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Thomas Hardy Poems
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1The Man He Killed
2The Ruined Maid
3The Convergence Of The Twain
4Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?
5The Darkling Thrush
6The Going of the Battery Wives. (Lament)
7Drummer Hodge
9A Broken Appointment
11A Thunderstorm In Town
12Channel Firing
13An Autumn Rain-Scene
14The Voice
15Neutral Tones
16The Going
17The Oxen
18An August Midnight
20Under The Waterfall
21Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"
22He Never Expected Much
23During Wind And Rain
24The Self-Unseeing
25I Look Into My Glass
26The Fallow Deer At The Lonely House
27I Said To Love
28God's Funeral
29Then And Now
30A Wife In London
31The Subalterns
32The Dead Man Walking
33In Time Of "The Breaking Of Nations"
34She At His Funeral
35Moments Of Vision
36The House Of Hospitalities
37The Seasons of Her Year
38Men Who March Away
39A Confession To A Friend In Trouble
40At Castle Boterel
41The Choirmaster's Burial
42"I Need Not Go"
43The Church-Builder
44Friends Beyond
45Last Words To A Dumb Friend
46In Tenebris
47The Selfsame Song
48To An Unborn Pauper Child
50The Roman Road
51The To-Be-Forgotten
52The Impercipient
53At The Railway Station, Upways
54She, To Him
55"How Great My Grief" (Triolet)
56The Cave Of The Unborn
57The Sergeant's Song
58Nature's Questioning
59In A Museum
60She, To Him IV
61Epitaph On A Pessimist
62Beeny Cliff
63The Milkmaid
64Shelley's Skylark (The neighbourhood of Leghorn: March)
65The Sick God
66The Levelled Churchyard
67The Ghost Of The Past
68Waiting Both
69The Tree: An Old Man's Story
70The Farm Woman's Winter
71Thoughts Of Phena
72I Have Lived With Shades
74The Masked Face
76In The Moonlight
77The Dance At The Phoenix
78Her Death And After
80When I Set Out For Lyonnesse
81Song of Hope
82At a Lunar Eclipse
83Between Us Now
84An Ancient To Ancients
85Birds at Winter Nightfall (Triolet)
87She Hears The Storm
88Midnight On The Great Western
89The Caged Thrush Freed and Home Again (Villanelle)
91No Buyers
92The Dream-Follower
93My Cicely
95The Pity Of It
96Let Me Enjoy
97Architectural Masks
98My Spirit Will Not Haunt The Mound
99At a Hasty Wedding
100Sapphic Fragment
102(As sung by Mr. Charles Charrington in the play of "The Three Wayfarers")
103Tess's Lament
104Her Dilemma
105The Year's Awakening
106Her Immortality
107A Christmas Ghost Story.
109To Life
110The Last Chrysanthemum
111The Well-Beloved
112From Victor Hugo
113The Rambler
114In The Vaulted Way
115The Ivy-Wife
116A Wasted Illness
117His Immortality
118Song of the Soldier's Wifes.
119To Flowers From Italy in Winter
120"I Said to Love"
121The Coquette, and After (Triolets)
122To An Orphan Child
123George Meredith
124In a Wood
125Rome at the Pyramid of Cestius Near the Graves of Shelley and Keats
126The Respectable Burgher on "The Higher Criticism"
127The Fire At Tranter Sweatley's
128The Sun On The Bookcase
129The Burghers
130In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury
131The Contretemps
132"Between Us Now"
133Genoa and the Mediterranean.
134Mad Judy
136A Meeting With Despair
137Winter in Durnover Field
138Night In The Old Home
139A Man (In Memory of H. of M.)
140The Puzzled Game-Birds
141The Phantom Horsewoman.
142At the War Office, London
143Wives in the Sere
144At Lulworth Cove A Century Back
145Long Plighted
146Catullus: XXXI
147Cardinal Bembo's Epitaph on Raphael
148After Schiller
149The Souls of the Slain
150Her Initals
151A Commonplace Day
152De Profundis
153The Superseded
154A Spot
155To A Lady
156To Lizbie Browne
157Doom and She
158The Two Men
159The Peasant's Confession
160At A Bridal
161The Dead Drummer
162Heiress And Architect
163A Sign-Seeker
164By the Earth's Corpse
165Mute Opinion
166In The Old Theatre, Fiesole.
167On a Fine Morning
168"I Have Lived With Shades"
169The Supplanter: A Tale
171Thought Of Ph---a At News Of Her Death
172Her Late Husband (King's-Hintock, 182-.)
173The Problem
175The Bridge of Lodi.
176At An Inn
177Rome: On the Palatine.
178In Vision I Roamed
179The Sleep-Worker
180The Alarm
181The Widow
183The Comet at Valbury or Yell'ham
184The Slow Nature
185San Sebastian
186Lausanne, In Gibbon's Old Garden: 11-12 p.m.
187Rome: Building a New Street in the Ancient Quarter
188The Tenant-For-Life
189To Outer Nature
190The Lacking Sense Scene.--A sad-coloured landscape, Waddon Vale
191Her Reproach
192Satires of Circumstance in Fifteen Glimpses VIII: In the St
194She, to Him, II
195The Temporary The All
196Middle-Age Enthusiasms
197The Mother Mourns
198The Colonel's Solilquy
202She, to Him, I
203On an Invitation to the United States
204The Bullfinches
205The Lost Pyx: A Mediaeval Legend
206Zermatt to the Matterhorn.
207The Dame of Athelhall
208She, To Him III
209Rome: The Vatican-Sala Delle Muse.
210The Inconsistent
211Rom: On the Palatine
212The King's Experiment
213V.R. 1819-1901 (A Reverie.)
214The Bedridden Peasant to an Unknown God
215The Casterbridge Captains
216Song From Heine
217[Greek Title]
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