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Gary R. Ferris Poems
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Just a Game by Gary R. Ferris
There is something that puzzles me,

Things that can’t be so;

If it’s not too much to bother you,

There’s things I’d like to know.
It wasn’t that long ago,

We spent hours on the phone;

But now when I pick it up,

I only get a tone.
Once you vowed you’d love me,

And I have to wonder why;

For now when you speak to me,

It’s only to say goodbye.
We used to spend time together ,

Played and laughed a lot;

Now I never see you,

The good times you forgot.

Once I told you everything,

My dreams and all my fears;

Now when I speak to you,

It’s like you have no ears.
When life dealt me a dirty hand,

You used to hold me tight;

But now if I get close,

You feel so full of fright.
I believed you when you told me,

You’d love me everyday;

Now you say you’re better off,

If I would go my way.
Was I just a one-day deal?

Will we ever be the same?

Did you really love me?

Or was I just a game?

Written 10-23-90
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