullaby
70Orkney Lullaby
71Our biggest fish
72Our Lady of the Mine
73Our Two Opinions
74Pan liveth
76Pittypat and Tippytoe
77Prof. vere de blaw
78Seein' things
79Shuffle-Shoon and Amber-Locks
80Sicilian Lullaby
81Sister's cake
82So, so, rock-a-by so!
83Soldier, Maiden, and Flower
84Some time
85Star of the east
86Stoves and sunshine
88Swing high and swing low
89The "happy isles" of horace
90The Bench-Legged Fyce
91The Bibliomaniac's Bride
92The Bibliomaniac's Prayer
93The bottle tree
94The bow-leg boy
95The brook
96The Conversazzhony
97The cunnin' little thing
98The dead babe
99The Death of Robin Hood
100The delectable ballad of the waller lot
101The Dinkey Bird
102The discreet collector
103The Divine Lullaby
104The doll's wooing
105The dreams
106The drum
107The duel
108The fly-away horse
109The great journalist in spain
110The happy household
111The humming top
112The jaffa and jerusalem railway
113The limitations of youth
114The Little Peach
115The Lyttel Boy
116The night wind
117The peter-bird
118The ride to bumpville
119The shut-eye train
120The singing in god's acre
121The stoddards
122The stork
123The straw parlor
124The Sugar-Plum Tree
125The three tailors
126The Truth About hHorace
127The Twenty-Third Psalm
128The two little skeezucks
129The wanderer
130The wind
131The wooing of the southland
133To a soubrette
134To a Usurper
135To cinna
136To emma abbott
137To Robin Goodfellow
138Twin idols
139Two idylls from bion the smyrnean
140Two valentines
141When i was a boy
143With brutus in st. jo
144With Trumpet and Drum
145With two spoons for two spoons
146Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
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