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Gary R. Ferris Poems
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Friends by Gary R. Ferris
Friends are good to have;

To enjoy life and play.

Closer than a brother;

They promise not to walk away.


Without them we are lonely;

And life would be so sad.

In joy and time of pleasure;

Many friends I’ve had.


Oh, in the good times;

They will be by your side.

There to walk beside you;

Running stride for stride.


When you’re on top,

They love you the most.

Of your many accomplishments,

They will brag the most.


But when the clouds gather,

And it begins to rain.

You will be left alone,

With no friend to share the pain.


Where did they go,

All those who cared?

Where are they now?

You’re alone and scared.


Jesus once said;

“Like sheep they would scatter”.

When you’re on the bottom,

You no longer matter.


Father, please forgive them;

For they know not what they do.

Take a look at yourself;

What kind of friend are you?

Written 6-21-05
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