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Gary R. Ferris Poems
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Seven Trumpets by Gary R. Ferris
As the first trumpet blew,

I saw hail and fire, mingled with blood too.

It was cast to the ground,

And burned a third of the trees and grass around.

Where was the water to put it out,

And what could end this awful drought?
Then the second sounded

But this one wasn’t grounded.

A mountain of fire fell into the sea,

And a third of the fishes would no longer be.

A third of the sea was turned to blood,

As a third of the ships sank deep in the mud.
Then the third trumpet blew,

As a star fell from heaven burning like new.

Into a third of the lakes and rivers it fell,

And anyone consuming would die as well.

Wormwood was the name of the star,

And the water was bitter and many would scar.
The suddenly the forth trumpet would sound,

And a third of the sun, moon, and stars were no longer around.

For one third of the day turned into night,

And one third of the night had no light.

And then an angel would suddenly warn,

That the other trumpets would leave many to mourn.
Then when the fifth trumpet blew,

Out came locusts like no one every knew.

They came up from the bottomless pit,

And Satan their king on his throne would sit.

They would torment men both day and night,

And death for men was far out of sight.
Then once the sixth trumpet would sound,

The four angels of Euphates were loosed from the ground.

Their army consisted of 2 million strong,

And they killed a third of men all the daylong.

But still the people repented not of their sin.

And hated God for the mess they are in.

Then the seventh sounded at last,

As it was spoken of in the past.

Now is time to for God’s wrath,

To set this world back on it’s path.

Ole the earth had forgotten their smiles,

Because of the punishments coming in vials.

Written 8-20-06
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